1. Henry Holland says

    I was born in Los Angeles and I remember Burke well, he invented the High Five! Excellent ballplayer, it was all very strange when he got traded, why would the team get rid of such a good player? (there wasn’t 24/7 sports networks then)

    It seems that most of his Dodgers teammates didn’t really care that he was gay –he didn’t hide it– but that piece of human filth Tom Lasorda traded him when he found out Burke was dating his gay son and that scumbag Billy Martin poisoned his time in Oakland. It was a huge story in the sports pages in 1982 when he publicly came out.

    RIP Glenn Burke, for this gay man who loves baseball, you will always be remembered.

  2. says

    Glenn was a good guy, who had the same pressure on him like that as Jackie Robinson had, decades before. This documentary is a must for for gay history buffs. It exposes 2 fabled MLB managers Tommy Lasorta and Billy Martin, for what they were…homophobes! Not only did Lasorta trade Burke to the Oakland A’s, because Glenn was openly dating his son, and when Glenn was being introduced to the A’s players at Spring Training, Martin added “and by the way… He’s a fagot!” Lasorta disowned his son, when he was diagnose with AIDS. Billy Martin is being considered for Baseball’s Hall of Fame, and if he is elected will not be the first time that a bigot was enshrined there. Ty Cobb was anti-black and an anti-Semite. I knew Glenn, and I was a photographer for several gay newspapers, and he asked me not to photograph him while he was in the major leagues.I respected his wishes. I also played against him when he played in the S.F. gay softball league. Sadly, Glenn hung around the wrong people in the Castro, and
    he became a drug addict, and died from AIDS.
    This documentary touches all the bases of Glenn’s life and death. I had a brief cameo in it.

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