1. says

    Wow. Just wow. Astonishing, hateful ignorance. And she thinks blacks have lower IQs. The mail carrier shows astonishing self control.

    It has been long established that standardized tests are written for the middle-class and upper-class white student, whose culture supports assumptions being made by questions that are asked. And those tests were intended only to predict academic success in higher education. Period.

  2. pete says

    The best part is her entitled & patronizing tone… you poor, poor, stupid, n…, let me enlighten you.


    In that neck of the woods, she’ll likely be defended as misunderstood- more likely drunk or off her meds.

  3. naughtylola says

    How did the MAILMAN lose his job for this??? She HIT him! She reached through the window and hit him in the face and threatened to KILL him, never mind all the name-calling!

  4. Wayne says

    There’s got to be more to this. Why wait a year to post these videos? Why was he fired without a fight? Something isn’t right with this. Yes, she’s a nasty bigot, but I think there’s more to this story.

  5. naughtylola says

    @CKNJ according to the commentary accompanying the video, she was never prosecuted for this (which I assume now means that there’s double-jeopardy attached).

  6. ratbastard says

    Hingham is a upper middle class seaside inner suburb of Boston. The bitch is probably going through a bitter divorce or something. In my experience, these middle and upper middle class middle aged suburban bitches are the most arrogant assholes anyone will have to deal with in life. Incredible levels of entitlement.

    The mailman was doing his job. She signed for the certified letter than it’s hers. She can’t give it back. That’s the reason legal documents are sent certified.

  7. Gruntled says

    She’s obviously racist, but what else is going on here? Why is the mail carrier not delivering her cards? Why didn’t he just drive away? Why doesn’t she just drop the letter in the truck and go inside?

    Weird racist video without context. What “justice” do you suggest, without understanding what happened?

  8. crispy says

    @Gruntled: The context seems pretty clear to me. She signed for a certified letter addressed to her husband. Then decided she didn’t want it and attempted to give it back to the letter carrier. He refused because it had already been signed for.

  9. naughtylola says

    @Gruntled, the card she was referring to was the certified-letter card that she signed in exchange for the mail. Taking it back would mean the mail carrier was be tampering with a legal document just because some random lady told him to. That’s not his risk to take.

  10. says

    It seems odd that he was filming this encounter. There has to be more to this story than just this obviously unhinged woman. Why was he fired? The answer to that might clear up some things.

    But on the surface, something is very, very strange.

  11. patrick nyc says

    I am sure there is more to the story, like why wait a full year to release the tapes? Perhaps it took that long for him to get them from the post office, especially if he was fired. Many government vehicles have cameras in them, he could have activated it when he saw her coming to the truck.

    I’m sure this story is going to spread and more will come out. Either way she is an ignorant racist bitch.

  12. ratbastard says

    I agree there’s got to be stuff being left out. The P.O. is unionized and it’s VERY difficult to get fired. I spoke with a close friend who works for the USPS and he confirms there must be more to this story.

    Not excusing this filthy bitch. And Hingham is a wealthy, liberal leaning town. I wouldn’t doubt this woman is a Democrat and liberal. Her mask fell off. I know PLENTY of similar people.

  13. naughtylola says

    @PatrickNYC, per commentary he took the USPS to court over the firing, I’d guess that he ran out of options and just decided to throw this one at the wall to see if it stuck?

  14. ratbastard says

    She’s repeating classic leftwing ideology regarding racism in the 2nd vid. It’s being reported her husband works at MIT in Cambridge. I guarantee you she has Obama and Deval Patrick [Massachusetts black Democratic governor] bumper stickers on her car. Guarantee it.

    This is classic.

  15. crispy says

    That’s right, the signature card. She wanted it back.

    Also, FYI: other sites are reporting that the letter was a collection notice. So that explains why she suddenly wanted to return it.

  16. ratbastard says

    She implies that the certified letter isn’t actually hers or her husbands, that he dropped it off at the wrong address. Maybe she did actually accidently sign for it. This doesn’t excuse her bizarre behavior and ranting [which isn’t a crime], let alone physically assaulting the guy [which is a crime]. On his part, why did he hang around and shoot the shit with this loony woman? Why didn’t he just drive off and report the incident to his supervisor?

    Again, it’s VERY hard to get fired from the P.O. or ANY government and/or unionized job where the union is very powerful. Furthermore, he probably went before the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination [a government board that handles issues of alleged discrimination in the workplace] and they threw his claim out, which is odd because they have of course a notorious left-leaning bias. Something doesn’t add up.

  17. ratbastard says


    Trust me, I’m not ‘confused’. You don’t know me aside from a few posts here and there on this site. Don’t flatter yourself. I actually have ‘leftwing’ views and non-leftwing views…weird,huh?

