1. architectinberlin says


    you’re right–they did a wonderful, heartfelt job.

    but a part of me gets the impression that they are still terribly, terribly conflicted. none of them seemed at ease, and deep down they must sense that although there are a few good and kind and wise exceptions, the majority of the community they came from (and still identify with) despise their existence.

    the damage of such a religious upbringing cannot so easily be healed.

  2. Justin Spiro says

    As one of the speakers in the video, I can tell you that Judaism is not a homophobic or otherwise hateful religion. There are ignorant people within the Jewish community just like there are ignorant people in every community. But on the whole, Judaism is a religion of love and respect.

  3. architectinberlin says

    @ Justin:

    Really? Although I commend modern Judaism for being, amongst the Abrahamaic traditions, the most accepting of gays (perhaps because Jews have a keen sense of what it means to be a persecuted minority) ancient Judaism got the ball rolling on Western homophobia–and the more conservative and orthodox groups are keeping that tradition alive and well.

    Compared with Ancient Egypt and Greece, antique Judaism was positively prehistoric vis-a-vis same sex relationships. Or is Leviticus just a huge typo?

    In the end, you defend Judaism because you’ve been indoctrinated by those set of beliefs. But if you stood outside (could you ever?) you’d probably be mortified.

  4. Hollywood, CA says

    Great video guys! Thank you so much for supporting gay youth and your commuinity. Don’t respond to the negative comments, you’re all wonderful.

    Haters, please take a moment to smell your own asshole.

  5. says

    They are as orthodox as the pope, in other words not at all

    If they were Frum they wouldn’t be shaved smooth

    Real orthodox views on homosexuals = look back at the Hasidim tossing molotav cocktails at police in jerusalem over a gay pride march

  6. says


    I’ll toss in

    MAYBE their parents are orthodox (parents who would shun them for not being Frum = devout) but they left orthodoxy a long time ago

  7. David Kaufman says

    This is a total load of crap!

    These men are not Orthodox. They may have been RAISED Orthodox or come from Orthodox backgrounds, but they certainly are no more.

    None appear to be wearing kippot; all are clean-shaven and all are wearing conventional clothing.

    They’re about as Orthodox as I am! Which is not at all.

    Why can’t the LGBT movement for once come from a place of authenticity and honesty instead of relying on tired tropes of victim-hood, otherness and ostracism.

  8. TANK says

    really, kaufman? LOL! So your response is thinly veiled homophobia because your pathetic religious sensibilities are “offended”? That’s right, they aren’t orthodox as they don’t look dirty, which is apparently a prerequisite. Then again, it’s all pick and choose–right down to the stratification….all of it is arbitrary, and there’s no fact or truth of the matter to say who is and who isn’t x.

  9. David Kaufman says


    These men are Jews, but they are not Orthodox. Just like I am a Jew, but I am not Orthodox.

    As a Jew, I would never — unlike yourself — suggest that Orthodox Jews are dirty.

    But as a Jew, I would certainly feel confident saying that these men are not Orthodox.

    Observant/Conservative/Traditional — perhaps.

    Orthodox — not so much!

  10. Justin Spiro says

    I would like to respond to the accusations made against the speakers in the video. First off, if you look closely, we are all wearing yarmulkes. Secondly, I am currently Orthodox, and I know some of the other speakers are Orthodox as well. But that is not the point of the video. The video is intended to show closeted gay Orthodox teenagers and adults that they can have a happy and fulfilling future, which thank G-d all of us have.

    Regarding the accusation that Orthodox Judaism is homophobic due to the verses in Leviticus, those verses refer to one specific sexual act (anal sex) and are by no means meant to endorse bashing and ostracizing gays. Quite the opposite, Torah Judaism requires that we treat all Jews with kindness and respect. Some parts of the Orthodox world may have forgotten this, but you cannot judge Judaism by those who pervert its values.

  11. TANK says

    Well, as a “jew” (atheist), I would, and so would my conservative jewish father and reform sister, though perhaps not my orthodox grandparents. Keep those peyes washed…and trim those ratty beards, goddamnit!

  12. David Kaufman says

    So they’re wearing Kippot — I stand corrected.

    I’m curious to know just exactly which Orthodox shuls these men are praying at? Would love to pay it a visit.

  13. Joseph Singer says

    I don’t get these commenters. One is not all. Stereotypes are wrong no matter who you throw them at. Just because some are bigoted or homophobic does not mean all are.

  14. Nate says

    First of all Tank you got some serious hate issues and how can you be an atheist? its not really possible to know for sure that something does not exist. Knowing that something doesn’t exist requires you to be aware of everything in the universe that does exist. and secondly orthodox jews don’t hate or not accept the people who are gay, they might not approve of the idea but if thats how a person is then good for him for being brave enough to come out of the closet. and everyone is afraid of what they are not used to so orthodoxy is a little behind the times due to the fact that there are not a lot of gay orthodox jews but as it
    becomes more common it wont be such a taboo.

    and to say that being dirty is a prerequisite to being orthodox is an ignorant, not true and an idiotic statement.

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