1. BobN says

    My new favorite word = ush-ku-shu-nush!

    Something like that. No idea what it means, but it sounds great.

  2. CoMo'mo says

    Fins are sexy. they also have high rates of alcoholism and depression among the general population, so focusing on gay children is an impressive thing. Shown in schools, followed by debate…wouldn’t it be nice if that could be said about more schools in the US–and a debate, presumably not harangues and christian Victims stuff.
    And yes, Finnish IS nearly unique. It’s related to Basque and Hungarian and not much else.

  3. Mona says

    The only reason Finnish is lumped in with Magyar (Hungarian) is because neither is an Indo-European language.

  4. LS says

    Finnish, Estonian, Hungarian, and some others are from the same language family (Finno-Ugaritic.) Hungarian and Finnish are not closely related though.

    There is no known language related to Basque.

  5. TANK says

    yes, oshkosh b’gosh to these funny talking people, too! The dudes look like dy–lesbians, or is it the other way around? I know what bjork would look like with a beard now.

  6. Matt26 says

    @Tampazeke, Alexandre, thanks.
    @Anders I am proud Finnish too.
    @Bobn, I have no idea what is the word you trying to explain.

  7. Benjamin Karl says

    @Bobn and @ Matt26

    I think he’s trying to write “on kysymys”, what the guy in the plaid said.