  18. naughtylola says

    Further apocryphal commentary on the internets: she babysits for one of the police officers who was called to investigate the incident.

    He says he didn’t drive off because she was too close to the car (and if he did and he ran over her foot, he’d have been charged with dangerous driving). She’s hanging onto the car and actually has her arm through the window for most or all of this.

    Look, you sign for a letter and your signature is now a legal document. You want to undo that contract, go to the fucking post office and fix your own careless mistake.

  19. Craig says

    My guess is it may have to do with recording her. Doesn’t Massachusetts have some weird “anti-wiretap” law that you can’t record something unless ALLL parties present give consent?

    But there is something else to this that isn’t being told because as it is being presented, it makes no sense.

    That said, this racist woman is going to get some well deserved public condemnation and ridicule for her utterly offensive remarks.

  20. naughtylola says

    @Craig, all parties have to *know* they’re being recorded, which is not necessarily the same as giving consent although I’d imagine it works out that way by default since people who see themselves being recorded generally stop misbehaving (the Panopticon is now a reality! Jeremy Bentham is celebrating somewhere.) It would seem odd that she would continue on this way if she saw a camera phone in her face but then again she is batshit fucking nuts.

    I can imagine that the recording alone is what led to the firing. Details around that are thin on the ground, although I imagine one or all of the local news stations are going to pounce on this one before the end of the day so I’m sure more will emerge.

  21. crispy says

    @naughtylola: Thanks for posting the link to that blog… for no other reason than to disprove Ratbastard’s liberal ideology theory. It’s always nice when a troll gets handed his ass on a platter.

  22. Ray says

    As a mail carrier myself (and in no way am I excusing her stupid, racist behavior) I would have taken the letter back, marked it “refused” and returned it to the sender. The woman is able to sign for anyone living in the household. If she didn’t want it she SHOULDN’T have signed the slip to begin with.

    I have no idea why the man got fired over this. There has to be another reason.

    Truth is, I run into people like this every day. It’s rare that anyone says something nice to the mail carrier. It makes my entire WEEK when someone says thank you. Sorry for the short rant :)

    I saw a previous comment, postal vehicles don’t have cameras in them, it must be a video from his cell phone.

  23. says

    This is astounding – actually grew up in the town next door and strangely enough, this doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. MA is a very tolerant state, so long as they don’t have to see any gays or black people. They’re all for the idea of equality, but not if they have to participate.

    This is the stock this woman comes from…check out her aunt’s website!

  24. naughtylola says

    @Ray, can you (legally) do that after she’s signed the card though? I’d think that represents some kind of binding notice that she’s in possession of the letter. Is certified mail the kind with the tear-off card that’s stuck to the envelope? So if you took it back, anyone could see that the card had been removed (and signed) but the letter left undelivered, no?

  25. ratbastard says


    She CLEARLY repeats CLASSIC leftist ideology regarding racism.

    She also states her mom [teacher] taught black children.

    Her husband works in academia, MIT no less, Cambridge no less…one of THE most liberal,leftist, PC places in America.

    She lives in Hingham…which if you knew it, Massachusetts, and Greater Boston, you’d understand the implication.

    Something about this story is being left out.

  26. ratbastard says

    If it was actually addressed to her and not a mistake on the part of the mail carrier, and she signed for it, no she couldn’t demand he or the P.O. take it back. If she wanted it returned to the sender, she would either have to re-post it or try dropping it in a mailbox with ‘return to sender’ written on the envelope. But the P.O. doesn’t have to oblige this request if the sender didn’t pay for the service. In all likelihood, if she did that, the P.O. would simply return the envelope to her.

  27. Badly Drawn Boston Boy says

    NAME: Erika F. Winchester

    AGE: 55-59

    ADDRESS: 21 Kimball Beach Rd

    Hingham, MA 02043-1145

    PHONE: (781) 749-2865

    HUSBAND: Randall E. Winchester

  28. StillMarriedinCalifornia says

    Have any of you actually READ the GrandmaGrizzly blog? It’s clearly satire. It’s quite good..written from the perspective of a racist tea bagger and just subtle enough to have fooled some of you, i guess.

    In any case this woman is a horrible, horrible, disgusting creature.
    She is not any example of “classic liberal leftist” anything. She is crazy and racist. Period.

  29. crispy says

    Yeh, I gotta concede that blog is fake. If you spend enough time on it, you start to notice little details… like her name is Grandma McCoochey! LOL

    That said, Ratbastard is still a putrid douche!

