News: Usher, Shark, Bank of America, Matthew Mitcham, HIV

Road Bank of America convenes "legal SWAT team" to prepare for potential Wikileaks attack.

Gosling RoadRyan Gosling fills out New York magazine.

RoadLOSER: Usher breaks World AIDS Day pledge, rises from digital dead.

RoadSurvey: HIV programs worldwide ignoring MSM: "Initial analysis of the survey's results indicates that fewer than half of MSM worldwide have access to even the most basic HIV prevention and services," the release states (11/29). "Only 39 percent of respondents said they have easy access to free condoms and only about 25 percent said they have easy access to free lubricant, while another 25 percent said free lubricant was unavailable," according to HealthDay/Businessweek. "The survey also found that access to other essential services was difficult or impossible, including HIV testing (57 percent), HIV education materials (66 percent) and HIV treatment (70 percent)"

RoadGerard Butler attacks photographer at Art Basel.

RoadJaws-style serial shark attacks plague Red Sea resort.

Xmas RoadChristian church declares war on Christmas.

RoadWar veteran faces conspiracy charge against Westboro Baptists Church.

RoadLGB teens face expulsion, arrest at higher rates: "Bisexual, gay, and lesbian youth are more likely than their straight peers to be punished by their school or the criminal justice system for the same transgressions. In an analysis of the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, teenagers attracted to people of the same sex were 41 percent more likely to be expelled from school, and 42 percent more likely to be convicted of a crime as an adult, according to a study in the journal Pediatrics."

RoadPortland Rescue Mission won't accept coats from gays?

RoadMale model fix: Tyler Kenyon.

RoadMLK Research Institute: Is it time to mount a Democratic primary challenge to Obama?

Outlands RoadOutlands: Australia's getting a new gay comedy sitcom.

RoadBrian Whitaker looks at gay killings in Iraq and the challenges for acceptance of homosexuality in the Middle East in general: "Homosexuality and refusals to conform to traditional notions of Arab-Islamic masculinity present a fundamental challenge to the old authoritarian and patriarchal order and to notions of an east-west “clash of civilisations” binary. That makes the struggle for gay rights in the Middle East more appear daunting than it might otherwise be but also, if it eventually succeeds, hugely rewarding for society as a whole."

RoadJeremy Renner joins Tom Cruise in Vancouver.

Mitcham RoadMatthew Mitcham on keeping up appearances: "I sometimes like to avoid the mirror, actually. I pick myself to pieces. There’s always something you want to change, right? I don’t have great skin — I’ve got pimples everywhere. And I need to lose a couple of kilos to get to my optimum weight for Delhi…In the lead-up to Beijing I got on the straight and narrow and totally stopped drinking. Since then I’ve maintained a relatively well-behaved lifestyle. I go out every now and then but not often compared to a normal person. I probably drink a glass of wine once a month. It’s just my way of life. And because I haven’t drunk much for so long my body doesn’t handle it well. I don’t get the nice tipsy phase; I just get sick."


  1. says

    Mr. Jones says he was part of the New Left in the late 1960s? Just how attentive was he? Social Security was enacted under President Roosevelt, not President Johnson. Such a monumental blunder makes me doubt whehter taking a cue from him (on a Presidential primary challenge) would be all that wise.

  2. says

    “Is it time to mount a Democratic primary challenge to Obama?”

    ABSOLUTELY!!! As a matter of fact, how about we finally do away with the Dems altogether and get a party that really is different from the repugs, rather than a party that’s only a different flavor of the same party?

    Feingold-Grayson, anyone??

  3. RW says

    Excerpt from Outlands Brainstorming Session:

    “Ok, so Glee has got a token fat black sassy chick, a cripple, and a gay. Hmm…I GOT IT! We’ll have a token fat, black sassy lesbian…wait for it…in a wheelchair!!!”

    “That’s gold, J.R.! GOLD!”

  4. justiceontherocks says

    I’m not sure about this Tyler Kenyon person. I think there will have to be some closer inspection.

  5. Clifw says

    @RW- I agree that photo does no favours if they’re trying to be original. But that production company has an excellent track record- Summer Heights High was sheer genius, and John Safran does bizarre, quirky work.

  6. Jazzy says

    I DEMAND Black, Latino, and Asian models for the model fix GODDAMNIT?! Not every good-looking man is White and neither is every reader of this blog. (Knows this post sounds shallow).

  7. Peter says

    Comedy Sitcom?

    You do know the word ‘sitcom’ means situation comedy, right? Redundant much?

  8. Dan says

    Brian Whitaker wrote Unspeakable love in 2006 and Aldrich did _Colonialism and Homosexuality_ around the same time not to mention the work of Jarrod Hayes, Denis Provencher, Maxime Cervulle and my own which discuss gay and the Middle East. The idea of public and private plays an integral role in the conception and comprehension of gayness in the ME.

  9. ratbastard says

    I hope the vet accused of ‘stalking’ Westboro gets the help he needs and deserves.

    Portland mission can frig themselves. Ignorant aholes.

    User is a douche.

  10. says

    Red Sea Shark Attacks: They’re coming in closer to shore and going outside of their usual prey range because a certain species of destructive primate is depleting the seas worldwide of their usual fish prey…