1. walter says

    what do you do with a witch in jail? you laugh hard.the tea party has just learned the hard fools and their money are soon parted. they have problems with rights and apparently ethics.

  2. says

    The irony is typical of the Religious Right – they LIE to get what they want. And yet, if they claim any faith in the bible, they’d know that lying, bearing false witness, is a COMMANDMENT. you know. a Commandment. a direct one. a clear one. from “God.”

    how typical that she and her ilk focus only on random out-of-context pieces of scripture throughout the bible to harp on: (ie, gays and sex and gay sex and blah blah blah…) all the while they flagrantly disobey a Commandment.


  3. esther blodgett says

    I have always felt that Christine O’Donnell is in way over her head. She is like the dog that has finally caught the car and then doesn’t know what to do.

    She does not have the ability to attract and keep her version of ‘the best and the brightest’ because smart politicos can see that her wagon is not worth being hitched to.

    She also doesn’t have the sense to go get a job.

    If Ms. O’Donnell thinks she is being a victim of thug politics, she really is clue-free as to how she would have been treated in Washington, US Senator or not. Losing was the best thing for her, for Delaware and for the country.

  4. Jonathan says

    The true delusion here is that she thinks she’s worthy of Joe Biden’s attention, much less dirty tricks. She’s got a long way to go before he notices that particular insect under his shoe.

  5. Bob R says

    I truly hope the investigation is fruitful and multiplies. In the end, I think just punishment for her and her supporters would be to be burned at the stake. She’s a crook and has profited a great deal as a political entertainer. I’d be interested to see a detailed forensic accounting of her campaign funds right down to the last penny.

  6. says

    Wait a minute… she *admitted* to using campaign cash to pay for her rent, but the people who are saying she did that from her campaign are joining some ‘conspiracy?’

    This lady is batty. When she’s convicted, I don’t think they should lock her up — I think they should get her help. She’s as crazy as a bed bug.

  7. wimsy says

    She’s a professional candidate….writing a book….starting a
    PAC….keeping a campaign manager on the payroll….fundraising. She may be a whackjob on getting facts straight, but she knows how to work the system, just like Palin.

  8. Punishment to fit the crime says

    What? No dunking stool? They had ’em in Salem, Massachusetts — why not build one on the Potomac. Xtine should practice holding her breath.

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