Towleroad Guide to the Tube: #786

SICKO: Wendell Potter apologizes to Michael Moore for smears regarding his healthcare doc.

METROPOLIS II: My 10-year-old self would kill for Chris Burden's latest art project.

DAN SAVAGE: On the "It Gets Better" project.

CGI: Nothing you see here is real.

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  1. MammaBear says

    Wicked piece on Sicko. I remember Sanjay Gupta attacking Moore on this, repeating the industry bullshit. Sweet to see Moore vindicated.

  2. STRANDED says

    I’ve occasionally wondered what Chris Burden was up to. Still working with cars I see. His most famous work involved being crucified on a Volkswagen.

  3. Scott says

    The video “Above Everything Else” is simply amazing. If someone can create CGI this realistic, how can we ever trust our eyes again?