1. TANK says

    How dare you, shane and all of the haters! This is a story that needs to be told over and over and over and over and over and over and over again…to captive audiences…literally. They made history with their…long kiss. HISTORY! Do you hear that, texas board of education? HISTORY! They’ll be telling this story for generations…of bacteria.

  2. Trev says

    This is news??????????? Gays are being murdered by Muslims around the world. Gay teens are killing themselves because of bullying. So we are supposed to care about two idiots kissing each for some absurd about of time????? WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CAAAAAAAAARES! Get off your lazy @sses and do some real work in your community!

  3. DH says

    boys kissing! yay! world record! yay!

    they’re cute. i’d watch them kiss. sure it’s lightweight fluff, but they’re more interesting than snookie or kate gosselin.

    and it IS newsworthy. usually it’s straight couples who get recognized for breaking those kind of records.

  4. cooper says

    @ Trev, i think this is doing some good for gay teens, in regards to normalization of being gay. and in turn showing confused kids that being gay is just a thing, like a personality trait. but also, this is just as “news” as the release of a gay themed film, it’s not being blown out of proportion.

  5. Dr.C says

    As an educator- this IS fantastic! it gives hope (remember that???) to young gay men and women. I see far too many students wrapped up in shame. This documentary is healing. This IS news- C’mon guys- drop the cynicism and remember to celebrate the positive.

  6. says

    @ TREV : And why should they not kiss and be seen to kiss ?
    and why should we not cheer ?
    Do you think that we should all sit cross-gartered and there should be no more cakes or ale ?
    I think we are big enough to be concerned about the big issues……..and to rejoice in our little foibles, without the Malvolio bullshit.

  7. says

    I want to thank you for the support for Matty & Bobby and for our film. For those interested, there is a new trailer and official webpage up for the film at We are hoping to hit the festivals with it this summer/fall.

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