1. Christopher says

    I want to live between their sweating bodies as they have hot Roman master slave sex. Is that so wrong?

  2. Andy F says

    Probably would be more interested if they didn’t telegraph the entire plotline during the preview. I think I’ll wait until its on HBO or something.

  3. Matt26 says

    Channing Tatum is good looking and this trailer is full of homoerotic like so many films alike. I wonder don’t straight men realise it or do they live in denial? Master, slave, fighs, half naked…

  4. B-rod says

    Looks like a horrible B movie. I’ll wait until it comes out on Blu-ray and fast forward to the naked scenes. :)

  5. Montemalone says

    AndyF, you shouldn’t have to wait too long.
    That was a waste of 2.5 minutes of my life that I could have been doing something productive like picking my nose or cleaning the cat litter box.

  6. romeo says

    What a pity that Scotsmen have taken to wearing bulky tweed and sensible shoes. BTW, that’s who that tribe of wildasses are. They should have stuck with painting themselves blue. I’m half Scots myself; maybe I’ll try it.

    Picture looks like a hoot.

  7. Reverse Polarity says

    This looks like the best movie Colt ever made.

    Wait, what? This isn’t a Colt flick?

    Who cares, I’m watching it anyway.

  8. david in iowa says

    A good start, men who are buffed out, sweaty, and good to make it priceless….get’em naked..alot!!!

  9. Sean says

    I am a history buff and it would be way more interesting if it were filmed in vernacular Latin in the manner of some “true to life” depictions like Apocalypso. Even if the accents were off, it would be authentic as many Roman soldiers were from “colonized Europe” and spoke a number of other languages.

  10. Bob says

    Looks like they’ll have to invent new words for ‘awful’ when that comes out….

    Bell is adorable, though.

  11. DRoseDARs says

    Did anyone else read that as “Jamie Bamber plays slave to Channing Tatum’s Roman Master” ? At first I was all like 😀 and then I watched the video in 1080HD and was all like :/

    Meh. Watchable but not in theaters.

  12. Matt26 says

    @Drosedars, actually I did. I would have run to the theater. Jamie Bamber is sexy, he had this towel scene on BSG, the show I adore, and oh boy, he’s hot! He is now on Law&Order: London.

  13. james Brown says

    I’m a History buff, so even if it is “faction” (half fact, half fiction) I think that’s cool. I like Channing Tatum and I like the way that Jamie Bell (the smaller guy) uses his mind to be on equal terms with his slave-master.

  14. ratbastard says

    Speaking of Americans playing Romans, growing up I thought Romans and ancient Greeks were effete and British because they were always played by effete actors with English accents. A non-American actor with an English accent is more authentic playing an ancient Roman or Greek than an American LOL? Bitch please.

  15. says

    Is Channing Tatum a bad actor? Mostly. But not only is he adorable, he also seems like a pretty cool guy who’s very glbt-friendly. I don’t think that’s enough for me to see him on the Big Screen, but certainly enough for me to at least want to Netflix his films. Plus, some of the movies he’s been in have — shall we say — utilized his talents well.

  16. says

    PS. Jamie Bell is a freaking awesome actor — and every bit as cute as Channing Tatum, just in a more geeky/less jock-like way.

  17. mike says

    @SEAN It’s “Apocalypto” (excellent film). This one, who knows? Like you, I always wonder about the accents in a film like this. However, this film would probably still be in production if they had gone for all-Latin language. Remember Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula? Just the thought of watching Keanu Reeves and Wynona Ryder struggling with a British accent gives me the shivers.

  18. ratbastard says

    Keanu struggles with his native Canadian accent let alone an English accent. Canadian accents are all rhotic [pronounce ‘R’ as ‘ER’] whereas English accents are predominantly non-rhotic [‘R’ pronounced ‘AH’], it’s the defining characteristic and what makes imitating an English accent for a native Canadian English speaker probably most difficult. Most American accents are also rhotic with a few notable exceptions like the Boston, New York and some southern [southeast] accents.

  19. john says

    Ryan,Jamie is a hottie & yes a gifted actor as well.But Channing giving Jamie a good rogering would be something to see (woof) unlike the movie i suspect.