1. Jake says

    The real test of these schools’ tolerance of gender non-conformity will come when they allow males to have yearbook photographs wearing dresses. Females have always been allowed more leeway for expressing gender non-conformity, especially in clothing, than males.

  2. Mary says

    I don’t get all this talk of tuxedo and drapes – do these schools really require formal wear for class pictures? I would have been horrified back in 1979 to be forced to wear a dress. Thankfully I could just wear a nice sweater and pants.

  3. Homo pedanticus says

    “Watch: Arkansas High School Grants Lesbian Student Right to Wear Tuxedo in Her Yearbook Photo”

    The high school didn’t “grant” this woman the right to wear what she wants in the picture. The right exists, period! Whether or not the right is recognized is a whole different story.

    This is much like the courts’ current investigation of whether or not gay relationships should be recognized. Plaintiffs say the right exists, proponents say the right doesn’t. The courts in the end have only the function of recognizing who is right.

  4. SteveDenver says

    Another entry for the website “Justin Bieber looks like a lesbian.”

    She’s lovely and I hope they let her take her girlfriend to prom. It’s glacial, but the South could learn and evolve.

  5. Melody P says

    This is my old High School… Things have come a long way since I was there. I’m glad to know that my old hometown can evolve with the rest of the world.

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