Elton John and David Furnish Announce Birth of Son!

John Elton John and David Furnish announce the birth of their son Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John, Us Magazine reports:

"The baby boy, who was born Dec. 25 in California via a surrogate, weighed 7 pounds, 15 ounces. 'We are overwhelmed with happiness and joy at this very special moment,' John and Furnish tell Us in a joint statement. 'Zachary is healthy and doing really well, and we are very proud and happy parents.' This is the first child for John, 62, and Furnish, 48. The couple married in 2005 after 12 years together. A rep for the couple has stated that they intend to protect and respect the privacy of their surrogate, and will not be discussing any details relating to the surrogacy arrangements."

Wow! Congrats to the family!


  1. Sargon Bighorn says

    With 80+ year old Hugh Hefner getting married to a 20something because of true love, and these two guys having a baby, I just KNOW it’s the season of miracles. Oh holy day!

  2. Mimi says

    …I never understand the decision about why parents feel they have to give their baby such a long ass name.

    I prefer a first and last name instead of Shawnee Daniela Michaela MaryAnn Morgan-Smith.

  3. Jerry says

    And he shall be Levon
    And he shall be a good man.

    You knew that was going to happen if Elton John ever had a kid.

  4. frank says

    What the F? They are a combined total of 110 years old, I don’t care WHO you are. WAY to old to be having a baby and pretending to care for it.

  5. Joe says

    Furnish is only 48 which is fine, but 63 just seems unreasonable. Elton is that kids grandfather. I think if you are going to be over 72 when they graduate from college, then you’re too old.

  6. Rowan says

    Guys……here is something INSANE for you to consider.

    Societally for gay men, having kids was a) not accepted and b) within your own culture seen as selling out, as we see on these comments many times when people feel being gay is not about being ‘hetronormative’.

    Soooooo, this meant and means a lot of gay people from those days are having kids v late because after all they realise they are human and would like to nurture another being.

    These guys tried adopting and were publicly pushed away because they were gay- we can all remember.

    As much as loathe him, best of luck to them.

  7. SteveC says

    We only have THEIR word for it that they weren’t allowed to adopt because they are gay.

    A far more likely reason for the rejection is that Elton JOhn is a 63 year old recovering drug addict – therefore not an appropriate candidate for adoptive parenthood.

    Really though. 62 is too old to become a parent.

    I wonder if Rush Limbaugh will be the godfather.

  8. Esurb says

    So how does that work? Two of their little swimmers were locked together (say 69 style) when they entered the egg?

  9. Raul says

    Awwww. As long as you are alive its never too late. We are all probably going to be 63 and what an awesome experience to be a father for the first time at that age. From 63 to 83 its 20 years of fun. Or if he lives 5 more years it will be a really happy years.

  10. candideinnc says

    Joe is right. That kid will lose one of his parents when he is too young. You don’t start a family in your 60s.

  11. Justin Werner says

    They’re going to surely rely on nannies since they can’t possibly have enough physical energy and stamina to cope with an infant completely on their own. But I’m sure the child will be happy and loved. Congratulations to them!

  12. isaacben says

    Good for them! I’m glad they have found love and will share that with their little son.

    I myself get hives around children but if this is what they want, I say go for it!

    They have raised so much money and awareness for AIDS and gay rights — geez, the comments above seem to miss that.

  13. SteveC says

    “As long as you are alive its never too late. We are all probably going to be 63 and what an awesome experience to be a father for the first time at that age. From 63 to 83 its 20 years of fun. Or if he lives 5 more years it will be a really happy years”

    A child is not a commodity. If Elton JOhn had a child simply to make his old age happier then he is a revolting monster. This child will lose a parent (most likely Elton) at a very young age because Elton is already a senior (the same can be said for the latest child of 64 year old Rod Stewart whose 39 year old wife is pregnant). I don’t think it is really appropriate for ANYONE – gay or straight, male or female to wait until they are 63 to become a parent. I think it is motivated by selfishness. Having lost both my parents as a teenager (although they were not seniors like Elton when they had me) I can assure you it is very difficult.

