1. jason says

    Oh, go away, Cher. You’re a silly old goose whose face looks like a wax bust. You should’ve stuck with the face that nature gave you as well as those crooked eye teeth.

    As for Burlesque, why on earth are you continuing to promote it? It’s sexism at its worst. It’s glorified striptease which presents women as sex objects for the benefit of sexist straight male voyeurs. We in the gay community should not be promoting this sexist paradigm.

  2. jtramon says


    Wow. So angry and bitter so early in the day Jason. You sound like an angry old man, and perhaps a bit of a bitter “old goose”.

    You’ve gotta lighten up

  3. crispy says

    Jason’s run out of Clozapine again. Could someone run down to the pharmacist and refill his prescription?

  4. Jerome says

    She looked great, and was quite candid with Dave about a lot of stuff. I especially liked her little rant on Bill Maher’s behalf. As far as her new movie goes, it reminds me of “Gypsy” but, it’s basically a vehicle to showcase Christina. I loved it when the crew showed the photo of the “Cher & Sonny” reunion in 1987. It captures Dave staring at her ass.

  5. pete says

    Good for her… she’s very aware the whole time- balanced, not sensationalized answers to questions that many people have. It’s why we LOVE Cher.

    The 2nd clip didn’t fully download for me, so if someone could re-post a link, I’d love to see the rest.

    And, anyone that criticizes Cher, & her DECADES LONG STAYIN’ ON TOP CAREER, well… you’re outta the club!

  6. CKNJ says

    Wow, Jason, what can one say about that nasty uncalled for rant. Lighten up dud… as they say, if you have nothing good to say, shut up.

    Cher was great!!! I was sorry she did not have time to really talk more about the movie or her work (Dave labored a little hard and long on the Chaz situation) but she carried herself awesomely through it! Love her fiestiness and self-deprecating way! I can’t wait to see the movie… from all the stuff I have seen so far, both her and Christina are incredible in their roles!

  7. says

    Letterman doesn’t know the difference between gay and transexual. Pretty disappointing (although Cher didn’t articulate the difference very well…)

    Cher needs to stop with that stupid licking of her top lick every time she thinks she says something clever.

  8. VagrantMan says


    David Letterman should be praised for the handling of the issue. Had this been Leno, the subject would of been avoided. David Letterman asked questions and maybe, just maybe educated one person on the subject.

  9. says

    Jason, shut the fuck up bitch. Cher is fantastic and I’ve seen her show. It opens with her coming down from the cieling in a bird cage and when it lands on the stage, she pops the door open and steps out onto the stage. Great show, loved her, touched her. Love live Cher!

  10. james Brown says

    I LOVE her! I always have and always will! I’m glad to see the outpouring of love for her in response to the venomous first response by “Jason” at the top of this blog! I won’t stoop to his level, only to say she is “Cher” but who the hell is “Jason”?

  11. says

    “Letterman doesn’t know the difference between gay and transexual. Pretty disappointing”

    Well, Shawn, he’s not gay or a transexual and, unlike some people here, I don’t resign myself to the believe that every straight person on the planet should know everything there is to know about both homosexuality and transgender. I’m sure there are topics that David Letterman knows through and through and yet you know next to nothing about. Cut him some slack. That he even had such a frank conversation about it on a high rating talk show such as his says a lot. As Vagrantman said, if this were Leno it would’ve been avoided entirely. And notice the crowd all cheered when he called Chaz brave?