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Shayne Ward Turns on His Headlights for Gay Times


X Factor winner Shayne Ward is promoting an album and making a play for gay fans with a wet appearance on UK's Gay Times magazine.

Shayne_ward He says he rather enjoys the male attention:

"I do get people who say 'Yeah Shayne Ward’s gay' but I don’t take offence. I’ve never had a problem with it. I have a lot of gay friends. I think it’s great. People look at me and say it because I look after myself. Even the missus as I was ironing my shirt this morning. She goes 'You’re so gay!' and I said 'Wouldn’t you rather I was like this than be a slob?!'"

Ward's new track "Gotta Be Somebody" is a rather lackluster effort (imho), but to get folks to watch the video he has apparently decided to have his clothes off most of the time.


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  1. Shayne is totally hot, and very down to earth. He can actually sing - shock - and generally does us Brits proud.

    Posted by: Henry | Nov 3, 2010 1:51:50 PM

  2. Sounds like something you've heard before... or watered down Darren Hayes...

    Posted by: Lew | Nov 3, 2010 1:56:41 PM

  3. Er, Shayne Ward doesn't look like Shayne Ward anymore...

    Posted by: PDB | Nov 3, 2010 2:12:12 PM

  4. This is a Nickelback cover og "Gotta be Somebody"! WTF?

    Here's the Nickelback video:

    Posted by: Mike | Nov 3, 2010 2:12:15 PM

  5. Physically he's not for me. However, seems like a nice guy, but since when do rising pop stars go out of their way to disspell that? FLUFF!

    Posted by: TANK | Nov 3, 2010 2:12:22 PM

  6. Great. Every other douche addicted to attention thinks he's the next David Beckham.

    Posted by: YJ | Nov 3, 2010 2:14:22 PM

  7. Is it just me, or does one nipple seem higher than the other? Weird

    Posted by: crispy | Nov 3, 2010 2:30:48 PM

  8. Disposable.

    Posted by: Q | Nov 3, 2010 3:06:52 PM

  9. The cover is hot and he looks very good in the pic. Sorry to put here, but I don't like tattoos, too many men have too many.

    Posted by: Matt26 | Nov 3, 2010 3:12:11 PM

  10. I was gonna say... Definitely a cover of Nickelback. Ugh... I'll just look at pics of him, thanks.

    Posted by: AJ | Nov 3, 2010 4:13:19 PM

  11. He is handsome guy and the song is ok but that video seemed a bit lame.

    Posted by: jaragon | Nov 3, 2010 6:14:23 PM

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