1. Chuck Mielke says

    I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I feel there’s something very revealing in Madonna’s comments about how that teacher made her feel “part of the world.” I immediately reflected on how most teenagers need “to feel part of the world” but that their world is so small (high school or neighborhood only), and the competitive nature of our society adds the one-up element of “I’m part of the world — and you’re not!” Maybe I’m just on a rant; I’ve felt for a long time that competition isn’t the total good that our secular religion claims.

  2. Raheem says

    To the person that yawns, have you been bullied before. Its not very pleasant. This needs as much attention as possible from whomever possible. Kudos to Madge and everyone else to stand up for this.

  3. JC says

    Who cares what this C**nt has to say. She is no Michael Jackson. Michael did everything he could to make a difference in this world. She is just an old has-been with plastic surgery. Long live the King of Pop!!

  4. Ro says

    This video illustrates precisely the reasons why I adore both Madonna and Ellen. Not only by being supportive of our community, acknowledging what we have done for her and standing up and raising her voice against bullying (I specially loved the part where, finally, this is rightfully compared to racism against blacks and antisemitism), but specially by showing how us, the gay community, brought acceptance into her life.

    That’s what being gay should also be about: acceptance, tolerance and inclusion. Ironically, by being discriminated all of our lives, we have learned to be accepting and tolerant.

    The world should also follow Madonna on this and learn acceptance, tolerance and repect from us.

  5. nic says

    @SHANE, did that make you feel special? were you such at a loss for words that you thought a throw away comment would speak for you? you are as useless as you remark.

    @JC you are not a well woman.

  6. says

    When I read these snarky comments it reminds me that while it might certainly “get better”,
    it doesn’t really improve. There is a lasting
    essence of high school style exclusivity that has become a very large part of daily life and it contributes to the problem by continuing to be something we just deal with. How often do we ignore an annoying would be suitor or criticize someone we don’t even know. I certainly have. I think this was the point she was after right as the video ended, this sightly morbid fascination with being better, or needing to feel better than others in order to feel good.

  7. TANK says

    What did sean penn say? It was like fucking a couch? Not even a sofa…but a couch. Oh, you old queens are hilarious! Only olds are into madge…you grampies should do a cialis commercial for the white party.

  8. Stepter says

    She’s freaking great. The last two minutes are hilarious in a sweet and naive way. I agree that she hasn’t sounded this humble and low-key in a while.

    Oh, and to clarify: she had already talked about her feeling bullied and how the gay community and her gay ballet teacher had welcomed her into “the world” in an interview with Gus Van Sant last year, for Interview Magazine 😉

  9. Joe says

    @Tank, I’m a 21 year old college student and a huge fan of Madonna. It’s not only “old queens” who are into her. Watch some of her music videos, listen to her music, and you’ll see that she’s an interesting personality. And the way she helped to redefine and challenge gender is fascinating.

    Her music is also insanely catchy and danceable too.

  10. TANK says

    But it’s mostly old queens who are the gay madonna fans (useless olds). I mean, bad taste and ignorance explain you (as the exception), e.g,…madonna redefined gender, and it’s fascinating…how she did that…redefining gender….madonna…fascinating…swallow tongue.

    SEx with madge is like fucking a couch, mel! A LUMPY OLD COUCH! ROTFLMAO!

  11. Tonic says

    Tank, does it bother you that you’re heading towards uselessness? And what difference does it make as to what fucking Madonna is like? None of us are doing it, so how is it relevant?

    It’s great to see any and all who speak up about gay rights and anti-bullying!

  12. number says

    She acknowledged how much the gay community made her who she is. We are that. We have a great deal of power. Let’s wield it! We know intolerance, maybe that’s how we know what real support is. Madonna is just one person who is speaking up. I am, as only one unknown, insignificant individual, saying thanks. And watch out.

  13. steve says

    JC – what’s with the hate speech? Regardless of what you think of Madonna, the sentiments are about a real threat to our kids.

    Comparing her to Michael Jackson? Are you kidding?

  14. Tarik says

    I loved that she went on Ellen only to speak out against a tragic situation that is deeply hurting our country. I love Madonna and I don’t mind being considered an old queen for it. I’m 32 and don’t understand why someone would want to go the negative route with this situation and prove themselves to be ageist and stupid. Age usually brings wisdom and anyone who has a problem with this interview should look in the mirror and check themselves. You’re either going to die young or be considered old one day. Some kids act like they will be young forever.

  15. TANK says

    Look, as has already been explained, younger gays who like madonna (and at 32, you’re not young) are tasteless cliche gays–completely disposable.

    As to age, what else does age bring?

    Hmmm: Memory and reaction time decline.

    Difficulty focusing on close objects in 40s. Ability to see fine detail decreases, etc.

    Maximum breathing capacity diminishes 40% between 20 and 80

    Heart rate during maximal exercise falls by 25% between 20 and 75.

    Back pain from years of pressure on the spongy disks that separate the vertebrae…

    Bone mineral loss outstrips replacement by 35!

    Joint pain, and vericose veins…

    And these are just a handful of what you have to look forward to as you age…it isn’t ageist to loathe death, and aging is dying.

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