1. Darlinkula says

    If Republicans are against workers rights and are in favor of outsourcing American jobs, how can anyone think that they would want to create jobs? Republicans are a tool for corporate greed and have a platform of homophobia & racism, but I must admit that they do make great spitoons to target your spit.

  2. Joel says

    Let’s hope Harry’s colleagues in the Senate vote to give him more time to spend in his home state and elect someone else majority leader for the next term.

  3. ChimChim says

    Thanks Harry. It’s also time to stop saying no to a public health option, equal rights for lesbians and gays to marry, and to serve in the military. Practice what you preach.

  4. Daniel says

    This spineless milksop is really lucky that his opponent was batshit crazy. He’s already talking about all the compromise he’s going to do with the Republicans. Saying how we can’t rule from the “far left or the far right”–guess what you broken lawn chair–we’ve never ruled from the “far left”.

  5. Steve says

    I love the fact that the Dems are now crying about the need for compromise and bipartisanship. Those two words were the farthest thing from their mouth when they were in total control.

  6. TANK says

    He is indeed very lucky that his opponent was incompetent, both intellectually and pathologically. He wouldn’t have triumphed over someone who was more savvy and grounded. Chucky was chompin’ at the bit for the driver’s seat, but too bad, huh…that he could kick some ass (not really what senators do, though…it’s not the house, and they don’t take names and hold hostages…) compared to reid isn’t really a compliment…as a rag on a stick could achieve much of the same. And yes, nothing will advance in congress on gay rights for quite some time…time to look to the judiciary…but we already knew that, yeah?

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