1. CPT_Doom says

    Oh, no she didn’t! It was one thing to appear in the NoH8 poster, but in this Cindy is directly challenging her husband’s position – things are going to be pretty chilly in whichever of their 7 homes the McCain’s are hanging in right now.

  2. Gregoire says

    Her participation makes absolutely zero sense to me. I’m so glad she has her own opinions and all, but why doesn’t she do something about them that actually matters?

  3. Mike C. says

    They are clearly in a marriage of convenience; I doubt they even stay in the same homes. I don’t doubt that Cindy is sincere, I also wonder if this is a way for her to act out and bring her and her husband’s differences and problems into the public domain. Her daughter has clearly taken her side, whom I doubt even speaks to her father. I’m sure Cindy and Megan are gloating while John is cringing and grinding his teeth

  4. Danny says

    Gregoire, changing the message DOES matter.

    it’s so easy to be an armchair critic.

    Why don’t you give us ideas from your own life of how all of us can help?

  5. crispy says

    Well, this certainly confirms one thing: Either John McCain can’t get it up, or he just has zero interest in sex. Because otherwise Miss Thang here would be withholding sex until she got her way.

  6. wtf says

    Dear Cindy McCain,

    While your words are appreciated, they ring hollow. Until you can convince your husband to STOP DISCRIMINATING against gays and lesbians in the armed forces, please, focus your energy ON HIM. Thanks.

  7. Rocky says


    Thats right.And we have every right to.When straights claim to be on our side,but do nothing to help change the opinions of their pathetic homophobic peers,you will get alot of cynicism.Enough is enough with the second class treatment in this stupid ass country.Cindy should be working on waking uo that dinosaur bigot of a husband she has.

  8. Jon B says

    WTF is up with some of you blaming her for not being able to change her husband’s mind about something? I’d imagine she does argue with him about it. Just because he continues to be a douche doesn’t mean she’s not pushing him.

  9. Gregoire says

    No need to be catty, David. Actions are louder than words, and as of yet, Mrs. McCain has been nothing but the latter. We hold Obama, the Democrats, etc., to that standard. Why not her? I’m not saying her support isn’t appreciated. But is that all there is? This isn’t some random celebrity.

    How do you know she had conversations with her husband? You don’t know anything because she hasn’t said anything meaningful outside of a couple television appearances.

  10. TampaZeke says

    Wait a minute. Is this the same Gene Simmons who very publicly told Adam Lambert that he was a fool to come out and that he should just shut the hell up about being gay because it was going to kill his career and besides, no one wants to hear about that gay stuff? Also the same Gene Simpson that never shut up about his sex life.

    I think Gene is full of shit. He must be pushing something that he thinks will appeal to gays and he’s trying to improve his brand with the community. He’s still a douchebag.

  11. Bobby says

    Her husband is one of the biggest homophobe bigots in the world. Maybe she should concentrate on him and his hate.

    A little Rohypnol, a hired male escort and a phone camera would do wonders. 😉

  12. Patric says

    Crispy, she isn’t withholding anything he’s had in years. By most accounts, the marriage is a complete sham. He’s an acknowledged serial adulterer who has reportedly displayed his hotheadedness in public directed at his wife. See, e.g., and and

  13. IAN F says

    I really think John McCain is in the beginning stages of some sort of dementia. He’s not capable of being rational on this, and it is somewhat satisfying knowing his daughter and wife are sticking it to him in public.

    And I agree, Gene Simmons can go fuck himself.

  14. says

    “Words” would be if Cindy was just telling friends that she supports repeal. This IS and “action” and a direct slap in her husband’s face.

    We’ve seen the behind the scenes clips of McCain with the Advocate journalist. When he hears what he doesnt like he covers his ears and sings “la la la” until they go away. I’m sure he’s no different in hearing differing opinions from his wife and daughter.

  15. says

    I also think it’s important to point out that while it’d be nice for Cindy to just put McCain’s balls in a noose I don’t think that’s a standard we really want.

    Are you all honestly saying that you wish senators would bow to the tastes of their forward thinking wives? What if Maggie Gallagher was married to a pro-equality elected official who stood strong against her viewpoint and voted that way. You’d certainly be singing a different tune then..

  16. Jack M says

    Please stop bashing Cindy McCain and anyone else who does videos like this! How in the world can anybody say things like this aren’t helping? The more people that speak out against bullying and homophobia, the better. If this video changes just one person, it will have been worth it.

