1. IndyTown says

    Republicans are the enemy. Republicans are the ones blocking DADT. Republicans are the ones blocking child nutrition bill, Dream Act, Defense Bill, START, political appointees, tax cuts for middle class, and a host of other bills and legislation. REPUBLICANS care about THEIR MINORITY of the top 2%. They want their $700BILLION rich-people’s tax cuts and will plug their ears like school children until they get their way. This is what America voted for. Children and obstruction.

  2. JusticeontheRocks says

    That’s a bunch of doubletalk by Barney. If the President thinks the law is odious and repugnant he shouldn’t defend it. And he should never defend it by likening homosexuality to bestiality and pedophilia. If the military is worried about the impact of a court ruling then prepare for it. The courts will let them scrap the policy however they like.

  3. B-rod says

    DADT will be repealed by judicial action if the Senate cannot because of the filibuster threat. The game is over and McCain is too senile to realize it yet. It will likely end up in the Supreme Court, and even with the current justices, I think it stands a good chance of passing. (BTW, so does the challenge to Prop 8!)

  4. the greasybear says

    The Obama DOJ is free to drop its anti-gay court actions, just as it was free to decline to make those anti-gay court actions in the first place.

    But neither we nor Barney Frank can really expect much from Obama, given his compulsive need to surrender without a fight to, as one commenter above put it, the hateful agenda of “the enemy.”

  5. The Ghost of Harry Hay says

    The hypocrisy of the Democrats on full display. When Obama defends DADT, it’s okay. When Republicans defend DADT, it’s bad.

    Notice that Barney “You fags don’t deserve the same rights I have as a Congressman” Frank is the Chair of the House Financial Services Committee. Hmmm… I wonder if he had anything to do with all those trillions of dollars they stole from us to give to the Wall Street banks? Barney Frank’s motto: No banker left behind, but every LGBT person left to rot.

  6. says

    “The hypocrisy of the Democrats on full display. When Obama defends DADT, it’s okay. When Republicans defend DADT, it’s bad.”

    That’s because most of the Marxists/Maoists on here (including Daffy Duck, Aka Barney) don’t care about gays, never had NEVER WILL. They say they do care, but its all a dog and pony show to get us to vote/fund raise for these creeps. These leftists are political shills whose MAIN GOAL is to obstruct and destroy the right, regardless of gay soldiers or gay Americans wishing to marry.

  7. Harder Elbows Needed says

    McCain is still stinging from his defeat. His “get the gays” strategy will backfire and he will look like an even bigger loser than he already is when DADT is eventually revoked.

    Obama needs to realize some day that he is President now, and not Senator. He needs to stop playing chess with his opposition and start playing hard ball, although recent events show that he may not be that good at hard ball.