Portland, Oregon Man Beaten Unconscious in Anti-gay Assault


The Portland Mercury is reporting on a hideous crime that took place on November 1st at a “barbed wire-encircled pedestrian walkway that goes over the train tracks at SE 16th and Brooklyn” in Portland:

Suspect At the bottom of the overpass, a man described as 6’1, muscular, white with freckles, and blond “made remarks” to the victim’s about his sexual orientation. The muscular man, who was on a bike and accompanied by a friend on a bike, proceeded to severely beat the victim, leaving him unconscious on the street with serious head and abdominal injuries.

“He was just walking home,” says Portland Police Detective Kevin Warren, who is investigating the assault as a bias crime. “He was minding his own business.” According to Detective Warren, the victim is out of the hospital now.

The paper also adds: “A couple people in the comments were asking about why it took the police a month to send out a notice about this case. Public Information Officer Lt. Kelli Sheffer says that the detective on the case was following up some leads right after the beating, but they didn’t pan out so now the police are looking to the public for help. ‘They need some help, the leads they were looking at didn’t work out,’ says Lt. Sheffer.”

A sketch of the suspect is inset, above.


  1. New Jersey Boi says

    They think it’s funny to let leads go cold for a month before asking for the public’s help????


    If it was some little straight kid that had been beaten they would be seeking help on goddamn television, radio and electronic freeway signs!

    Fellow LGBT’s: When are we going to wise up and realize the only answer to this problem is to BASH BACK?

  2. Paul R says

    The same thing happened to me in an October assault in frigging San Francisco, and they caught the guy moments afterward and have tapes of his friends using my credit cards. But I’ve not heard a word from the cops in more than a month, the DA dropped 3 of the 6 felonies, and they won’t prosecute anything unless they can get a witness to corroborate that I was choked from behind and knocked out, which is incredibly unlikely.

    The stupidest part is that they have a lot of it on film because it was outside a subway station. But they hadn’t trimmed the trees enough, so the actual assault was blocked. Very disheartening.

  3. says

    How did this Oregon man know his victim was gay? He made remarks about the victim’s sexual orientation. How did he know his sexual orientation? Was this man and his friend riding around on bikes looking for someone to gay bash? Something doesn’t add up.

  4. Chitown Kev says

    3 motherfucking comments.

    If the alleged perp were described as black with a doo-rag, we’d have 75 comments on this thread by now.

  5. John says

    @Chitown Kev

    They wouldn’t know what to say.

    All of their insults and talking points are based on the assumption that the perpetrator is black.

  6. Used to be....from Philly says

    PAUL R,

    I’m glad you’ve recovered from your injuries. I hope you do see justice.


    But the attacker was black. He was Black Irish! Now, they’ll start to cacklin’….big ol’ pale sittin’ hens.

  7. TANK says

    but the perpetrator isn’t black that we know of, guys…so clearly this is an isolated incident…can’t we all just…pretend that the perps were black so that we can give this the condemnation it deserves?

    That’s right…bash back…I just wouldn’t be able to stop kicking this guy in the head if I were to…that is, he’d be dead…and so would his friend if I bashed back.

  8. Will says

    “How did this Oregon man know his victim was gay? He made remarks about the victim’s sexual orientation. How did he know his sexual orientation? Was this man and his friend riding around on bikes looking for someone to gay bash?”

    The man was openly gay, meaning he didn’t hide who and what he is from the public eye; he probably went to gay bars, did activism and that sort of thing. The perps could have just recognized him from somewhere else– you do realize some assholes actively hang around gay-popular areas to find victims, right?

    Besides, some people attack others just because they “look gay”, “look lesbian”, etc. You don’t even have to actually be gay to get attacked.

  9. Paul R says

    Thank you….Derrick??

    Bashing back is a nice idea but not always feasible. I’m over six feet, but if someone unexpectedly approaches you from behind, puts the crook of their elbow around your neck, and drags you 15-20 feet until you’re unconscious because of the pressure on your aorta vein…well, good luck fighting back. Though the detective told me that’s the approach the police use because it’s so effective, so keep it in mind.

  10. TANK says

    Yes, in scenarios purposefully devised to anticipate and neutralize all methods of self defense, self-defense is rendered practically impossible. Thankfully, most cases in which you would be compelled to defend yourself aren’t like that. Blah blah blah…someone grabs you from behind…(first pay attention, and listen…feel the wind rush up so as not to be caught unawares), use that knife you have in your pocket to interesting effect.

