1. ratbastard says

    Yankees fan of course.

    I guess it’s one way to thin the herd. Is this why it’s called Black Friday? Unfrigginbelievable, get’s worse every year. WTF is wrong with some people? And nevermind you can buy this shit on sale that you probably don’t need online and have it shipped to you, usually very reasonable S+H.

    Last time I was in a Walmart I got stuck behind two fat chicks buying a caca poo load of baby clothes to send back home to El Salvador. I came within a c*nt hair of totally losing it. Never again.

  2. Mike in the Tundra says

    Can we possible insult a few other minorities? What is wrong with you guys? You get treated like trash, so you take it out on another minority.

    Oh, Teddy, I would not be thrilled with a lawnmower. My condominium fees pay for the grounds upkeep.

  3. JOE 2 says


    What does the fact that the women ahead of you in line at Walmart were fat have to do with anything? What does the fact that they were buying baby clothes “to send home to El Salvador” have to do with anything?

    Dear MARK and TEDDY,

    Really? Eat shit and die.

    Dear JOSH,

    What did Chaz Bono ever do to you? By the way, his name is “Chaz,” not “Chastity,” and the correct pronoun is “he,” not “she.” Were you home-schooled by the Family Research Council or something?

    You guys are an embarrassment to the human race, to say nothing of the LGBT community. Happy Holidays, assbags.

  4. Jim says

    In fairness, Cher refers to “him” and “her” too. Cher a transphobe too? I am going with IT. Gross.

  5. Joe says

    The Racist/transphobic comments here are pretty disgusting. You people should be at “gay patriot” not here.

    On the actual story:

    It seems pretty silly that target wasn’t prepared to handle this. They should have opened multiple doors and require people to form a formal line like most places do. Very poor planning.

  6. Ratbastard says

    Lighten up…I was adding color [no pun intended] to my story. And yeah, it was 2 females, both were fat/obese, and they were buying a poo full of baby clothes to ship home to relatives and family in El Salvador. And, the whole process for those waiting in line behind them SUCKED. If it was a skinny white anglo male gay middle class college student buying a poo full of whatnot, holding up the line, I’d have mentioned it, but it wasn’t. And it never is where I live. Always fat woman buying baby shit…lots of baby shit. And arguing about the prices. OK?

  7. arch says

    I note in my own country (the UK) the same growth of consumer passion. I have also noted the physical growth of many of my fellow citizens.

    If I am honest I find both things distastful.
    However, having spent most of my life representing a very wide range of society in court as a lawyer I have come to the uncomfortable conclusion that all human beings retain the inaliable ability to charm, amuse and emotionally engage with oneself.

    The judgemental urges of some of the posters here is a bit of a shame.

    Live and let live. (and let he lawyers and social workers deal with yours social outcasts…we get paid for it…)

  8. dali says

    As a foreigner, your Thanksgiving Holiday & Black Friday never cease to shock me. It’s disturbing for me to see/hear that every year, either many of you burn down your houses when trying to deep-fry a turkey on the front porch or injure or kill your fellow countrymen when trying to buy a flat screen tv. Perhaps I should remember and old anthropological concept: cultural relativism.

  9. grant says

    We have lost all civility in this country. The anonymity of the internet allows people to say absolutely any unfiltered thought that flashes through their undisciplined mind….its only going to get worse.

  10. Phillip says

    Wow, Jim. Your intelligence is showing… Please don’t breed; the human race doesn’t need to go down the path delineated by the film Idiocracy.

  11. ratbastard says


    …The phrase ‘Poverty Pimp’ is used to describe folks like you here in the U.S., you cost society and the poor chump taxpayer working stiff a fortune. And don’t assume ALL Americans are out ‘consuming’ and behaving like the sad sacks in this video. MOST, the overwhelming majority actually, of course [but you’re intelligent and worldly enough to realize this,aren’t you?] aren’t.


    Where are you from? You are from one of those countries where football hooliganism, and public in-civility is rampant,are you? You are from a place that’s had hundreds of wars over the past 500 years or who were active participants in ruthless, racist bloodthirsty imperialism rwell into the 20th century, are you?

    Never heard of ‘deep-frying’ a turkey [on the ‘front porch’ no less], you know something I don’t? Most of us have ovens, running water, etc., over here.

  12. Mike in the Tundra says

    “Wetback much?”

