1. Craig says

    Why, I NEVER … ok, there was the time with the choir boy behind the altar … ok, yeah, there was also the 27 times with the altar boy in my room … would $1 million make this go away? Son, how long IS that line of boys behind you?

  2. Brad says

    The victims in this case should make the decision best for them. I think if it were me, I’d want to take it to court because this guy needs to be taken down quite a few notches. His congregation needs to see him (and themselves) for the hypocrites they are.

  3. greg says

    Sadly, they will probably take the money instead of a long drawn-out court battle, and this guy will keep on getting his candle blown.

    The more things change, etc.

  4. Greg says

    He’s got a lot more resources and money and if any of these guys has ever done anything wrong, and even if not, they will be dragged through the mud to prove that they’re worthless trash and he’s a pastor so they must all be lying.
    Any good lawyer would tell them to accept a settlement.

  5. Dave says

    Accepting “mediation” is an acknowledgment of the events leading to the accusations. There will be a payout and a gag order in exchange, but the extent of the damage to him is done. No person can be honest with themselves and look at those photos not see a gay man, all be it circa 1990… Watch the good Christian folk forgive and deny, I mean forget…

  6. MarkDC says

    Members of Eddie Long’s church must be deluded and dumb as shit.

    On a broader scale: why is everyone outraged with Bradley Manning and Julian Assange? Same reason. Because, like Long’s followers, they drank the Kool Aid given them.

  7. r says

    i really think there are men who have sex with men who ABSOLUTELY do not see themselves as gay.

    reminds me of roy cohn in Angels in America: “i’m not gay, i just screw around with men.”

  8. mikej says

    My! My! And where will all that settlement money come from? Why, the congregation of course! They’ll do the “christian thing” and forgive the good reverend. Then, they’ll cast aspersions on the young men. And they’ll completely miss the irony of it all. See, if it wasn’t for Eddie Long (is that not a GREAT porn-star name or what?) having conned those good “christians” into believing he’s got The Answer, the good reverend would probably be parking cars for a living.

  9. bsmart2 says

    Several things come to my mind, Deny, Deny, Deny worked for the Catholic Church for decades.

    I have always been a firm believer in the idea that when there is smoke, there is fire.

    And last but certainly not least:

    Me thinks the man, he doth protest too much!

    It seems as though many of the most outspoken, bible pounding men are usually the worst hyprocrites ever to walk the face of Gods green earth.

    He may buy his way out of this “Crisis of Faith”, but as a gay Christain, I do believe that sooner or later the Bishop will have to answer to the One and Only True Judge. And my response is may God have mercy on his soul.

    I just pray that if he buys his way out of this mess that the Elders of his church keep him on a short leash and keep him from inflicting himself on anyother young men.

  10. Chris says

    You mean this isn’t the Notorious G.A.Y. (closet case) aka Luther Vandross?! Hmmmm…I’m confused.

    Posted by: RDUB | Dec 8, 2010 8:39:57 PM

    DUMB FAGGOT respect the dead!

  11. wslandry says

    Maybe there is a God! Clearly this monster is the worst kind of human being. I’m praying he is ruined, however people in general are pretty stupid. Preaching hate of any human being is BS.

  12. RDUB says

    Ahhhh Chris, enough with your sexy talk! Unfortunately, just ceasing to have a pulse doesn’t earn my respect. Like they say, the only qualification one needs to die, is to be alive. What does earn my respect is when people live their lives with integrity and honesty. Closet mo’s (like Pastor 90’s here, and many others) have neither of these qualities. Sorry to piss on your parade…carry on.

  13. says

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