1. BobN says

    McCain was a leading cosponsor of the Dream Act in the past, actually an even more liberal version.

    The man’s a hypocrite, through and through.

  2. kansastock says

    Someone needs to change McCain’s diapers because he’s obviously pooped with excitement.

    Hope he’ll poop again after the DADT vote tomorrow… for a different reason.

  3. Rich says

    “I have not seen this degree and intensity of partisanship that I see today in the United States Senate,” said McCain

    Yep, and it has your name and picture all over it Sen. McCain. Serious work needs to be done, serious issues addressed, and all these dumbasses do is throw tantrums and and play their games because they don’t get their way. Sickening.

  4. walter says

    isn’t there some way to just turn him off? all of a sudden he has opinions on everything. the man should be in home somewhere not in the senate, but then again the senate as always been an old folks home. now not all of them come from the deep south.

  5. DougChgo says

    I am so looking forward to the long line of tricks and ex-boyfriends that come forward to tell their tales of their times with Sen. GayMark Kirk. GayMark is not going to last long as a senator if he aligns himself with Cindy’s husband. Step forward, boys!

  6. X says

    Dammit how many jobs has McCain and his conservative ilk ruined because of his close-minded and ignorant views?! How many gay kids will he be content to smear, content to keep down? His “values” are not my values — they are not American values — and the Republicans and Fox”News” cannot be allowed to attack us any longer nor take the country down to his level! If we continue to let them use us for their own gain, we lose everything.

  7. GaryJ says

    Old Sour Grapes McCain with his mean spirited closed minded, heartless actions and deeds needs to disappear from the political scene.

  8. says

    “There are some reports emerging that McCain and Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) are so angry about the DREAM and DADT votes that they’re threatening to push back on the START treaty ratification.”

    NYT is running a story this morning that that’s exactly what they’re doing. No START if you pass DADT repeal. Despite the warnings from several past foreign policy or national security experts (republican and democrat), I guess they’d rather have nuclear proliferation.

  9. Rob says

    We have to remember that McCain’s time as a POW under brutal circumstances may, um, affect how he views same gender sexuality. We don’t have to accept what he says, but I think we need to understand where he comes from.

    Kirk is more toxic, and we have to fight him tooth and nail. Widely rumored to be gay, he is opposing us in the way of many closeted republicans before him. I agree we need to shine the gay equivalent of the Bat-light in the sky- summon the forces, and get names, dates, hopefully pictures, and, dare we hope, DNA.

  10. mike2lane says

    I don’t like McCain, and I think they are both bigot-pigs; HOWEVER, I am very happy to see this incredibly bloated government spending bill get cut. Like them or not, we should give credit where credit is due, and here, it is due to the Republicans.

  11. Randy says

    This is a failure for democracy. 41 of 100 is not a majority, and should not be able to effectively veto legislation in any case.

    Furthermore, 41 senators COULD come from low-population states, each with less population than Puerto Rico.

    The smallest 21 states have population of only 11% of the US population. Why should it be possible for 11% to veto the wishes of the other 89%? The people in those states should not count more than people in any other state.

    Isn’t it time to ask if the Senate has outlived its usefulness? It costs too much.

  12. Blub says

    @Mike2Lane: I want to see your face when the Republicans pass their spending bill. It won’t be better.

    Or maybe you een know that and cheer then. Idiot.

  13. walter says

    the senate is the u.s. equivalent of the british house of lords as useless as tits on a bull. but the senate can produce tons of bullshit. they should start a fertilizer business and become useful