1. Hollywood, CA says

    I don’t understand how women can stay in a marriage with a gay man? It just seems to play into the stereotype that they don’t need sex, that they’re so desparate to get married they will do anything, and that they don’t have their own needs.

    If these women stopped marrying these CLEARLY GAY MEN, then these guys could come out of the closet and everyone would win… right?

  2. SeriouslySick says

    He’s kinda great bulge in the video where he comes out. Now that Christ’s contemporary message has been tooled to fit heterosexual privilege, and nothing but, basically, he has an uphill battle with the Crister McPeople brigade. Could a supposed spiritual pursuit be made anymore meaningless than American Christianity? Who can care so much about the benefits of monocultural materialism and consider it granted from God above, without reflecting privately: “hey, maybe I’m full of shit?” Life is like a cartoon to these people.

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