    Thanks to Elton’s hardcore drug addiction in the 1970’s and 1980’s he surely realises that he will be lucky to see his son reach adulthood. Has he not thought of the consequences for his son for his personal choice to wait until he was 63 to become a parent?

  14. SteveC says

    “They have raised so much money and awareness for AIDS and gay rights — geez, the comments above seem to miss that”

    Although let’s also remember that Elton John sang concerts during Apartheid in South Africa (Sun City Casino, Johannesburg 1983). Or indeed how he profited from homophobia by whoring himself out as Rush Limbaugh’s wedding singer.

    In any case just because he has raised money for Aids charities doesn’t excuse the reality that 63 is too old to be a 1st time parent.

    Say what you like about teen parents, at least they are far more likely to raise their children to adulthood.

  15. Paul says

    Will this change his self-loathing views on gay marriage (no need for it when you have civil partnerships!)?? Elton John is a selfish old fool.

  16. says

    Must be nice to be so rich and be able to afford to buy a baby, all the while telling the rest of us homos we should just eat cake.

  17. justiceontherocks says

    This is pathetic ego-gratification by two people far too old to start a family. Hard to see how this works out well for the child.

  18. John says

    Ho hum….the miserable queens come out with all their negativity as per usual…just can’t stand to see people happy or doing something positive. Just maybe this child will have a wonderful life.Ever consider this?
    There were certainly different opinions for Ricky Martin who is obviously more fuckable.
    Happiness & health to all of them.

  19. David says

    “I am excited for John and his life partner”

    And are you equally excited that their kid will most likely have to bury a parent at a very young age?

  20. freddy says

    Esurb, are you a moron? Elton and David obviously used a separate egg donor (i.e., two women total: a “gestational surrogate” with no bio connection to the child and the biological mother with whom they did cycles of IVF, harvested eggs, fertilized and created and embryos to transfer into the surro). The baby is genetically related to only one of them.

  21. Hotter Perry says

    They named him ‘Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John’?

    The kid will teased for not only being the child of THE Queen of England, but for being named a loo decorator.

  22. Paul R says

    My parents had me when they were 40, which was considered old at the time. As a result I only met one of my grandparents, which I regret. Part of childhood is engaging in physical activities with your parents, which it’s clear Elton won’t be able to do to any great degree.

    Obviously the child will have scores of nannies and such, and wealth can buy comforts not available to most. But with Elton’s money he could have done this years ago (through surrogacy or adoption), and I wish he had. Kids deserve to know their parents. That said, I wish them all well.

  23. Helen in Ireland says

    Many people seem to be focused on Elton – but it could be that David was the one wanting to be a father. Yes, there is the age gap to consider – but many young parents can die too, in accidents or to illness. The boy will be well loved and cherished. Please, lets not take away from the inherent happiness of the moment?

  24. David says

    “There were certainly different opinions for Ricky Martin”

    Ricky Martin was a FAR more suitable age to become a parent, as he stands a far better chance of living to see his children reach adulthood.

    And of course Martin is not a recovering drug addict like Elton John.

    It is neither catty nor bitchy to question the wisdom of a 63 year old, recovering drug addict becoming a parent.

  25. Josh says

    I wish them the very best. I hope Elton will be able to control his tantrums with the toddler. Hope the child doesn’t end up like him.

  26. Wagnerian says

    I’m creeped out by the narcissism of Elton John having a child at age 63. Just cause you can doesn’t mean you should. They couldn’t adopt either. They absolutely HAD to have their own genetic spawn. They are truly rotten people. I say this as the son of gay (foster) dads, too.

  27. Brendan says

    I don’t care how old they are; good for them personally, and I wish them the best.

    But I also wish someone else was in the spotlight. I’m not a fan of Elton John when it comes to gay rights, what with him favoring civil unions and saying that gays don’t need marriage.

  28. says

    I am happy for them both and perhaps since they did step out into the limelight and I would like to think NOT for publicity purposes, perhaps we will see them being the great parents I am sure they will be!