1. BobN says

    Kissing another man on the lips isn’t “an Italian thing”. It’s, apparently, becoming a British thing, as soccer-player exuberance is going mainstream.

  2. johnny says

    My trendy, new-agey straight male friends do this all the time. It kind of grosses me out, to be honest.

    Cheek? Fine. Hand? Well, OK.

    Call me old-fashioned, but seriously, I don’t need a kiss on the lips from anyone except the man I’m in love with, thanks.

  3. Andalusian Dog says

    I’m Italian, my parents and grandparents are from Italy, and we emphatically do NOT kiss on the lips. In fact, if two men in my family haven’t seen each other for a long time, they graps each others’ hands as in a handshake, and go in for the “double kiss,” which entails nothing except placing your cheek against his on both sides. No puckering, no sucky squeaky noises, no lip action whatsoever. (Between male and female or female and female family members, it’s the same, minus the handshake and plus the squeaky “kiss” noise. No lip contact whatsoever.) This is traditional.

    I’m with Johnny on this one: I care not to kiss anyone on the lips except someone whose bacteria and flora I’ve already been exposed to in various and sundry ways. I don’t even like it when my baby nephew slobbers all over me (though he probably means no harm and thinks I’m a cheesecake or a chewtoy and doesn’t slobber all over me out of any affection, just hunger or teething pain).

    I think new-agey straight men, or straight men who want to seem “cool” with male-on-male affection, are very sweet people and their hearts are probably in the right place, but why risk contracting a cold or herpes? Ew. Life’s hard enough already. Isn’t hugging enough? How about a good old, “You know, you are my friend and I love you. Just thought I’d tell you that.” ??

  4. Andalusian Dog says

    P.S. My ex had once had this lesbian friend, so I was a “friend” of hers as well, by extension. She INSISTED on kissing EVERYONE on the lips when she greeted them. Follow the logic. Needless to say, I was not happy whenever she came ’round.

  5. BGKev says

    A straight friend of mine is of Eastern European descent and I was surprised when his dad kissed him on the lips during the sign of pease at his wedding. He just said “It’s a Lithuanian thing” when we teased him about it after(not so much because of the kiss but because they’re an extremely conservative family). Then again, Pops was born in the US and is kind of eccentric, so maybe dad’s just a repressed ‘mo.

  6. Jonster says

    I have nothing against lip kissing (though I never really thought about herpes before). My dad’s one of those huggy-kissy straight guys who calls everyone “Love” and kisses his kids on the lips…in front of strangers and everything. I just go with it, Love.

  7. stdslove says

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  8. brian says

    brian is completely gay and proud to be it, he might as well grab his penis while hes at it! i wonder what megan would think of this?