1. peterparker says

    How refreshing that a company would cut a scene due to concerns about offending the gay community…as opposed to cutting a scene due to concerns that showing sensitivity to the gay community would offend straights.

  2. James says

    I have flown on Air New Zealand numerous times and seen the safety video each time. The video is great fun and really catches everyones attention. As a gay man I find nothing offensive about the video. People need to lighten up and not take things so much to heart.

  3. says

    Well, think of it this way: why would you think a STRAIGHT guy would want to kiss a gay GUY in the first place?


    Would it make sense for a GAY guy wanted to be kissed by a WOMAN?

    Sure both situations are harmless, but still why SHOULD they kiss?

    Being offended is silly, whether its by hearing “marry christmas” the display of the ten commandments or an exhibit showing an aunt covered Jesus.

  4. Ricco says

    Jesus . . . fraking lighten up everybody!!! Not only is this one of the most informative videos on safety I have ever seen, but it was cute and I think joyous.

    There was nothing offensive in that video. It is going to be difficult to be taken seriously on the more important issues, such a bullying, and equal rights to marry and serve in the military if we act like a bunch of fricking drama queens, making a big fuss about every little perceived or imagined insult or slight.

    The true celebration of diversity should not be about losing our distinctive and respective personalities and attributes, and in the process our sense of humor about those things that make us different, but marking those differences by recognizing them with good humor.

    Again . . . Lighten the Frak up.

  5. McCoysMarketNY says

    This sentence doesn’t make any sense as written: “A representative for the airline says that higher-ups discussed the scene before production, including those in the gay community, and after initially finding no problem with it, decided to move forward.” What exactly does “those in the gay community”refer to?

  6. bryce says

    flew delta recently, and this air new zealand ad puts the delta ad to shame. this one was fun, colorful, friendly, well produced, reasonably well acted, quickly paced, etc etc etc. the streaking old lady wasnt too risque for american television or plane flights. i would love to see videos like this next time i fly on a us-based airline.

    also, i didnt find the cheek kissing bit to me remotely homophobic. the rugby player brushes it off in a really cute, funny, and not mean way.

  7. GregV says

    I don’t find it all that offensive, but it doesn’t make any sense for them to portray their staff requesting kisses from clients, regardless of gender. In a professional situation, I would never ask either a co-worker or a client for a kiss.

    Pepa, I’m a gay man and I certainly don’t have any problem being kissed by a woman in a situation where it’s appropriate. My dear female friend had me over Friday for a party and greeted me with a smile and hug and a kiss on the cheek. If you would refuse a kiss on the cheek to a friend because she is female, then that’s your own issue, not every gay man’s.

    Likewise, some straight guys would be glad to give a celebratory kiss on the cheek to a close male friend. In fact, I just got off Skype with my dad and he went “Mwwahhh” at the screen to sign off… but most people, gay, straight, male or female, probably would not oblige an unfamiliar flight attendant of either sex with a kiss for having shown them a safety demonstration.

  8. ratbastard says

    Coxhead. Almost as good as Richard Johnson, Phil McCracken, Jaque Meoff, or the U.S. Senator from New Hampshire Dick Swett [pronounced sweat]. I remember driving around New Hampshire seeing Dick’s campaign signs.

  9. Randy says

    How do we know this is offensive?

    Suppose it was any male passenger, and a female flight attendant. NO male passenger, straight or gay, would refuse to kiss a female flight attendant in this commercial. What business wants to advertise it’s non-kissing customers?

    The reason this is in the video is because it plays on subtle homophobia, that is so common we take it for granted, and that’s why so many Auntie Toms are OK with it, despite the prejudice it reinforces.

  10. Dane says

    Both Will(Coxhead) and Jose (Taiapa), the 2 male flight attendants, are actual openly gay Air NZ flight attendants, not actors. This country is sooo small. They’re also great guys, with Jose a former Mormon missionary go figure. Sexy fuckers, literally. Just wish one of our All Blacks would come out as Sonny Bill Williams..mmm..SBW..

