1. BartB says

    Bravo for this interview. My partner and I adopted our sons four years ago in California and have subsequently moved to the middle of the country (St. Louis) where there are better school choices for our boys. We have not suffered any of the discrimination that I feared could happen. People here have been loving and welcoming and when you put a face on who we are, what we are, they realize we are parents just like them trying to do what’s best for our children.

    But it’s sad that anywhere in this country state legislatures can stop any man or woman from adopting. The overwhelming number of children in foster care that are able to be adopted so far outnumbers the parents and families willing to do it (which is why whenever I hear anyone say that children “deserve a mother and a father” I want to punch them in the face. And when I find out that they also have never adopted, I want to beat them senseless. It’s heartlessly anti-family, anti-anything good…it’s actually hateful when people say that.) Kids WANT a parent, they WANT someone to love them, give them a home, give them structure and stability. To prevent that is so vile if there is a hell, the people who prevent it are secured a place in the enternal damnation they are always wishing upon everyone else.

    I would do anything for my family. I love my children so much, I want to give them a great life and help them grow up to be great men. When I see other men stepping up, being the fathers that are sorely lacking in the world today, I want to applaud them as I point to them and say, “There, there, is a father, a real father! That’s what a father does!”

    It’s time we start shining a light on the good instead of all the disgusting anti-family evil souls in the world that could truly care less about the kids in this country that do not have a parent to love them.

  2. StillMarriedinCalifornia says

    It’s a very moving story. However, could we not talk about how hot our interview subject is?? Diminishes the journalist’s professionalism just a bit….
    It really feeds into the right wing meme that gays are all about sex 24/7. If you can’t do an interview about adoption and discrimination without injecting a comment about how horny you are for the married father you are interviewing–looks kind of bad, no?

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