Towleroad Guide to the Tube: #787: It Gets Better Edition

California Assembly Speaker John Pérez, Justin Bieber, the Boston gay flag football league, and the Gay Men's Chorus of DC speak out against anti-gay bullying, lending their voices to the "It Gets Better" project.

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  1. Jorge says

    Bieber’s statement has been anticipated for over a month. While some of you may roll your eyes at this, what he says actually matters a great deal. We are in a culture war, and right now, he is a cultural force comparable to Michael Jackson circa 1983. Also, he is known to be a Christian, so if he could make a supportive statement about gays, it would have an impact with Christian youth, i.e., tomorrow’s anti-gay adults.

    I think this statement was a big disappointment. He was going to make a statement live at one of his concerts and it was supposed to deal specifically with the homophbic bullying that he has experienced since becoming famous. (And if you want to see vicious homophobia, just read some Youtube comments about him. Nearly every negative comment impugns his sexuality.)

    Instead, his statement is entirely impersonal, generic, disjointed, and read with little enthusiasm. It is so generic and content-free that it will likely meet with the approval of FRC and Focus on the Family. I wonder if his label advised him not to say anything explicitly pro-gay.

  2. Caleb says

    This entire initiative, while commendable in its origins, has become a farce and a way for people to spend 10+ minutes (these videos get longer and longer) talking about themselves.

    The reality is most teenagers facing harassment for being gay, or who are being bullied, don’t need to hear it gets better. They need the harassment to stop. The entire idea is that somehow they should endure this until they can run away. I know when I was a bullied teenager, I wanted nothing to do with people thinking I was gay. Hearing I could live openly and happily as a gay person was the last thing I wanted to hear. I wanted the bullying to stop.

    This campaign has become about getting on youtube, or Towleroad and not about helping anyone. If people put this effort into fighting for safer schools, maybe that would make the real difference.

  3. Jim says

    Thanks Justin Bieber! The “haters” can dismiss him all they want, but young people listen to him, and that matters more than your hatred and criticism of him.