  11. Paul R says

    I know all about self-defense, having four older brothers and taking classes in it. But this guy had just asked me for money, then as I walked away he immediately choked me. I couldn’t kick him in the knees, elbow him hard enough, step on his feet, or do anything else (like reach in my pocket and open a knife) because of the speed at which it happened and the angle at which he dragged me. He came very close to breaking my windpipe. He also had two accomplices who emptied my pockets very quickly while I was out.

    Turns out he’d been released from jail three hours before on similar charges and was violating his probation by being in the area, so I’d say he was a damn good thug. So, 3 felony charges and 9 (!) misdemeanors, and hopefully 3 years in prison. When I pointed him out to the police a few minutes later, six cars appeared out of nowhere and engaged in what I’d consider police brutality, but somehow it didn’t bother me.

  12. ratbastard says

    PORTLAND, Ore. — A Portland man says his purple bicycle with Tinkerbell and Christmas lights on it may have made him the target of a brutal beating and a possible hate crime.

    William said he pleaded with the suspect, “What did I do to you, why do you want to hurt me? Please, please don’t hurt me.”
    The 49-year-old was severely hurt in the beating.



    …I think William may be mentally retarded.

  13. ratbastard says

    …He suffered a broken nose, a fractured eye socket and serious internal damage….

    …He has undergone four surgeries so far and has at least three more scheduled…

    …In the hospital since the middle of November, William has two lacerations to his intestines and has lost a third of his colon. As he sits with four tubes going into him and three going out, he’s reminded of when he was bashed 22 years ago where he received 400 stitches as a result of his injuries.
    “It took me a lot of years after I was gay-bashed the first time to be out on the street alone. You won’t find me on the street alone right now probably for quite some time,”…

    …William says he’s worried he won’t be the last to be the target of a hate crime.
    “It scares the hell out of me. This is my hometown, I feel comfortable most of the time and I don’t feel that way right now,” he said, holding back tears…


  14. Natira says

    Those percieved as gays may have less experience with, and less prepared to deal with homophobia. Being straight doesn’t protect you from irrational hatred, which homophobia is.

  15. Paul R says

    @Ratbastard, your two comments don’t seem to mesh. Are you blaming the guy for being “too gay” or trying to evoke sympathy? It’s very common for victims of brutal assaults to be scared of being alone in public for some time afterward, and he’s had two horrific ones.

    I was called a “fucking faggot” while being choked, but the police and DA declined to pursue a hate crimes charge because, in the words of the detective who interviewed me the next day, there didn’t seem to be anything “particularly gay” about me. He said it would needlessly complicate the case and be thrown out at trial because the defense would simply argue it was a common insult. His point seemed to be that I looked well off, not gay.

    Obviously, acting or looking one way or another is never an excuse for a violent attack.

  16. IonMusic says

    Don’t mind Ratbastard. He camps out on this board taking part in nothing short of GAY BASHING, homophobia, self hatred, hate, hate ,hate …most of us tune this nut case out and off.

  17. ratbastard says

    The victim William’s interview with KPTV and the way KPTV wrote it up suggests he’s mentally disabled. Which makes what happened to him even worse, actually.

    What exactly have I said that’s ‘bad’ or whatever?

    Paul R, Ionmusic, and other trolls: stop acting that drama queen teenage girls. Are you drama queens?

  18. ratbastard says

    Paul R:

    Many D.A.’s, law enforcement agencies, and even the Justice Department in D.C. itself, are really only interested in pursuing and investigating hate crimes that occur against specific ‘minorities’. They rarely investigate hate crime charges against others even when evidence suggest a technical hate crime violation of the law occurred. Prosecutors and law enforcement have a lot of political and P.C. pressure put on them by various groups, including many times their own management and bureaucracy.

  19. Max says

    Ok, since we always point it out when the attacker is black… this time it’s a white trash thug. Call a spade a spade.

    Ionmusic, you are wrong about Ratbastard. Agree with him or not, he is one of the smartest commenters on Towleroad.

  20. Paul R says

    @Ratbastard, if you’re referring to me, I never accused you of saying anything “bad.” I asked you an innocuous question because I couldn’t follow the line of reasoning in your two posts. As someone with three learning disabled brothers, I’ve heard more than my share of people using “mentally retarded” as an insult.

    Then you followed my comment by calling me a troll (someone who intentionally stirs up problems in comments) and saying I was acting like a drama queen teenage girl (not sure where I did that, but sorry if I described my assault in too much detail). Then you provided a reasonable, informed response about hate crimes.

    I’m sorry if you can’t see how those sets of comments can be seen as potentially contradictory.