1. ashton cruz says

    Well that’s definitely not the real “Machine”.

    Leave it to that giant chinned douchebag Leno to ruin Brian Wilson’s perfectly delicious homoerotic urban legend with a disgustingly fat slob in a discarded circus elephant harness. they might as well have just brought out Sherry Sheppard with her head in a sac of feed and called it a night.

  2. peterparker says

    I think he may have vaulted over David Beckham to become #1 on my list of Sports Stars With Whom I’d Most Like To Spend 60 Naked Minutes. (Don’t worry, Ben Cohen…you are still #1 on the Sports Stars I’d Most Like To Marry list.)

  3. gr8guyca says

    He is setting himself up for millions in endorsement deals. Advertisers like athletes with definite personalities. That’s why McEnroe gets more commercials than Sampras.

  4. TANK says

    Like tiger woods, huh? Definite personality, gr8. Look, blandly wholesome is what most advertisers are looking for in a pro athlete. Interchangeable and upholding some popular conception of what a jock is supposed to be like–what their fans want to be like

  5. Cory says

    Like Cole said, you guys do know this guy is a really, really, really, devout Christian and most likely thinks we’re all immoral fags who are going to hell?

    Before you salivate over him, google him a little bit.

  6. William M. Andrews says

    @Cole: Maybe you’re a total douche for thinking that Wilson is anti-gay because he is a devout Christian. One can be a devout Christian and supporter of gay equality. I know several Christians who support gay rights.

    You have no facts to support your claim other than your prejudicial stereotype about Christians. You assume things about Brian based on a stereotype. You prejudge him without knowing the facts. This type of jejune thinking is lazy and dangerous.

    Much like when gays routinely demonize all Republicans and assume that they all want to lock the gays away in concentration camps, along comes Ted Olson, who is one of the most conservative legal thinkers in the country and a long time card carry Republican. He has worked tirelessly and brilliantly to defeat Prop 8. He is the “enemy” who supports marriage equality.

    So before you open your mouth to spew the same tired rhetoric that gay lemmings have trilled for way too long, at least find out about the person and his politics before you subject him to your prejudicial biases, Something you vapid queens are always harping about. My advice: grow up, think bigger, don’t be a lemming.

  7. Cole says

    @William–How do you know I don’t know him personally? The guy is a douche, believe me. His team know he’s a douche. Huge ego, anti-gay as they come. Weird guy. I’d label him as narcissistic. No, not all Christians are anti-gay, but Brian is which is funny since he seems to have a large gay following.

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