  30. Hollywood, CA says

    “Why are you calling me names?”
    “Because you’re acting like a ni&&er…”

    LMFAO – It’s almost comical how blatently racist this lady is… sorry for laughing, I just have never… it’s like a scene from BLAZZING SADDLES.

    (Stiffles giggles)

    An abomination!

  31. Yuki says

    What the /hell/? She signed for the letter that was addressed to her /husband/. She can sign for anyone in the household; hell, my parents when I was younger asked me to sign for things if they had to run out for a while!

    She signed for the letter. It was for her husband. End of story; she can’t return it. I do wonder, though, why the mail carrier didn’t drive away; I’m not saying it’s his fault at all, just wondering.

  32. says

    Thank you NAUGHTYLOLA for your comments here—clear and crisp. I suspect the reason this mail carrier was recording is because he’s dealt with this loony before and was ready to turn on the camera if needed. Mail carriers get lots of (undeserved) shit too often from people and their pets.

    I also suspect he didn’t drive away for two reasons (as some stated above): he didn’t want to hurt her (he’s a nice guy) and then be accused of “turning on her” as she was egging him to. I also think he really wanted her to understand his rational position, but didn’t understand how disconnected from reality she is. Like one of my students once said, people expect other people to be like themselves: he figured she would be as rational as he.

    The guy should CLEARLY not have been fired and she should clearly be in jail for assaulting a letter carrier.

  33. ratbastard says


    I have ZERO doubt he appealed to the MCAD [MA Commission Against Discrimination] and they appear to have thrown it out. Why?

    Also, AGAIN, if he was a REGULAR P.O. employee, there was NO WAY he’d be arbitrarily terminated.I know for a absolute fact it’s VERY difficult to terminate a USPS employee’s employment. It’s a quasi-government job and regular employees belong to a powerful union.

    Some part of this story is missing.

  34. ophu says


    Trust me, I’m not ‘confused’. You don’t know me aside from a few posts here and there on this site. Don’t flatter yourself. I actually have ‘leftwing’ views and non-leftwing views…weird,huh?

    POSTED BY: RATBASTARD | NOV 12, 2010 10:50:12 AM

    @ ratbastard: I’d like to know why you’re putting racism in the “leftwing” box, as if it’s something all “leftwingers” should have simply by adopting the label “leftwinger”. The two terms are clearly not synonyms, so why no you treat them as such? Is there some kind of leftwing or rightwing code of conduct that I don’t know about? Is racism something you catch like some sort of disease, simply by being a left- or right- winger? And if you are a “middle-of-the-road” type of guy like you claim to be, then why are you attributing racism to only one side of the political divide? Presuming, of course, that politics is a dichotomy instead of a spectrum? What are your real motivations?

  35. crispy says

    Blah blah blah… blame the victim. It’s your favorite song, ratbastard. But hey, at least it’s nice to know you don’t just stop at blaming gay victims like you typically do on Towleroad. Hooray for consistency.

  36. ratbastard says


    I DO NOT believe ONLY ‘leftwingers’ are racist or bigoted…not by a long shot. But I do believe [from experience and research] that there is a phenomena of people with loudly professed ideologies [right and left] who don’t always practice what they preach and who sometimes have something to hide. This woman is one of those people IMO. I distrust rabid ideologs of ANY persuasion. Life is very complex.

  37. ratbastard says

    Though so:

    Drives a Volvo
    Involved in community theater
    Lives in Hingham
    Husband teaches/leads at MIT

    The bitch is a moonbat. Someone has to take a pic of her Volvo; I wanna know what bumper stickers she’s got. I have my suspicions.

  38. jon.luddite says

    TJ, I’ll assume you are just trying to be cute (and failing miserably) with your last two posts. There’s a whole non-gay world out there. You should expand your horizons a bit.

  39. blanka says


    4chan already knows:

    NAME: Erika F Winchester
    AGE: 55-59
    ADDRESS: 21 Kimball Beach Rd
    Hingham, MA 02043-1145
    PHONE: (781) 749-2865
    HUSBAND: Randall E Winchester

  40. Glesnia says

    Can someone explain to me why this woman is not locked up?

    Posted by: mullinobud | Nov 12, 2010 9:36:40 AM
    I wonder the exact same thing. She belongs in an mental institution, with a room that is wall to wall foam padded. Then let a few African Americans watch her go bat shit as they watch and listen to her go on her high and mighty racial tirade.

  41. brett says

    as a postal worker he would file a discrimination complaint with the USPS not MCAD. Once the investigation was complete he would have the option of going to the EEOC – a federal agency. MCAD has no jurisdiction.

  42. naughtylola says

    OK so the evening news picked up the story, and here’s what they said:

    1) The police actually did pursue charges against her against the mailman’s wishes, because he said he thought she was mentally ill. They were ultimately dropped because he would not testify against her in court.

