1. Jayson says

    Its time we honor these people for what they are worth. They lay their lives on the line for our freedom and yet we won’t give them the freedom to be openly who they are.

  2. naughtylola says

    Man, the one of the soldier jumping on the bed made my hair stand on end. It took me a few seconds to realize that it really was just someone jumping on a bed.

  3. Drew says


    Why? Would you do the same thing for janitors or teachers if they were gay and doing their job? I don’t think so. I don’t see a reason to thank them.

  4. Randy says

    @Drew, stop pretending there’s no difference between janitors and military service.

    But even if there was no difference, the fact remains that straight servicemembers get honored (Jayson did not use the word “thank”) and there is no reason to single-out LGBT servicemembers, and treat them less. You may say DADT is a reason, but the federal courts and most people increasingly disagree.

  5. says

    Drew: gay janitors don’t lose their jobs, their careers and all their benefits simply for being who they are. And gay service members in many other countries don’t either. But in America, they do. These people choose to put their lives on the line so that you have the right to say you don’t want to thank them. That in itself is reason to thank them. In many countries, even in modern, Western Europe, governments limit what people can say. These American soldiers, sailors, airmen & marines are defending a unique way of life that many in the world don’t have.

    Besides, why not thank your janitor or your store clerk or the guy you see walking down the street. Maybe that’s part of what’s wrong in America today. People are so stuck on themselves, so trapped in their own little worlds that they don’t take time to notice what’s happening around them, to thank someone simply for doing their job. Do you know what a difference just a “thank you” can mean to someone? It might seem trivial to some, but I know it can mean a lot to thank someone and to be thanked by others. Give it a try. What goes around comes around – for good or for bad.

  6. Bodhi says

    Stunning pictures – and so sad. These men & women are true heroes – We can only hope that DADT will be history soon …

    I am glad to be a Canadian as I was able to serve openly during my time in the Canadian Navy …

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