  11. James says

    I agree with Randy. It is subtle homophobia. As long as that continues it makes it harder for full equality. Just because it is lighthearted does not mean it is not damaging. Homophobia with a smile is still homophobia. It subtly reinforces that something is bad about gay people.

    Some may say to pick your battles, but if we let the little ones slide, it makes the bigger ones even harder to fight. People need to recognize homophobia in all forms if we are truly going to change people’s minds.

  12. gayalltheway says

    I think if the expression on the straight guy’s face wasn’t so expressive (it looks like he’s disgusted) then it would have been fine with me. But as it stands, I think it is a right call to edit it out.

  13. says

    @RANDY: True……..if it was a woman we would all be expected to kiss her……this is playing up the bloody macho bullshit of rugby…….
    It’s a long way from Mark Bingham and the gay rugby players of SF.

    And how many rugby players in new Zealand or else where have come out ? None that I know of because of this pretence that they’re all straight. Crap.

  14. notnerb says

    @gayalltheway: just remember the straight guy is not an actor… he is a professional (and VERY hot) sportsman… his “expressive” expression could easily be simply because he is just hamming it up a little like a lot of amateur actors.

    When I saw the video I just read the scene as a “thanks but no thanks” deal… nothing overly homophobic and just a bit of fun

  15. Vince in WeHo says

    Seems harmless, but I understand the “subtle reinforcement” argument. As far a the “disgusted” look on the rugby player’s face, none of the rugby players seemed to have any acting experience (not that they should), so it’s open to interpretation whether or not he was actually as disgusted as he looked. He probably just didn’t know how to convey “thanks, but no thanks” in less crass manner.

  16. michael says

    as a kiwi, flying domestic with air new zealand often , im in two minds about this. i cringe when i see it, as most people are missing the point- he happily allows a girl to kiss him on the check before, rugby is a very masculine sport with it being the epitome of the masculine male throughout nz culture- those who dont fit the jock mold are often felt to be worthless and especially gay kids they get it worse from rugby jocks,
    but then again it could be just some fun, but i think its better out then in.

  17. Redgreen says

    Here’s the thing with all you “ighten up” sheeps….

    why does the comic relief ALWAYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS have to be at the expense of gays?
    Answer= Because the world has concluded that it is acceptable to make gays the punch line in jokes. Black, religious, athiest, yellow, all cultures, all ceeds, all ethnicities sit on our airplane and have a good laugh at gay intimacy.

    The thought of a gay man kissing a hetrosexual man is just SO hilarious….because if they did indeed kiss it would be completely unnatural and uncomfortable.

    Why didn’t they use woman in this ad? why a male flight attendant?

    These are indeed questions gays should eb asking themselves, but our need to want to “fit in” and be a part of the joke is the reason why we essentially have little to ZERO rights in this country, and even worse elsewhere.

    We’re the punching bag, and many in the community seem to not mind one bit.

  18. Daddolfe says

    I don’t understand the notion of us, the group that has witchunts in local papers for our execution in parts of the world, where we can’t say “I’m gay” while serving for a military who’s sole purpose is fighting for FREEDOM, who have our kids as young as 12 blowing their brains out because of relentless daily ridicule; I don’t get how we’ve become such push overs to obvious foolishness. Our community should stand against being made the clown in any capacity, now more than ever. Some of you all need to be reeducated on what homophobia can infer. It is not always bashing a gay persons head in. And although I wouldn’t classify this video as homophobic, it certainly does lend support to potential homophobic ideology in that it supports the “ick factor” of being gay. The “ick factor” is the biggest handicap on our side in a cultural war. That is what is used against us, while people hide behind Bible verses, it’s the “ick factor” of being gay that creates disdain for being gay. If we could eliminate that “ick factor” from society and teach them that two dudes kissing each other isn’t that funny (or really funny at all!) than we could move in the right direction, but until videos like this are not encouraged, and until we start correcting people who use backward statements like “that’s so gay” and until we stop accepting our role as the joke, we’ll never be taken seriously.

