Chris Brown Says He’s Not Homophobic, Loves His Gay Fans


Following a homophobic Twitter tirade inspired by a tweet directed at him by former B2K member RazB, which said, "Im just sittin here Thinking how can n**gas like (Eric Benet) and (Chris Brown) disrespect women as Intelligent as Halle Berry, Rihanna," Chris Brown posted a series of defensive tweets yesterday, saying that he loves his gay fans, and that his homophobic language was not directed at them.

And then it all ends with a death threat.


  1. True Words says

    Chris Brown loves his “gay fans” just as slave owners “loved” his slaves as long as they were pick their cotton and putting money in their pocket.

    To post these things on twitter and use such language is not a sign you love anyone much other than yourself and the attention. Surely you (Chris) have or can get RazB’s phone number; this is nothing more than hate filled pollution across the internet.

  2. Stereo Type says

    Chris Brown should go eat some fried chicken.

    See how ignorant that is! Not homophobic my ass…

  3. says

    @ Towleroad I have found that sadly this site borders on racism. Any time there is a story of a black person be it the President or a black star your kkk fans come crawling out the wood works.

  4. justiceontherocks says

    Who cares what this woman-beating thug thinks about anything?

    No matter what color he is.

  5. BenB says

    @HASSIA People commenting on this site aren’t racist (though some comments are a little off colour sometimes), it’s just that racial issues are a useful metaphor for major change in civil rights for a demographic who were once greatly oppressed and are less so today, something obviously of great concern to us as LGBT, a demographic who are subject to bigotry, humiliation and discrimination not too dissimilar to that of non-Caucasian people in decades past.

    When someone, and someone non-Caucasian in particular, makes a bigoted comment about LGBT people, it’s easy to understand why people would be quick to make comparisons to racial discrimination; ultimately we believe people should know better, especially those subject to similar discrimination. Sometimes these comparisons are made as sarcastic metaphors intended to highlight and ridicule the bigoted statements, though sarcasm doesn’t always translate well as text, especially to people for whom English is not a first language. Rest assured that if people commenting on this blog had racist motives, many people, including myself (someone who actively campaigns against racism) would not frequent it.

  6. Fenrox says

    @BENB, Now come on, read more posts on this site. There are many racist people who comment on this site. Hassia is noticing something that others have commented on before, The stories posted about black-gay items usually have a huge comment trail of racist and hurtful things that weigh more than the actual article. It isn’t a huge leap to think that Andy may be trying to spur such a reaction.

    I do not think that is the case. I think its just a sobering view that despite my mostly racist free gay upbringing, many of my fellow gay people are racist.

    Just look at the post after this, the Taiwanese news spoofs, David Morgan and Jasun have mean racist comments immediately. I bet at least Jasun was trying to be catty and funny, but he failed and it was just an unfunny racist comment.

  7. Travis says

    It’s a petty childish argument where the arguers are resorting to calling each other “gay” as a defense mechanism. Not exactly unheard of for straight guys. But think about this, the fact that Chris is defending his homophobic remarks instead of just flat out saying he hates gays & doesn’t care what people think is actually pretty progressive of him.
    He could just be like so many straight guys(black ones especially)& just be flat out homophobic & never bother doing damage control.
    He wants people know-or at least think-that he isn’t a homophobe. That’s impressive, especially these days, as sad as that is.
    It’s not like he has a career to maintain anymore…

  8. says

    How did the entry (and comments) go from ‘Chris Brown is a homophobe’ to ‘Towleroad readers are racist’

    Maybe we can’t move forward because we can’t stay on topic long enough.

    Also, to think that racism doesn’t exist in the gay community is BONKERS.

  9. ravewulf says

    @Raz B, @Chris Brown, @Ricky Romance

    Way to stay classy, guys.

    PS saying you love your gay fans does not excuse your homophobic comments

  10. wimsy says

    Who gives a crap? Who the hell is Chris Brown, and who cares what he says or thinks? Add him to the long list of People Who Don’t Matter.