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    The Devil is always in the details, and, now, we discover overt betrayal in the Pentagon report’s Executive Summary:

    “We do not recommend that sexual orientation be placed alongside race, color, religion, sex, and national origin, as a class eligible for various diversity programs, tracking initiatives, and complaint resolution processes under the Military Equal Opportunity Program. We believe that doing so could produce a sense, rightly or wrongly, that gay men and lesbians are being elevated to a special status as a ‘protected class’ and will receive special treatment. In a new environment in which gay and lesbian Service members can be open about their sexual orientation, we believe they will be accepted more readily if the military community understands that they are simply being permitted equal footing with everyone else.

    In the event of repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the Department of Defense should make clear that sexual orientation may not, in and of itself, be a factor in accession, promotion, or other personnel decision-making. Gay and lesbian Service members, like all Service members, would be evaluated only on individual merit, fitness, and capability. Likewise, the Department of Defense should make clear that harassment or abuse based on sexual orientation is unacceptable and that all Service members are to treat one another with dignity and respect regardless of sexual orientation. Complaints regarding discrimination, harassment, or abuse based on sexual orientation can be dealt with through existing mechanisms—primarily the chain of command—available for complaints not involving race, color, sex, religion, or national origin.”

    As most of you know, the killed-by-Gates Military Readiness Enhancement Act would have MANDATED creation of a federal law explicitly banning any kind of discrimination against gays in the military.

    “The Huffington Post,” June 3, 2010:


    This doubletalk recommendation would KEEP us second class citizens in the military, versus some 700,000 civilian employees of the DOD who do have federal job protections about which their managers are already trained by the DOD Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute which does similar training in regards to race, gender, etc., in the military under the MEO program. Therefore, it is insulting, indefensible, unacceptable and MUST be protested IMMEDIATELY!

  2. JusticeontheRocks says

    Earlier today i sent the following message to John McCain’s office:

    In 2000 I donated $500 to Sen. McCain’s presidential campaign.

    Perhaps I made a mistake. By your confounding and ever-shifting position on “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” you seem very much to be a man putting personal prejudices ahead of the good of the nation and the rights of people who want to serve their country without fear of discharge over something unrelated to their ability to serve, We have a right to expect more of the people who claim to be leaders.

    Especially you, Sen. McCain. I remember a very different John McCain. One who, on September 17, 2001 flew all night across country to appear at a memorial service for one of the heroes of Flight 93, Mark Bingham, a gay man, You spoke eloquently about his sacrifice, and how honored you were to pay tribute to him, and how he may have very well saved your life. Where has that John McCain gone?

    I urge you to pay one last and real tribute to Mark Bingham, an American who dies to protect his country. Vote to repeal this senseless law.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.