    Well Jim, the Latino side of my family helped settle California. They were there well before the Gold Rush. The other half of my heritage is Irish. Do you want to call me a mick too?

  13. TANK says

    We had civility in this country to lose? And don’t pretend that it’s better elsewhere. People are, if nothing else, predictably disappointing. You’re kiddin’ yourself if you believe otherwise.

  14. dali says


    Acutally, I’m from Canada. No wars, few hooligans (ours would be hockey)and no imperialism, other than Canadian comedians and singers trying to colonize Las Vegas. For the turkey deep frying, type in “deep fry turkey disaster” in the youtube search. You’ll see what I mean. Also, Allstate Insurance Company reports that each year nearly 2,000 fires in the United States occur on Thanksgiving Day causing an average of five deaths, about 25 injuries, and nearly $21 million in property damage. An average of 15 houses are burnt down when trying to deep-fry a turkey. But I guess, since I’m not American and all, I shouldn’t know this stuff.

  15. Karl says

    They call it black Friday because prices are so low the blacks don’t need to steal or scam and can afford to have the mexicans bring their white pick-ups to haul away for them.

    And Chastity Bono is seriously weird with her ‘double breasted’ suits.

  16. ratbastard says


    I actually kinda figured you were Canadian due to your typical Canadian smugness and gratuitous anti-Americanism, not just disapproval of U.S. government policies, but a smug, arrogant dislike of American people. My family is part Canadian and I’ve been to Canada MANY times so I’m comfortable with this issue.

    BTW, Canada was a an active, card carrying member of this often brutal institution called the British Empire well into the 20th century and still a member of the British Commonwealth. Canada is also CLOSELY aligned with the U.S. military/industrial complex and does the overwhelming bulk of it’s trade with the U.S.

    Again, I’ve never experienced or know anyone who does deep fry turkeys [on their front porch ha,ha,ha…] but the U.S. is the 3rd largest nation population wise on Earth, with a vast array of cultures and differences that far exceeds a grossly underpopulated country like Canada. There’s a 8 million stories in the naked city Dali, and that’s just N.Y.

  17. dali says

    You say: “I actually kinda figured you were Canadian due to your typical Canadian smugness and gratuitous anti-Americanism”…I say: you actually kinda figured nothing because I didn’t say I was Canadian but that I was from Canada. If you can figure out where in Canada I am, you might understand why “my people” have never voluntarily accepted to be part of the British Empire and why “my people” have come close a couple of times to withdraw from being part of the British Commonwealth.

  18. Drew says

    You all want to be real? Then face it, racist stereotypes exist because they ARE in fact true. Everyone hates to admit it, but I’ve yet to see a Wal-Mart Black Friday where blacks (oh the irony of that day’s name) are calm. Nope. Instead, they’ll run over anybody to get a PS3 or Nikes.

    However, even my own culture has stereotypes against it and I’ve found the majority to be true. Let’s all calm down, accept those stereotypes and embrace them since they DO exist.

  19. ratbastard says

    Gee Dali, some of my family is from Q.U.E.B.E.C….speaking of fried,fattening food. How’s the language wars lately up there? Are non-Francophiles still being persecuted? Are they still paying 3rd worldish immigrants to come to Quebec and learn French? BTW, my Canadian half [part] is French. And the French were and are just as ruthless as the Brits…or Americans.


  20. dali says


    Tu me dis que la moitié de ta famille est “française”. Dans ce cas, si tu n’y vois pas d’inconvénient, on pourrait continuer notre discussion en français. Es-tu d’accord?

  21. ratbastard says

    I’d like to see the day Canada grew up, ditched a hereditary foreign monarch as it’s head of state [who by law must be a certain religion and is titular head of a state sponsored religion] and become a self respecting, more democratic republic like France, Germany, the U.S., Brazil, etc.,

    I’d also like to see Quebec become an independent nation. I’d say time to put up or shut up. I bet many Canadians agree.

    The end result of these 2 things shake ups of the stagnant Canadian status quo would ultimately benefit both Canada and Quebec, and Quebec’s relationship with it’s neighbors, Canada and the U.S.

