1. says

    Jeezus…have these two got “issues” or what? I still find it hilarious that if we supposedly have the roughest-toughest fighting men in our military, they can become absolutely unglued, sniveling cowards if some other guy looks at their junk in the shower. Pathetic.

  2. yonkersconquers says

    The only “ick” factor that comes into play is having to look at this idiots ugly mug, never mind his hateful rhetoric.

    Why is it that all the least attractive heterosexual conservative males assume that anyone, male or female, is interested in pinching their elephantine backsides?

  3. Terry says

    Us gays already shower with straight servicemen, there will be sexual tension. From who the straights?
    Barber saying our military will be laid to ruin if dadt is lifted what a drama queen

  4. says

    They both look straight out of a bear lovers fantasy. I wonder if they know that, or if it is on purpose??? If anyone is getting “tense” in the showers, I guarantee it’s these two closet cases. So instead they just talk about it to each other all day long and then go home and jack off. whatever….

  5. X says

    God, he’s ugly.

    Gays have been living (and showering) among straights FOREVER. If for some reason HE’S feeling sexual tension all the time around gays, that doesn’t mean everyone else is!! What is his problem??

  6. Fenrox says

    Man I am tired of people bad mouthing SF. If you ever actually go there you will notice that a lot of the people are happy and nice. SO what are you saying? You don’t want our Army happy and nice?

  7. Dave says

    Obama is a “dyed-in-the-wool socialist secularist?” Wait–I thought he was a Muslim or a liberation theologist. Which is it?

    On another note, we need to do a better job at tackling this argument of “the politics of disgust,” as described by Martha Nussbaum (who exposes and criticizes it). Basically, homophobes use their “projected disgust” over what they imagine gay sexuality to be to justify their anti-gay policies. It totally is the “ick factor.”

  8. Skooter McGoo says

    Does he think any gay man would ever want to look at, let alone touch his penis? It’s funny that all these military people are terrified of gay men? I have a friend that spent 25 years in the service and said more “str8″ men propositioned him than any other gay men serving. He needs to get a clue and realize that gay people serve along side USA soldiers already from other countries with out the Earth crumbling. “OMG, a gay man looked at me, I should be afraid.” Neanderthals left over from the last Ice Age these two.

  9. mad1026 says

    Servicemembers are showering with homosexuals NOW! Does anyone really think all the gays have left the Armed Forces? There have been homosexuals in the service for years. In the late 70’smy partner and I lived in Portsmouth,VA, where he was stationed with Navy. We had many gay friends also deployed there. In the 90’s, living in San Diego, I knew many gay Marines stationed there. I doubt too many people have a problem eith gay servicemambers.

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