Mecklenburg County Commissioner Bill James Stands by Remarks That ‘Homosexuals are Sexual Predators’

Mecklenburg County (NC)  Commissioner Bill James is standing by remarks he made in an email to colleagues following the Senate's vote approving repeal of the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, in which he said "Homosexuals are sexual predators."

Reports the Charlotte Observer: James

"People are entitled to their opinion, and that includes me," James said Thursday. "I don't expect people to (always) agree with me. It's a political discussion and I wouldn't have raised it on my own, but Jennifer (Roberts) decided to wade in on it."

The County Commission chair expressed reluctance about punishing James for the comments, even though James has bashed gays before:

But Jennifer Roberts, chair of the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners, said Thursday she hasn't talked to commissioners about what action, if any, the board should take.

"The challenge is everyone recognizes that it's inappropriate language," Roberts said. "This is a repeat performance and I just don't know if it helps or hurts the end goal by making any kind of formal statement."

In related news, James has also sent out a letter saying that gays prey on young men at YMCAs.

The next question is, when will we see James in a Larry Craig or George Rekers situation? Travelers, keep your eyes peeled.


  1. justiceontherocks says

    “Wide Stance” James, whose email is, was kind enough to send me this link to his writings about the homosexual menace.

    The delusional guy thinks the red medical emergency phones are homosexual alert phones.

    Speaking of the DADT repeal he wrote me: “When Obama is booted we will reverse this immorality.”


  2. Jim says

    Isn’t it ironic that a vast majority of “sexual predators” are HETEROsexual? This guy should resign or be kicked out of his position of leadership. HE is a public menace.

  3. Frederick says

    As Commissioner Bill James asserted Americans are entitled to Freedom of Speech, no matter how false or misleading their statement(s) may be. However, in this particular case, since James is holding a public office (whether he’s been elected or appointed)he is representing the general public. I can assure you that there is a substantial LGBT population in Charlotte, NC, so Commissioner James is blatantly not fulfilling his job duties adequately (regardless of his own bigoted personal beliefs)by not representing and even offending this specific subgroup of Charlotte’s general population. This situation would be comparable to a county commissioner publicly stating that his personal belief is that slavery in the U.S. should still be in existence for African-Americans (i.e. because he felt he was entitled to Freedom of Speech, even in his public capacity as a county commissioner), while simultaneously a sub group of the population he represents as a county commissioner are African American. Truthfully, in the second scenario there’s no doubt in my mind that Commissioner James would be terminated from his county position for such offensive and prejudiced public remarks. Likewise, for his offensive remarks regarding the gay community, James needs to be terminated from his county position.

  4. candideinnc says

    There is no hiding behind freedom of speech for this behavior. When an employee of a company does something to embarrass an employer, the boss is free to fire him for it. As a public servant, this asswipe has slandered a portion of the population he was elected to represent. At the VERY least, the County should censure him and demand that he apologize.

  5. MikeInSanJose says

    Aren’t 99% of sexual predators throughout history Cathlick or other imaginary-friend-worshippers?

    And it seems 100% of sexual predators behind bars worship the same pedophile god that James rubs off to.

  6. Liquid says

    I am *really* sick of assholes like this claiming ‘freedom of opinion’ in their slanderous comments. If I were to say that it was my opinion that black people were all criminals I would be a RACIST, not someone with an ‘opinion’, and I would not be allowed to continue in public office.
    Like the folks who also claim that we are all child rapists. “But that’s only my opinion, so it’s OK that I say that in public.” Isn’t that illegal? If I said that about a specific person it would be libel; it’s OK to say it about an entire minority??

  7. says

    Meh. At this point, it looks like he’s just sick of his job and trying to be a right-wing martyr so he can get his wingnut welfare checks.

    Compare Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt and Juan Williams.

  8. Tony J says

    Don’t accuse this bigot of being a closeted gay man…. He’s not worthy of such as designation.

    I suspect he has troubles finding his own dick anyway. What a pathetic idiot…..

  9. Jonathan says

    Words of hate from a doughy Christian hillbilly pantload. This guy is fat, ugly and an ignorant hillbilly.

    I have freedom of sepeech, too. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if I hung out on his front lawn with a shotgun advocating his execution?

  10. boone68 says

    What do these predatory gay men do with their prey once they catch it? Eat it? Rape it? Trick it into having gay sex?

  11. jmatts says

    @Boone68 Oh! They must eat their prey! After all, if we aren’t meant to eat humans, why are they made of meat? 😀

  12. Pointed says

    Here is the breakdown.
    100% of sexual predators are created by heterosexuals. 100% of rapist are created by heterosexuals. Etc. 90% of the population is heterosexual so 90% of the sexual predators then must be heterosexuals. Given the data, a homosexual is 90% less likely to be a sexual predator and thus much safer for society to be around. Since heterosexuals are more dangerous, we need to be very careful about exposing our children to this very bad side of society.

  13. MajorTom says

    @Mel Smith — The way I would react has nothing to do with race, and would be the same regardless. And here it is:

    So Commissioner James… Project much?

  14. Matthew says

    I smell a homphobic closeted queen. How soon before the other shoe drops and Mr. James is caught with his pants down on to catch a Predator??

  15. contragenic says

    I am beyond offended by what this sack of assholes is saying about my people, day by day i am angrier and more outraged by what the wingnut right has to say about my people. Has there ever been a precedent for a class action lawsuit against this sort of defamation, er..slander, threat to my and others safety? Maybe the way to fight this kind of crap is to start taking all the fights to court.

  16. contragenic says

    Groan…i have a migraine now from thinking about James’ sickening apology. The dickless troll may even shed a tear or two, oh the pain. No more apologies, not a single one, without a change in behavior there is no remorse and only a fool would turn the other cheek.

  17. Craig says

    How about giving this a try. Show the video clip to a friend that you may have who is conservative, Republican, or just independent. Ask him if this is what he really believes.

    I’ve done this a few times with a boss at work. The guy moved from outright homophobic to pretty darn accepting and supporting. They have to be shown this stuff. The last time I did this to him, it was the TX GOP party platform.

    His heart sank. He literally sank in his chair (he’s 70). “What is this?” I told him. He was deeply ashamed of them and apologized.

    Remember, from inside, they NEVER see this stuff. You have to show it to them. There are good people within the party – most of them are. They just have no idea what their pols and mouthpieces are actually saying outside the room.


  18. ratbastard says

    I’m afraid most males are sexual predators. Nature made it this way. Most of us of course appropriately control our biological impulses. Some don’t. Most of them, like child molesters and rapist, are afflicted with an anti-social personality disorder, i.e. sociopaths, psychopaths.

    Mr. James is a dufus.

  19. Pitbull says

    Everyone’s entitled to his or her own opinion, but everyone’s not entitled to his or her own facts. Fact is, Bill James, most sex crimes are committed by heterosexuals, as are most cases of adultery, divorce and cohabitation. Funny how much the heterosexual “moral majority” crowd thinks they know about homosexuality. Or does Bill James have some firsthand experience with LGBT life in America?

  20. Kristina Bengtson says

    How can you classify any LGBT as a sexual predator when you have grown people in our communities that attack young kids. I don’t think we relate to this what so ever.