1. Smith says

    Well if that isn’t a blatant denial of freedom of expression. Banning for life? God, what a bunch of dickwads.

  2. tom a says

    As far as I know, NONE of the Smithsonian buildings check for ID uopn entering, so I’m not sure how a “ban” would work. Facial recognition software? Ants on a cross recognition software?

  3. DN says

    *Clearly* these guys are a threat to America and to its heritage…

    What is this country coming to?

  4. Will says

    Give security an inch and they take a mile. Good luck on those civil liberties you seem to enjoy at the moment.

  5. anon says

    A good ACLU style free speech case if they decide to take it. After all, people wear political T-shirts all the time on the Mall and don’t get banned for life. A good set of technical legal issues too.

  6. Buster says

    Since when can a police department issue a ban on anything? If anyone’s that’s the job of a judge, after a trial and conviction. God, I hate what’s happening in this country a little more every day.

  7. bierce says

    He could have stood on the sidewalk and passed out all the flyers he wanted. Do any of you really want to go into a museum and be hounded by a dozen protesters (including some from the religious right, no doubt) handing out their own propaganda material? Whether he should have a ban for life is debatable, but I’m glad they threw him out.

  8. says

    First they censor the art as well as the artist, now they’re censoring any protest of that censorship. Looks like facism is rearing its ugly head in America. Scary.

  9. Andalusian Dog says

    Write a letter to the Smithsonian expressing your outrage against this peaceful protest. The Smitsonian is owned by the American taxpayer, we have every right to do anything, and wear anything, we wish in those museums, as long as it does not disturb or harm others. What a crock.

  10. Paul R says

    Yes, they have facial recognition software everywhere. But no, they will not reliably enforce this—another scare tactic for us homos to stay in our place. The National Portrait Gallery should be swarmed by gays, say, tomorrow. Or Saturday.