1. justiceontherocks says

    Makes you wonder if the White House actually let it be known that they would give senators something in exchange for a DADT vote. That’s what has been needed all along, and it’s the step the WH has not been willing to take.

  2. patrick nyc says

    While I’d rather the seat be blue, she has let i be known she is not happy with the way the GOP left her for dead. She made remarks yesterday about Jim DeMint, and is angry enough to vote against them to make him look bad and as payback. Hell hath no fury like a politician being screwed and surviving.

  3. Bruno says

    I believe Murkowski voted for last year’s defense bill with the hate crimes amendment in tow. Not sure if she filibustered it originally or not. She’d be on the short list of Republicans that might vote correctly on this issue.

  4. Josh says

    I just left Senator Murkowski’s DC office where I met with her senior staff for military issues. I am active duty and Alaskan and met for 30 minutes with him trying to encourage Senator Murkowski to do the right thing. While he was sympathetic and nice he did not leave me all that optimistic, basically saying that if the study report is not released early enough to allow full hearings that the Senator may not support repeal. This would apparently be the president and DOD’s fault he said, absolving the senator of any responsibility if that is the outcome. It was the answer I expected although I hoped for a better one.

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