  19. Paul R says

    Could not care less about one second in a foreign airline’s safety ad. You could easily argue that acknowledging that most male flight attendants are gay is a fact of life, instead of homophobia.

    It’s absolutely nothing.

  20. Cory says

    The vast majority of you are self-loathing morons who accept casual homophobia as them ‘laughing with us’ because you have the self-esteem of a kumquat.

    Substitute the gay guy with a black woman.


  21. Jim H says

    I guess I’m one of the sheep … I hope we’re allowed to laugh at ourselves a little! My partner and I loved this video when we were in NZ earlier this year. If the flight attendant’s involvement in the video were strictly for the joke, I would see the point being made here, but he actually has a prominent speaking part representing his company in other parts of the video.

    I personally love the idea that every foreigner traveling in NZ has to watch this video and can’t escape seeing a proud openly gay man spotlighted as a valued employee of his company.

  22. GregV says

    “When I saw the video I just read the scene as a “thanks but no thanks” deal… nothing overly homophobic and just a bit of fun.”

    That’s exactly why I don’t find it OVRLY offensive — I give them a bit of benefit of the doubt that they might not have meant to imply some of what seems to be implied.
    But we have to read these things in the context of the times, and we are still in times where gay people are denied rights, even in New Zealand, because a segment of society still thinks we’re too icky to be equal.
    Remember the 1968 Star Trek episode in which Kirk kissed Uhura, and there was public anger in bigot circles over the fact she was black? Imagine a US airline in 1968 showing a white man getting a peck from a white flight attendant, then giving a “thanks, but no thanks” signal to a black woman who offers her chhek immediately afterward.
    In this day and age, I think most people can see why that would have been a bad choice because we have gotten over the idea that “black is icky” is an acceptable punchline. “Gay is icky” still works too often, unfortunately (as in the line “Electric cars are gay,” etc.).
    I have no outrage over this, but I’m glad they took it out.
    I wonder why, though, they didn’t replace it with a shot of the rugby player offering his own cheek to the man for a kiss.

  23. jonny says

    Didn’t find it offensive when I first saw it some time ago and now I can’t believe this is an actual issue. While I appreciate Air NZ being willing to remove questionable content, this is a bit overboard. I had to watch the extras to see if there was any more context – and it still looks totally harmless in a Kiwi way.
    I agree with other posters who have said we are making a controversy where there ought not to be any. If we protest a man refusing to kiss another man on the cheek, then doesn’t that just give more credence to the complaints that roll into to TV stations when two men are topless in bed together or something. Tony perkins and his ilk will be the first to jump on it and say the gays are offended by a kiss that doesn’t happen but our children can see two men in bed together and we can’t complain.
    Seriously, go online and make video responses to people like Matt Barber and those guys who all disable their written comments. Leave my favorite airline out of this – sadly I only get to fly with them every couple years, but they are always accommodating.

  24. Vince in WeHo says

    If the airline attendant getting turned down by the turned-off straight rugby player is subtly perpetuating homophobia, then the picture of the half-naked perfectly built man that granny’s trying to stuff in the overhead compartment is subtly perpetuating the overemphasis on the superficial sizing-up of a man’s physical appearance in the gay dating culture.

    Try that on for size, those who are offended by the ad.

  25. RenoSteve says

    The kiss scene is not offensive. It’s a light-hearted safety video. Guys do not kiss other guys, unless they’re gay and the player in the video was obviously not gay. There’s nothing offensive about this video and gay activists making a big fuss about the rejection are just plain crazy. You know there are much more important problems going on in the world for this matter to even be relevant at all. We live in a world of namby-pamby crybabies anymore who really need to get a life and use their apparent free time in a productive way.

  26. Paul R says

    So to the whiners, do you feast on the notion of kissing a woman, whether in real life, an ad, or entertaining safety video?

    Get over it. I have four straight brothers. Three would have zero interest in kissing another guy. The other is just horny. As others have said, learn to focus on the big picture. This company was gay-friendly enough to have included this as part of the script and consulted gay groups before airing it. Get real: I wouldn’t have wanted to kiss that steward either.

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