    Oh, and it’s always good to see that hottie Jeff Probst!

  17. Tonic says

    Awesome that she did this. It’s powerful when the wife of one of the biggest obstacles for repealing DADT is making commercials/videos supporting gays. How could that be bad?

    And she and her daughter have said many times that they are working/arguing with the walking corpse about this. Do you really think he has no clue of what they think?

  18. says

    @B That’s exactly my point.

    Maggie is the antithesis of forward thinking and were she (for whatever strange reason) married to someone who WAS and he was also in a position of power – we wouldn’t want her influence over him simply because they’re married.

  19. Lyell says

    Why are people attacking Cindy McCain?!

    She is taking a strong and public stand in favor of tolerance. She is NOT responsible for her husband’s actions.

    Honestly, some Internet posters can be so bitchy!

  20. Stephen says

    I value her for her opinions, but until she speaks out clearly that she thinks her husband is a BIG problem, I think her words are truly hollow. Cindy, great stuff, fix John too.

  21. FrankLeeMyDear says

    Re: the marriage of John and Cindy McCain

    Guess you can tell who has the money in this marriage.

    In the typical old man, trophy wife relationship, the wife would never have her own opinion so publicly aired.

    But when you have your own money, guess that doesn’t matter.

    Good for her!

  22. truthteller says

    Well Done Cindy.

    How many of you can force your significant other to do anything they don’t want to?

    Let’s appreciate her voice, she is an ally and there are people who are influenced by her; by her speaking out, Cindy, is making it easier for other Republicans to consider being supportive.

  23. go cindy, go gene says

    Thank you, Cindy! My dear, YOU are acting with integrity. You of course are a separate human being with a separate brain and heart from your partner. (The haircut looks great, too.)

    Hats off to Gene Simmons, too — a step in the right direction.

  24. Bad Humor Boy says

    Dear Mrs. McCain,

    Have you considered a “Dear John?” It’s probably not a good idea, but you have a perfectly good fall-back position. Just have your people get in touch with his people and arrange a private screening for the Senator of this NOH8 clip. Considering how long you have been his number one financial contributor, I can’t imagine how he could ignore the proposition or the message. Just saying . . . you’ve done something here to help it get better. You can go further by translating those words into action and help make it happen.

  25. just a guy says

    I agree with go,cindy go,gene Y BadHumorBoy. Big ups to all who partook, and now take the message straight to one of our most powerful senators. We’ve got to let people come around–so long as they show that they’ve really come around. When Cindy and these folks win over McCain and he starts speaking again with the concience he once seemed to have, now THAT will be a sign that things are getting better.

    Much love as usual to Andy and team.

  26. wtf says

    well what a shock, Cindy just retracted her support of repealing DADT. Guess all you bitches screaming your love for her can shut up now. Oh and I still stand by what I said before: she should focus her energy on getting Diapers McCain back to reality.

  27. adamblast says

    Yep, she’s just backtracked on DADT, as soon as the NOH8 video hit the evening news.

    Leaving her comments something like this–

    DADT creates 2nd class citizens, and contributes to a climate of bullying and suicide… but I like it!

  28. TANK says

    Why are we “attacking” cindy mccain? Because she’s culpable in her husband’s vicious bigoted campaign against the gay community by supporting him, and yes, bankrolling him. Not only that, she’s married to one of america’s most infamously corrupt politicians as a central figure in the savings and loan scandal–one of the keating five. McCain is pure scum, and only in a state like AZ would he continue to get reelected.

    This is hot air inflating the myth that republicans are “big tent,” because some of them can make hay, fame and money out of disagreeing with the majority of their party. Like so-called moderate christians, they just provide cover to the extreme elements of their own party by attempting to put a reasonable face on unreasonable beliefs. And what’s disgusting is that it seems some of you are defending her lack of power to sway her husband while she just came out in support of her husband’s position…basically, “I’m personally opposed to discrimination, but I support people who discriminate against others…” so…where does that leave the relevance of her “support”? You fawning queermos sicken me. You people aren’t ready for equality.

  29. LD says

    Mrs. McCain tweeted that she stands by her husband’s position on DADT. This story needs to be updated.

    @CindyhM1 “I fully support the NOH8 campaign and all it stands for and am proud to be a part of it. But I stand by my husband’s stance on DADT.”

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