  22. ratbastard says


    I’m AMERICAN….not French…and I don’t come from a French speaking part of Canada or the U.S. There is ZERO need for me to speak French, and indeed I’m not fluent in French. Outside of Quebec, parts of New Brunswick, rural Maine and the Louisiana Bayous, French is not the lingua Franca. English is the universal language in 11/2010.

    monsieur/madame bonne nuit

  23. dali says


    In response to your previous post: I have no idea if you understood my post in French. It asked you if you wanted, since your Canadian half part is French, to continue our discussion in French. No insults. No antagonism. But your following post convinced me that you, my friend, is why I continued this discussion. It convinced me that people like you, as many of your fellow Americans, deserve the respect and envy many of us foreigners have. You have something noble to say and you have done just that. Just as I have.

  24. Bobo says

    Did any of the asswipes making racial comments notice that the first person to push their way through the door was a white guy in a yellow rain slicker? Douchebags!!

  25. TJ says

    But seriously and for true – can’t remember when I last read such sad, racist comments (loved the “just adding color” justification). Not from trolls, from “regulars.” “Stereotype” = lazy thinking.

  26. K2 says

    Just a bit of triva, deep frying turkey is actually a relatively common thing to do here in the South, and yes, every year you hear of some nutjob who didn’t do it right and therefore burned their house down or injured themself.

    It sounds odd, but it’s actually kind of good as is turkey done on the grill as we had it this year.

  27. dali says

    Thank you for the “trivia” and confirming some of the things I have put forth in this great forum. I’m happy to hear that you have not burned your house down! lol. I wish you and your family many more safe and happy Thanksgivings.

  28. Brian in Texas says

    Nothing like Towleroad comments to show how ugly, racist, and bigoted we can be as the general population. But I guess anything for hits and ad dollars, right? Race baiting at its finest.

  29. K2 says

    @Dali: No problem! I didn’t want to jump into the fray, but I did feel like someone should defend the time honored tradition of deep-frying turkey! LOL

    Actually, the stores down here have all had their turkey fryers on prominent display for weeks now.

    Personally, I think it’s a bit nuts, but I’m not originally from the South so everyone thinks I’m a damned Yankee anyway. 😀

  30. dali says

    You say:”I didn’t want to jump into the fray”… and as being Québecois (or French Canadian for many), I didn’t understand this expression. But I believe that people should make an effort to try to understand others. You probably mean that you didn’t want to get involved in the arguement. That’s OK. You have said what you needed to say. I think some people form the far North have something in common with the people form the far South…the knowledge of what it is of being bullied.

  31. MoJo says

    I’m more ashamed by reading the comments of my fellow LGBT’s than I am of watching my fellow Americans scrambling over each others corpses for a “holiday” sale…


    Mojo, I couldn’t agree with you more. Hate is a four-letter word, and hate is ugly, no matter who is spewing it. I’m just glad that most LGBT people in this country realize that if the members of one group are being denied their rights by the majority, then it is a concern for everyone who belongs to any kind of minority, and for all decent, honest people who belong to the majority. Nearly all of the LGBT people I know in my daily life don’t approve of racism, sexism, xenophobia, or any other type of bigotry or intolerance. So I don’t know where the ignorant trolls who’ve made such hate-filled posts here came from: but I do wish they’d crawl back under their rocks and keep their verbal excrement to themselves. The poor misguided fools just don’t realize how ugly their hate makes them.

  33. Tom Stoppard says

    I wish this site would allow readers to flag up comments as abusive, so they could be hidden, in the same way as Youtube.

    I hate coming on this site and knowing in advance that if I click on a link I am almost guaranteed to read abusive, racist and hateful remarks by trolls and hatefilled people. I don’t want to see them. I don’t want those people’s views in my head frankly.

    This is really making me consider not using this site and going elsewhere to get my news. Please, adminstrators of the site, do something about it. Take some responsibility for the hatred you are enabling. It has gone on for long enough.

  34. says

    Andy only has two types of postings that feature black people in it:

    1. if the posting shows blacks doing what some people would like to consider “typical” ill-mannered behavior and/or have committed a crime against a white and/or white gay person.

    2. if the posting shows the hot, sexual side of black males; you know what I am talking about…shirtless, bulging muscles, smooth, rippled skin, etc.

    As a black gay man, I come here to check what is going on with some current events in the gay community as well as to check the social temperature of the comments here…over the past years nothing much has changed on Towleroad.

    More ad space to click more revenue for Andy’s little place on the web; more commentators hiding behind the internet to spew their hatred against another group; I do love how some white gays justify their racist words by saying “blacks caused Prop 8 failure”.

