Conservative British Politician Comes Out

Deputy Commons Speaker Nigel Evans, whose homosexuality has been an open secret in British Parliament, has come out.

NigelevansThe BBC reports:

Ribble Valley MP and Deputy Commons Speaker Nigel Evans, 53, has won praise from gay MPs from other parties for his decision to back the group ParliOut. Swansea-born, he stood twice in Welsh seats before landing the Lancashire constituency he has held since 1992. Rhondda MP Chris Bryant, who is also gay, welcomed the decision.

Mr Bryant, who sits on the board of ParliOut, tweeted: "Glad to see Nigel Evans is 'coming out'. An open secret in Parliament for years."

Apparently, Evans chose to come out now after learning that a Labour politician had threatened to out him. His response to this news: "I thought, this is just daft. I am not going to live a lie any more…I could not afford it to be used as leverage against me. I couldn’t take the risk. I don’t want any other MP to face that kind of nastiness again. I am sure there are other gay MPs who would like to be open about their sexuality but are fearful of the consequences. I hope this new group will help them to do so."

Evans' voting record on gay rights has been iffy but has improved over the last few years.

You may remember that Conservative politician Crispin Blunt came out this past summer.


  1. clint says

    Now if he could just get some orthodontics done…poor guy, looks like he could eat corn on the cob through a picket fence. What is it with those Brits and their teeth? They’re usually otherwise attractive folks, in general…
    A gay MP doesn’t seem to be all that unusual anymore, so not much to say about that LOL

  2. Dan says

    Um, the Conservative Party in the UK is more gay-friendly that the Democratic Party in the US. And there are more openly gay Tory MPs — thirteen! — than in all the other parties combined. You may not like “conservatives” but give them some credit for ditching the hate and bigotry. It’s what we ultimately want, right?

  3. anon says

    Conservatives in the UK are more like moderate Republicans in the US. There is little religious affiliation or social bigotry based on race. There is bigotry based on class, which is the British problem the way race is the American problem.

  4. candideinnc says

    Conservatives everywhere drag their feet on all social issues. You don’t see gay marriage in England, and you can bet on the fact that it is the Tories who are keeping it from happening. The Brits may not be as shrill about gays as American fundies, but the Tories are Not gay friendly.

  5. ratbastard says

    What a load of crap. Socio-economic bigotry is an issue in the U.S. [of which the left is just as guilty as anyone else; can’t use slurs against anyone, but somehow ‘white trash’ always makes it through the PC filter], just as racism or serious issues and tensions surrounding multiculturalism is very much an issue in England and the rest of the UK.

    The old line that the British [Canadian, etc.,] right/conservatives are more left than U.S. Democrats and the American Left [one and the same, the left controls the Dems] is ridiculous. Just another example of both American and non-American left wingers desire to demonize the U.S., U.S. culture [or lack thereof in their opinion] and Americans in general, at every opportunity.

  6. ratbastard says


    Vitriol and hate are a little strong. I simply stated a non-sugar-coated opinion not quite in line with ‘progressive’ talking points. Do you read these posts just to validate your already held views? Do you ever stray from talking points to actually think outside the box? Live a little, Danny. Be a rebel.

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