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Watch: Mystery Missile Launched Over California Coast


A missile was launched off the Southern California coast last night. Nobody will say who fired it.

Former U.S. Ambassador to NATO speculated with CBS News:

"When asked, however, what he thought it might be, the former ambassador said it could possibly have been a missile test timed as a demonstration of American military might as President Obama tours Asia. 'It could be a test-firing of an intercontinental ballistic missile from a submarine … to demonstrate, mainly to Asia, that we can do that,' speculated Ellsworth. Ellsworth said such tests were carried out in the Atlantic to demonstrate America's power to the Soviets, when there was a Soviet Union, but he doesn't believe an ICBM has previously been tested by the U.S. over the Pacific."


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  1. Settle down, ladies. Who says it's an ICBM? All the "Star Wars" tests have been launched from Vandenberg against targets launched from SW of Hawaii (though the Air Force always cheats by telling the intercepting missiles exactly when and where to expect the target, but I digress) and those weren't ICBMs.

    Posted by: Anastasia Beaverhausen | Nov 9, 2010 11:11:22 AM

  2. I'm bettin' on space aliens.

    Posted by: Continuum | Nov 9, 2010 11:28:52 AM

  3. Just don't hit that button.
    Which button? This button?

    Posted by: Bobo | Nov 9, 2010 11:42:43 AM

  4. It's the north koreans! they're the bad ones!

    Posted by: bo | Nov 9, 2010 1:48:15 PM

  5. This is pretty poor speculation from a former NATO commander. Yes, it was probably meant to show our might---but solely to China and the North Koreans. China in particular has been playing its own naval war games recently.

    This has zero to do with Obama's trip. India, Indonesia, and his other destinations are strong allies of the US; we don't need to prove our military might to them.

    Posted by: Paul R | Nov 9, 2010 3:14:19 PM

  6. Good old home - Vandenberg AFB causing trouble as always. I'll ask my dad what the heck he and the boys are up to. LOL

    Posted by: jakeinlove | Nov 9, 2010 5:58:47 PM

  7. My guess is that this was a missile, and was NOT launched by anyone associated with the US, which is why it's being played down.

    Posted by: Randy | Nov 10, 2010 3:07:27 AM

  8. Some straight halfwit hit the launch button. Good thing we have DADT...

    Posted by: Wimsy | Nov 10, 2010 11:30:57 AM

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