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Watch: Daniel Radcliffe Does His Party Trick


Daniel Radcliffe sings Tom Lehrer's 'The Elements' in a preview from The Graham Norton Show, airing tonight in the UK, and is no doubt particularly fun at a party.


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  1. Tom Lehrer: you, sir, are no Gilbert & Sullivan!

    Posted by: bigolpoofter | Nov 12, 2010 5:55:57 PM

  2. As sung to the tune of the "Major-General's Song" from Gilbert and Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance.

    Posted by: GraphicJack | Nov 12, 2010 5:57:23 PM

  3. Best part was when he went all Kanye and told the audience to be quiet.

    Posted by: Jonsey | Nov 12, 2010 6:07:12 PM

  4. He is so adorable,its ridiculous. And I am so excited Graham Norton is back!

    Posted by: cb | Nov 12, 2010 6:14:57 PM

  5. Mmm... Daniel Radcliffe and Colin Farrel!

    Posted by: MikeInSanJose | Nov 12, 2010 6:15:14 PM

  6. He should have added the tag.

    "These are the only ones of which the news has come to Hahvard..." [dramatic pause]

    "There may be many others, but they haven't been discahvard."

    Posted by: adamblast | Nov 12, 2010 6:17:22 PM

  7. @mikeinsanjose. RIGHT!?

    Posted by: George | Nov 12, 2010 6:26:37 PM

  8. "W00T!!"

    No kidding. My ears were listening, but my mind was thinking about other things those two could do on a couch together.

    Posted by: BobN | Nov 12, 2010 6:30:37 PM

  9. He is just adorable!

    Posted by: james Brown | Nov 12, 2010 6:46:41 PM

  10. @adamblast -- that was my thought too -- why didn't he finish the song????

    Posted by: brainypirate | Nov 12, 2010 6:56:50 PM

  11. Hat's off to him ... because if Colin Farrel were sitting that close to me, I wouldn't be able to pronounce my own name. ;-)

    Posted by: Zlick | Nov 12, 2010 7:30:38 PM

  12. that was stupid and annoying

    Posted by: Jthemexman | Nov 12, 2010 7:34:14 PM

  13. Tom Lehrer also wrote the Masochism Tango ( I ache for the touch of your lips, dear, but much more for the touch of you whips, dear...) and the Vatican Rag. Great songs, so don't judge him on this one.

    Posted by: Matthew | Nov 12, 2010 7:36:02 PM

  14. Collin Farrel!!!!!!!!! *swoon* And, that man is HUNG!!!!!

    Posted by: Wade@MacMorrighan.Net | Nov 12, 2010 7:52:43 PM

  15. Lurved it, did I, indeedy-weedy, I did. I lurved it. And would I lurve to see me Danny strip to it, too.

    And Colin...tho' his junk's been seen all over th' world, it has.

    Posted by: Kyle Sullivan | Nov 12, 2010 7:52:54 PM

  16. Radcliffe just gets better and better. An amazingly true person despite his fame.

    Posted by: David R. | Nov 12, 2010 8:11:23 PM

  17. I've seen Daniel Radcliffe's dick, and Colin Farrell's...

    I think it's only fair that I now show them mine.

    Cheers, mates.

    Posted by: pete | Nov 12, 2010 8:25:55 PM

  18. That was adorable.

    Posted by: daws | Nov 12, 2010 8:42:24 PM

  19. Such a cute guy. love him

    Posted by: LAXJFK | Nov 12, 2010 8:46:53 PM

  20. Ditto what DAVID R. said.

    Daniel is witty, smart, adorable, generous, and a wonderful ally to the LGBT community. I heart him bunches.

    Posted by: sparks | Nov 12, 2010 8:52:00 PM

  21. I prefer new math...but you can't sing tom lehrer without coming off like a hipster douche or a total nerd. Take your pick.

    Posted by: TANK | Nov 12, 2010 8:53:59 PM

  22. Don't forget "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park"

    Posted by: ron S | Nov 12, 2010 8:55:12 PM

  23. and yes, it is to major general...which I can sing...line and verse...when I'm very, very, very...very, very, very, very, drunk. It's the gayest thing I know how to do.

    Posted by: TANK | Nov 12, 2010 9:03:43 PM

  24. we'd be better off if our kids learned this Radcliffe trick instead of unhelpful "bible" verses

    Posted by: just a guy | Nov 12, 2010 9:58:48 PM

  25. Lovely boy. He seems to be pretty down to earth. And that’s not easy task and no small compliment, being at such young age immensely rich.

    Posted by: Lexxvs | Nov 12, 2010 10:50:57 PM

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