    2) There are two contradictory stories about his termination: one is that he was only hired as a temporary worker anyway and his leaving was planned, and the other is that he was terminated for other unrelated job-performance issues.

    The police seemed puzzled that this was posted a year after the fact, given that they already tried to pursue it and were rebuffed by the mailman himself.

  43. David says

    That woman could be charged in state and/or federal jurisdictions as she struct a federal employee. I’d would’ve pepper sprayed her ass through the window. He was trying to hang to the job. Me nah, nah I’d beat her ass.

  44. dianebkht says

    This woman has lost her mind! I sat wondering if I have been sheltered in this city so long, that I really do not know what is going on out here? The talk this woman had makes me wonder is this how people are really beginning to think due to Rush Limbaugh, FOX NEWS, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin?

  45. Joe says

    well, the letter carrier is an idiot for telling *her* to return the mail to the post office (HE is the post office). But he certainly did deserved to be verbally assaulted.

  46. MarkDC says

    There same comments are made every day on every street, in every workplace and in every school about The Gays, The Poor, The Disabled and none of the GOOD WHITE LIBERAL PEOPLE are there to condemn any of it, or defend the attacked individuals, with equal indignation. If only their precious principles were real and NOT selectively applied and performed FOR EFFECT.

    There is a way to respond to the crimes of bigotry. Mea culpas, gnashing of teeth and rending of garments is not it. Although that might make you feel better it only feeds their precious White egos.

    Hanging around to 1. engage, and 2. videotape a clearly damaged woman when the mail carrier could have rolled up the car window, driven away, or called the police for assistance seems like pure exploitation.

    This woman was guilty of harrassment, assault and obstruction of mail delivery (a Federal Offense). Did the mail carrier care about that? Did he attempt to do anything about that? NO. He just hung around, engaging her and continuing to videotape her wackjobbery.

    That any of this is lost on the Good Liberal White People commenting here betrays their true motivation: selective absolution of their own American guilt.”

  47. MarkDC says

    At NO point does the mail carrier say he was not permitted to return the card according to US Postal Service policy.

    At NO point does he state clearly that US Postal Service regulations forbid him to facillitate her request.

    Vaguely saying ‘I can’t do that” is neither a response nor a clear representation of his duties as a mail carrier and Federal Employee.

    After she insulted and physically attacked him he should have left the scene immediately. When a man has been insulted and physically attacked by a (clearly crazy) woman half his size it’s time to leave. Is there a point to staying? Especially when, as he clearly admitted on tape, he had other mail to deliver? No one was keeping him there. Long before she slapped him her racism was clearly established and documented. At that point he should have left.

    At the very least the mail carrier could have closed the driver side window and called the police to report:

    1. harrassment

    2. assault

    3. obstruction of mail delivery, a FEDERAL OFFENSE

    Read these recent cases:

    Assault of a Mail Carrier
    Washington man pleads guilty to assaulting postal carrier
    Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

    Obstruction of Mail Delivery
    Vermont postmaster gets probation in mail case
    Saturday, November 6th, 2010

  48. ratbastard says

    I’m in Boston where this has been more widely reported on. This woman is WELL KNOWN to local police. She’s even been arrested before. She’s obviously mentally ill. And the mailman should not of engaged her in conversation especially when it was obvious something is mentally wrong with the lady. It’s like arguing with a drunk.

  49. MarkDC says

    As long as WHITE PEOPLE see THEIR guilt and THEIR shame is THEIR priority the transformative eradication of bigotry and the equality of marginalized classes of people will never occur.

    Ask Blacks, Asians, Latinos, Semitic Peoples, The Gays all about the state of bigotry in America. Ask them about how people who are both White and Heterosexual perceive themselves and behave.

    Bigotry is everywhere and occurs every day; it is NOT impressive but MUNDANE to marginalized people. Selective instances of bigotry are impressive ONLY to White Heterosexuals. Why? Because they neither confront nor acknowledge it EVER in their daily lives. They only respond performatively when they see something on TV or the interwebs. That very attitude is present in the indignant comments here.

    Any marginalized person WITH A CELL PHONE who feels their safety and well-being is threatened, especially from a bigoted attack, calls the authorities.

    The man stayed on the scene when he did not have to AND engaged the woman LONG AFTER her racism was documented on tape only to be physically attacked while she committed a Federal Offense.


  50. Diane S. says

    what a fucking bitch! And what the hell, he was fired for something not in his control? Fucking united states and it’s stupidity. I swear I’m going to get a green card and passport and go to Canada. It’s freezing, but at least people are nicer up there.

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