1. Kelly in Atlantic City says

    Let’s be realistic. When does Powell expect the Senate to have the time AND the votes to pass repeal? Without pressure on Congress and without court rulings this doesn’t have a chance.

  2. says

    Colin Powell should be rotting in prison for war crimes, not lecturing LGBT activists about how to fight for equality. It is because of him that we have DADT in the first place. Not to mention thousands of dead US soldiers and Iraqi citizens. Fuck him.

  3. dizzy spins says

    what do you expect from a colored guy? Thats what you get when you force the military to integrate without doing studies and allowing Congress time to prepare itself. He’s downright uppity!

  4. Patric says

    Powell is perhaps more responsible for DADT having been enacted than any other individual, his opposition to President Clinton’s initial efforts to allow open service having been devastating, particular given the moral force inappropriately attached to his argument that discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation bears no relation to racial discrimination. He said at the time: ““Skin color is a benign non-behavioral characteristic. Sexual orientation is perhaps the most profound of human behavioral characteristics. Comparison of the two is a convenient but invalid argument.”

    It should hardly be surprising that Powell, curiously championed by many progressives over the years (perhaps just because, by the standards of the Bush-Cheney administration, he really doesn’t look so awful), would now be lining up with McCain on the topic of whether it is vital to ensure that this Congress authorize repeal of DADT before Republicans take control of the House. Not only was Powell one of the least effective Secretaries of State in memory; he also has been a disaster on issues of equality for gay people.

  5. Mike says

    The ONLY reason the repeal of DADT hasn’t passed yet is that the Republicans still view their opposition as a positive. It appeals to their nutcase base. If only Obama would listen to his base we would have Single Payer, DADT would already been repealed and we would still have control of the House.

  6. Patric says

    Mike, let’s be serious. I’d like single payer as much as anyone but you can’t honestly be suggesting that there was any possibility of our system of private health insurance having been eliminated during the past two years. Had that been seriously discussed, the amounts spent by the big insurance companies and phoney astroturf citizens’ groups would have been far greater than anything we in fact witnessed. Ultimately, it never would have happened because, among other matters, it would have required the support of 60 Senators in the U.S. Senate to overcome a filibuster. Can you name one Republican Senator who would have voted for cloture in the face of that filibuster? There are none.

    As for DADT, I agree that Republicans continue to fight its repeal, despite public opinion polls showing overwhelming support for repeal, because they view it as a political plus, but I think you only note half the reason why they see it as a political plus. It’s a plus for them because, as you note, the members of their party who feel most passionately about this issue oppose repeal. Also, though, and this is no small part of their political calculus, blocking repeal denies the President a significant accomplishment that would play well with, among others, independent and “moderate” voters while also driving a wedge between the President and his base. It’s win, win for the Republicans politically even though it’s bad for the country (and that describes the whole Republican playbook since President Obama took office and it’s worked out pretty well for them).

  7. BobN says

    Powell’s not stupid. He knows the “repeal” before the Senate is just an authorization to the military to take over the issue. It’s not Congress telling them to change, it’s Congress LETTING them change.

    Colin’s not stupid. He’s an asshole.

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