1. Mike Reynolds says

    The 9/11 Truthers show up at everything in DC. I’ve seen them at everything from DADT repeal lobby days to Glenn Beck’s thing to Starbucks. They’re like Lindsay Lohan. They’d show up to the opening of an envelope if it meant they’d get some attention.

  2. tony x says

    Anyone who thinks Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow and Keith Olberman are anything but truth tellers is an idiot.

    Stewart need to discredit them as equals to the Fox News programs designed to confuse and mislead the public was shameful.

    This sadly will be the events legacy.
    A shame. Millions of wasted dollars … comparing people who broadcast the truth with liars.

    In the end Stewart is an insider corporate employeee.

  3. tony x says

    what a bunch of idiots — they deserve the Republican take-over that is coming

    there are NO good Republicans, just dups who believe the “fiscal conservative” bait and those who realize it is all a game to keep the poor poor, and to kill the middle class.

  4. says

    @Tony X: They may deserve it, but I (and millions like me) don’t.

    As for the New Left Media, you can’t accuse them of being partisan here. On three separate counts, they belittled the gathering.

  5. ggreen says

    I’m sick and tired of the false equivalency argument, “both sides do it”. When was the last time anyone heard Democrats/Liberals calling for the violent overthrow of the US government? Or advocating for states to succeed from the nation? Or asking to vote to take away some one’s rights? Bullshit! Its the Republicans stupid!

  6. says

    Okay, after watching the video, I’m offended the NLM is saying Keith Olbermann and Glenn Beck are birds of a feather. Would someone please point out to me the instances Olbermann has constructed a pile of lies (like Beck does) to make a point?

  7. Taylor says

    As one of the people interviewed for this (though, thankfully, only featured in two short bits) I’m a bit disappointed in your conclusion that “not a single participant listed their regional newspaper as a source of news.” Through your editing procedures, you might have overlooked that in addition to CNN and the Daily Show, I also said that I receive my news from my state paper when I’m home from college. Perhaps I should have been more specific- when I say state paper, I meant Charleston SC’s Post and Courier, a regional newspaper that has a wide readership across the Lowcountry. I understand that you had certain aims in not including this, and I’m fine with that- however, it does make me a bit disheartened that you overlooked what I said in your attempt to make a quick point.

  8. MadM@ says

    Maddow and Olberman are truth tellers. They’re definitely not in the same league as Glenn Beck.

    However there are times when both of them, Olberman more than Maddow, that make what I consider to be petty remarks and low blows about the conservatives they talk about that make me cringe a little bit. I only point this out because I worry conservatives will point to things like that as reasons to totally discount their views.