1. chuck says

    A true American hero.

    A man with a vision. A man with courage. A man who fights not only for himself but for others. He wears the legacy of Harvey Milk and the women and men who fought the AIDS battle well.

  2. WayneMPLS says

    Thank you again for your service and for your ceaseless battle against inequality. You sound exhausted, please get some much needed rest.

  3. ChicagoMike says

    Dan is an American hero who has defended the country he loves so that even assholes like @Doug can speak freely..

  4. chuck says

    Thanks Doug for reminding us that as Dan says this is only the beginning. That the struggle for human rights, respect and human dignity is an on going one.

  5. r says

    Dan is a model for the military and the country. He truly represents honor and integrity in America.

    Thank you, Dan!

  6. says

    Of course, cockroaches like “Doug” never have the guts to sign a real name when attacking others by name. Here are some comments about Dan by those with credentials that one imagines “Doug” could only dream of equaling:

    From our greatest ally in Congress, and the legislator most responsible for passage of the repeal option bill, Patrick Murphy:

    “Dan Choi is a hero.”

    KEITH MEINHOLD: outed himself in 1992 to fight the pre-DADT ban. Discharge barred by the courts, after which he served several years as an out gay man in the Navy before retiring:

    “I firmly believe Lt Choi to be a hero. He took on the U.S. Government and
    endured incredible pressures that few are willing to take on in an effort to
    make our military stronger. He sacrificed his career doing it. We owe him
    gratitude not only for his service to our nation, but his selfless sacrifice for our community.”

    Gay former REAR ADMIRAL ALAN STEINMAN; twenty-five years of service, one of the most respected leaders in the fight to end the ban, in an e-mail he sent to Dan upon learning of his discharge that I was privileged to be copied on:


    Your courage in the fight to repeal DADT is an inspiration to all gay, lesbian and bisexual men and women who don the uniform in defense of our nation. I know you will not let your discharge discourage you; your public voice on this issue has done much to attract the attention of our country and shine a very bright light on the onerous and discriminatory law that is DADT. Please continue to speak out forcefully; our fight is not over yet, as you know only too well.

    Best Regards,
    Al Steinman”

  7. FunMe says

    Lt Dan Choi’s helped ensure DADT was removed this year THANK YOU! It is people like you who make the world a better place Much Love and Light :-)

  8. brent says

    Dan is our hero. Thank you for your courage and please take the rest you need. The comment from Doug disgusts me!

  9. truthteller says

    Dan Choi is a hero!!!

    Get over it haters; trying to extinguish his light doesn’t make yours shine any brighter.

  10. Scott NYC says

    AndrewW should be blocked. He thinks people in the LGBT movement are just doing it for the money. Choi has dedicated his life to LGBT equality. He has risked his life.

    Choi is a hero. Towleroad should block AndrewW because he is hurting our movement.

  11. Scott says

    I come from a military family and Dan Choi does not represent a proper soldier, in fact he’s an intelligence officer so he should have complete control of his emotions and logic.
    Victor Fehrenbach and others have shown proper restraint and walked the halls of congress to talk with senators while accepted the fact that Obama must follow the laws placed by the congress of 94.
    I’m glad this paid protester will be out of the spotlight after all of the embarrassing interviews.

  12. GaryJ says

    With the type of courageous, selfless, brave man as Dan Choi and our brothers & sisters in the military, I have no fear for our country from outside enemies, just idiots like John “Sour Grapes” McCain!