1. Fenrox says

    Kids should be taught to cope with loneliness. I am very alone in my life, mostly by choice, But in the early adult years it seemed that I was doomed to be alone. It wasn’t until I learned to cope and be ok with being alone that I started having a much better life.

    It isn’t hard to see how a kid could throw his life away or resort to bullying when nobody is helping them deal with being alone.

  2. smokey says

    Erm. Totally off-topic, but it seems Larry King was prepared to speak about the It Gets Better Campaign and not the Trevor Project, throwing him off-guard (and leading to an unfocused and awkward set of questions) when Janet began speaking about it.

  3. Ryan says

    Its nice to see a celebrity who puts her money where her mouth is so to speak. She isn’t simply paying lip service to the current charity dujour it is clear that she feels strongly about it and supports it. kudos to her.

  4. SteveC says

    Shawn – EVERYONE is innocent until proven guilty. Michael Jackson was never found guilty of child abuse. So I fail to see how Janet supporting her brother has any relevance.

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