1. says

    Capehart is a hypocritical propagandist. If only he would have called out the homophobia of Valerie Jarrett as forcefully as he does McCain’s homophobia, perhaps his words would be meaningful. He has no integrity. Our community deserves better than two faced lackeys like capehart.

  2. JimSur212 says

    Yet, the gay protestors once again misdirect their anger by chaining themselves to The White House gates. Why don’t they take their battle to the true enemy? Why don’t they instead stage a sit in at John McCain’s Senate office. Oh… but I forgot… it’s “Obama’s fault.”

    And thank you Jonathan Capehart for stating the simple fact that DADT was created by an Act of Congress and only can be repealed by an Act of Congress. Racial segregation in the military wasn’t a law, just a policy. So President Truman was able to end it by Executive Order. DADT is the law of the land. It will ultimately be struck down in one of two ways – an Act of Congress or a ruling by the U. S. Supreme Court. That’s it. Anyone selling this “Stop Loss” theory are snake oil salesmen and legal hucksters doing a tremendous disservice to our community.

  3. allan says

    Capehart might also find a little time to criticize his good buddy Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whose Administration likes to pretend it’s pro-gay but gets anti-gay real fast when it comes to pro-gay court rulings or city council votes.

  4. JimSur212 says


    That’s right Allan, spend your time attacking Mayor Bloomberg yet another friend of the gay community, for his lack of 100% purity, while not devoting your keyboard stroking efforts to attacking our true enemies. You know, the message that guys like you are sending is: With friends like the gays, who needs enemies?

  5. TANK says

    Um, no. DADT can be repealed by a court decision, and certainly should be. Jim, you are not ready to participate in equal citizenship. Go away, house faggot.

    This was a waste of time…entertainment, huh? Dylan Ratigan is a closet case who has a thing for dark chocolate?

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