1. Jonathan says

    That was really cute. Nothing like a little heartwarming pirate-on-pirate action to brighten up Monday.

  2. virtualdespot says

    Before this I didn’t know Cosmo Jarvis existed, and therefore didn’t know he couldn’t be my husband. And now I know, and am sad. Thanks for ruining my life with this awesome video.

  3. kodiak says

    nice. great production values. great personal is the political, fun song. is this a musical waiting to happen?

  4. nicholasg says

    Swoon. Is the water really too salty? I hate the www and blogs like this as they give me men like this to dream about….sigh.

  5. James says

    How could you NOT love this song? And him! It’s so great. I just pre-ordered the song on his web site and downloaded the acoustic version for free. Thank you, Andy, for showing us this.

    Sucks that the song won’t be available to download until late January.