    Did Andy write an article about Kamela Harris being elected AG in California a black female who opposes Prop 8 (click on my name to read the article) no Andy has more important articles to write about that insight many of his reader to make racist and hurtful statements.

    I hope you see the irony of it all, you guys making hateful comments sort of sounds like BULLYING; but you want others to pass laws against it.

    The “gay community” is just as cruel, dividing and hateful as any other community and please never forget that!

  35. Blake says

    Well then here’s a novel idea, Tom: if something offends you, DON’T CONTINUE TO READ IT.

    If I live to be a thousand fuckin’ years old I still doubt I’ll understand idiots who demand that other people protect their delicate sensibilities from being offended. YOU DON’T HAVE A RIGHT TO NOT BE OFFENDED BY THINGS – NO ONE DOES! EVER! GET OVER YOURSELF.

  36. says

    @Blake, so what you are saying is people should take to the streets, airwaves, billboards, etc and just start name calling one another with the most hateful names imaginable; because if they can not handle it they are just too damn sensitive.

    Yo hide behind the internet and make these comments as well as many others because YOU ARE NOT brave enough to practice what you preaching.

    Why not grab a hidden camera and walk around with a billboard on anywhere you can think of and write out about 50 of your most hateful slogans (shouldn’t be hard for you to come up with them) for about 30 minutes and post it on YouTube.

    Yeah you and so many like you are not brave you are cowards who hide behind the internet. Typical cowardly behavior hidden behind a mask of strength by using angry capital letters…you are a big man!!

    Please click on my link to learn more about yourself!

  37. topher says

    At times like these I remember the following saying which allows me to relax and not take any of this seriously. Laissez faire to the max.:

    “The world is divided into people who think they are right”.

    –that’s the end of the saying.

  38. Chris says

    One wonders if stores actually want this type of publicity. Having half day sales and all, starting at midnight or 3 am.

    I got drunk and merry on thanksgiving like you all should and didn’t start my shopping until 4 pm, still a lot more idiots on the road, but a lot less in the store.

    If these people were smart they would have Christmas at New Year because everyone knows that the deals after Christmas are better than even some black Friday deals.

    We all know the horror stories of getting trampled. I blame the damned store for opening only one set of doors, the idiots up front that know and participate of this type of behavior.

  39. christopher says

    WOW I stopped visiting Joe.My.God. because of the racist a-holes spewing nonsense over there. This is the first time I’ve seen it this bad on Towleroad. I just don’t understand how someone can be gay and racist. I mean, we all like to suck on another man’s cock–that’s a MUCH bigger variation from the norm than skin color. If we confidently call the likes of Peter LaBarbera and Tony Perkins bigots for not accepting our differences, how in the world are we not bigots when we do the same to people of color?

  40. Danny says

    Why doesn’t anyone mention the white guy in the yellow raincoat who was the first to go running in and probably started the stampede to begin with? Funny how he gets overlooked in a situation like this.

  41. topher says

    @Christopher: “I mean, we all like to suck on another man’s cock–that’s a MUCH bigger variation from the norm than skin color.”

    Charming. And spot-on.

  42. james says

    I watched this video and had two thoughts.

    1. Since it’s not like this kind of thing hasn’t happened before, why was store management not prepared? Why, for example, did they open only one door? And why, for God’s sake, did they allow a TV news camera inside? Who thought that was a good idea?

    2. Having been in Target stores many times, there is nothing, nothing they are selling at any price that justifies this kind of behavior by any human being.

  43. topher says

    Advertising is one hell of an effective way of mind control, as this video shows.
    Let us crave what we have no need for.

  44. says

    I had bookmarked Queerty originally, but made the switch and came here because it seemed more respectable. And I’ve been disappointed that my comments have been taken down at times. I guess because of a bad word? Though always used to make a point and never to be insulting or racist. And yet going through this comment list I’m appalled at what gets left standing. The search is on again, ill take my eyes and clicks throughs elsewhere.

  45. Brian says

    not sure which was more inhumane and ignorant; the stampede or some of the previous comments. i’m beginning to think i will never be able to complete my mission of returning to my home planet with intelligent life from earth.

  46. jaragon says

    I try to avoid stores during the greedy season ( oops I mean the Holiday season) The funniest was the guy who was in pain but still managed to crawl in search of the bargain that will still be on sale next week!!! ( and yeah can we avoid the racist comments)

  47. Randy says

    Give me a D. Give me an I. Give me a C. Give me a K. What does that spell?


