Servicemembers United Calls on White House to Name Defense Bill, DADT as Lame Duck Priority

In response to pessimistic reports from the WSJ and the White House, Servicemembers United today called on Obama to publicly declare the Defense Bill and DADT a priority for the Congressional lame duck session:

Servicemembersunited Said Alexander Nicholson, Executive Director of Servicemembers United: "President Obama and his spokesman have had several opportunities to publicly declare the administration's set of priorities for the lame duck session of Congress. Unfortunately, completing the defense authorization bill has not been included among those priorities. These omissions stand in stark contrast to what the President and his staff are saying elsewhere. Mr. President, either your administration is with us or its against us, and a mediocre level of public advocacy from your White House is not standing with us."

Good luck.


  1. says

    I think it is time for the LGBT community to stop thinking of the Democratic party as our only option. We don’t have a “fierce advocate” in that party capable of enacting legislation in our favor.

    The only group with a proven track record right now is the “Log Cabin Republicans”, why not send money to support a legal challenge to DADT that is actually producing results?

    Additionally, a strong LGBT presence in the GOP primary system can result in swinging the balance in their party between the old line GOP and the Tea Party insurgency. We need to leverage our power at the polls to modify GOP positions.

    Does the LGBT community have the fortitude to embrace conservative values like Military Service and Marriage? Of course we do, in fact our struggle is a conservative struggle.

    Kelly Lape
    Vancouver, WA

  2. says

    @kelly lape: Hell will freeze over before I ever support the Republicans on gay issues.
    I’m bitterly disappointed in what has not happened under this President, but I still cling to the belief that someone will come forward with backbone to challenge the bigotry that is rampant against us.

  3. Mike C. says

    Can someone explain to me why this might not pass the senate still?

    The senate vote fell short by 3-4 votes of cloture. Quite a few of those senators who voted against the repeal, including Snowe, Collins, Brown, said they were voting no because the DoD study had not been released yet, but would vote in favor of the repeal after the study had been released recommending a repeal of DADT. So, why couldn’t that still go forward in the lame duck session of congress after December 1st when the study is released?

  4. justiceontherocks says

    Kelly, while I admire you for thinking outside the box, a strong GLBT presence in the republican primaries is not going to happen. You really think we’re going to be excited about a choice between Sarah Palin (teabagger) and Mitt Romney (establishment homophobe)? Besides, the things that concern us are even less important to the GOp than to our fierce advocate.

    That said, if the GLBT community continues to be blindly loyal to the dems, and to reward them with votes and money even though they accomplish little, we tell the world that we are politically weak people satisfied with whatever line of crap people feed us.

    They will not value us unless they think they m ight lose us.

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