Barcelona to Erect Monument to LGBT People, May be Located Next to Famous Gaudi ‘Sagrada Familia’ Basilica


In two months, Barcelona will unveil a monument to LGBT people persecuted throughout history, it announced on Thursday, and said it is considering a location next to one of the city's most iconic holy sites — Antonio Gaudi's Sagrada Familia Basilica.

AFP reports:

Pope Benedict XVI consecrated the city's emblematic Antonio Gaudi-designed church last month as hundreds of gays and lesbians staged a mass "kiss-in" to protest the Roman Catholic Church's stance on homosexuality.

A statement from the city hall Thursday said the monument would be unveiled in February.

It said the inscription will read "In memory of the gays, lesbians and transsexual people who have suffered persecution and repression throughout history. Barcelona 2011."

Such a tribute has been demanded for some years by Spain's LGTB gay rights association, the statement said.

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  1. Matt26 says

    Way to go Bcn! Way to go LGBT people in Bcn! Next to Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia the landmark of the city and LGBT are also all kinds of members of all kinds of families.

  2. Shelly says

    It always stuns me that the country historically so religiously conservative as to wage the Inquisition and where Lorca was virtually first against the wall in a massive fascist coup for being an uppity queer is now so far ahead of this supposed “free” country that holds its nominal “separation of church and state” up as a model for all the world.

    Way to go, Spain!

  3. Paul R says

    Yes, Simon, we noticed. Give us some instances of bi persecution or famous bis who have suffered or cases where bis can’t switch back to straight if the hammer comes down. Then maybe we’ll care.

    Bisexuals—and I’m friends with many, male and female—have done pretty much nothing to advance the rights of “sexual minorities.” There’s no bi organization of significant scale, fighting for equality, for me to give a crap. Every bi male I’ve known has either eventually become gay or reverted to hetero. Sorry if that’s a statistical issue, but there aren’t many practicing bis beyond a certain age, and nearly none who need protection or have suffered persecution.

  4. GregV says

    I always find these laundry lists of sexual minorities gangly and awkward. They tend to be redundant (gay women and lesbians are the same thing… how about homosexual women?) and to name categories that are only tangentially-related, while not naming other categories which are no less related or unrelated to the list that got started (asexuals, intersexed, etc.)
    I’ve seen Pride events that try to be inclusive by saying they are for the (example) “Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, Transexual, Inter-sexed, Queer, Questioning, Homosexual,2-Spirited and Same-Gender-Loving” community, but of course when you start using redundancies and tangents on the list, it will never be “complete.” (I can think of many more “left-out” groups off the top of my head).
    It would be great to see a monument to honor the bisexuals of the world. And I would think it might be structured differently than, for example, a monument to the inter-sexed.
    I think the mistake might be in starting a “list” on such a monument.

    Barcelona is one of my favorite cities. I’ll look forward to seeing this new landmark.

  5. says

    Not so fast. Four hours after they made yesterday’s announcement, City Hall retracted the announcement caving in to conservative religious outrage.

    Barcelona’s Mayor, Jordi Hereu, promised to come up with a new site “won’t engender debates”.

    Local LGBT rights orgs are, understandably, outraged at the cave-in.

  6. Skeptic & Cynic says

    “Not so fast. Four hours after they made yesterday’s announcement, City Hall retracted the announcement caving in to conservative religious outrage.”

    Now, that I can believe.

    If they do have a monument how about including “the fashion impaired” as well? They are often excluded and reviled.