    A huge percentage of the people coming through that Target door were white. So why no broad generalizations about white folk then?

    And as far as this debate on Canadian smugness, as a life long Canadian, let me assure you, a lot of my countrymen are very very smug. Canada participates daily in the Afghan war. Canada has a ballooning obesity epidemic. Canada has no Harvard, no Yale, no MIT. Yet somehow it’s the Americans who are war mongering, fat and stupid.

  48. MarkDC says

    This week in Natural Selection.

    Dumbassery. These retards are dumb enough to storm a Target at 5:00am?

    Why doesn’t Target post security guards outside the store entrance just before opening to facilitate orderly entry???

    This kind of performance art is entirely avoidable.

  49. MarkDC says

    This one is MUCH better. A Black Friday stampede at WalMart in Grand Rapids, MI…

    This year I am thankful that I have never lost my wig while getting trampled on television. It’s bad enough if you’re fat…and ugly…and getting trampled on television. But to lose your wig?!!!

  50. Tevor says

    This looks like the crowd that keeps Chuckie Cheese in business! Typical blacks. They did the same there here in LA.

  51. tellerbill says

    I will never look at the comments section here again. What a bunch of racist, homophobic, sexist, transphobic, xenophobes. I’m boggled how you found this site, and why you come here. Forget judging the shopping crowd in the video, take a look at yourselves.

  52. JAS says

    Attention Target shoppers: we have a special on fried chicken and fresh watermelon in our grocery section, but only for the first ten customers…

  53. Adrian says

    I love reading the the comments here by whiners being offended because someone disagrees with their leftist views. This is nothing compared to the filth that I heard uttered at a recent liberal leaning parade in LA. SEIU, Teachers Union, gay rights protesters, far left democrats, etc. The disgusting FILTH that spewed out of their mouths and on their signs was truly revolting. I have seen more blatant hate at gay demonstrations than I ever have in recent years.

    So crybaby Tom, there is a simple solution when your delicate sensibilities start to get offended. Turn off your f’ing computer!

  54. Dback says

    I don’t shop on Black Friday because I refuse to allow myself to be treated like one of Pavlov’s dogs by retailers: “See, see? Be there at 4 AM! Jump for the treat! Good doggie, respond to the conditioning!” Stores encourage this sort of behavior, it’s no wonder that people–of ALL races and socio-economic backgrounds–are going to go to the lowest common denominator behavior-wise. If a store is stupid enough to do something like this, they should have security allowing people through 2 at a time, and arrest anyone who tries to race in, jump the line, start a stampede, etc. (Yes, black woman in black-and-gray sweatshirt, white guy in hoodie, and petite Asian lady in red, I’m talking to ALL of you for trying to push by the fallen woman and then “play dumb.” None of you have acted with honor or class.)

  55. says

    Note to readers, commenters.

    First of all, thank you to the readers who alerted me to the racist commentary being spewed here.

    Because there are only two people full time working on this site, we can’t monitor every comment thread and rely on readers to alert us to trolls. Once we are alerted, we’ll do what we can in terms of deletion and blocking commenters that we can to avoid having this happen again.

    In this case, commenters, Mark, Teddy, and Josh were all the same person, leaving a trail of racist comments in order to incite other readers and start a flame war. I have blocked the IP address of this person and deleted their comments.

    We are planning a redesign of the site which will allow for a better moderated commenting section and hopefully weed out some of the hate and help us provide a more constructive environment for commenting. Until that time we will depend on readers to alert us.

    Since the beginning of the site we have tried to provide an open forum for different points of view, but as you can see, sometimes that can have its pitfalls.

    Please don’t feed the trolls. Thanks.


  56. Chris says

    They call it black Friday because prices are so low the blacks don’t need to steal or scam and can afford to have the mexicans bring their white pick-ups to haul away for them.

    And Chastity Bono is seriously weird with her ‘double breasted’ suits.

    Posted by: Karl | Nov 26, 2010 11:31:31 PM’re really on your KKK hateraid tonight aren’t you damn lunatic faggot?

  57. Fenrox says

    Nice point TRUE WORDS

    @ Dali, Don’t retort to online people like that. Instead of saying “You say:” try “Moron” or something mean.