1. B says

    I have a couple of tranny friends who work the marine bases where 90% of their clients are marines and they’ve told me that they are indeed macho–and love being topped by a chick with a dick. It really doesn’t get more macho than that.

  2. justme says

    Damn, he said “choices”. I’m a Barney fan and anybody can mis-speak, but I wish he hadn’t done that. Watch your language, public figures!

  3. johnny says

    Sentences like: “…We really are like everybody else except for our choices about what we do in intimate moments”… don’t do anything to help advance or educate this country on what it scientifically or biologically means to be gay.

    And really, it’s mostly biology anyway.

    He’s from an earlier generation and may have misspoke, but is heart was in the right place.

  4. John says

    Now, why would those Marines think that gay men are girly? Could it possibly have to do with the fact that gays have been instructed to call themselves LGBT, which links them by definition to men who identify as women and who seek to transition to womanhood?

    LGBT aids and abets stereotyping under the guise of political correctness and progressivism. But it is in reality reactionary and we shouldn’t be surprised when the rest of the world gets the message that gay men are not really men.

  5. Toto says


    Thats the right attitude! Im not like THEM, therefor my quest for equality should not include THEM. Thats not bigoted sounding at all!


  6. Jerry says

    I think John is probably thinking like a lot of us, in that there is something very different from being born gay versus being transgendered, however both have one thing in common, and that is that if you weren’t born that way, then you cant grasp it. Im an average gay male. I love my cock and have no desire to get rid of it, or get a pair of titties stuck on so that I can peg military men, but god bless em if they do(thanks @B for that truly enlightened comment). We are not the same, but our struggle basically is and god knows that there is power in numbers.

  7. Career says

    “Now, why would those Marines think that gay men are girly?”


    Because a far higher percentage of gay men are, uh, “gender nonconformist,” than straight men. Who are you gonna believe, the activists or your lying eyes?

  8. Paul R says

    “Choices” isn’t offensive in this context. Anyone can make a choice about what to do in intimate moments—whether to be with a man, a woman, or nothing at all. He didn’t say that sexual orientation is a choice.

    Plenty of gay men choose to have heterosexual sex/relationships. And plenty of us prefer to man up and be with a man.

  9. Rami says

    Two things: 1) I only know gay Marines (just sayin’), and 2) I am always sadly surprised at all the self-loathing bigotry I encounter in these comments sections.

  10. Brad says

    So what if he said choices. What we do in intimate situations is a choice. We may not choose who we are attracted to but we do choose what to do with that attraction. I’m tired of people getting in trouble for saying we make a choice as gay people. We do. And if you’d listen to what he said, it is completely true. We choose who we sleep with, not who we love.

  11. says

    Brad’s right, and even if sexual orientation were utterly volitional, we’d still deserve our equal civil and human rights. Religion is volitional. Political affiliation is volitional. We choose what we watch on TV, what we read, whom we support for public office… it’s all volitional. The idea that sexuality is in part a conscious choice is not as heretical as it may have once sounded… I believe that some people really do choose. And they, like the rest of us, deserve every bit of equality to which they’re entitled under the constitution.

  12. Todd says

    Quote of the day, for me, would be: “Reality is the enemy of prejudice.”
    Truth, truth, truth.

  13. wimsy says

    There is a huge difference between being effeminate and being gay. I know several effeminate men who are straight sexually — and scores of gay men who are just as macho as that straight teenage Marine who thinks his gaydar is in working order, but whose experience with life is severely limited. Are there effeminate gays? Of course, but I would guess most don’t want to be Marines.

  14. stevetalbert says

    SO WHAT IF IT’S A CHOICE. IT’S NOBODIES BUSINESS BUT THE ADULTS DOING IT. Homosexuality, being gay, sodomy, what ever you call it – it is LEGAL, it is NOT WRONG, and it should have no bearing. I have a constitutional right to make that choice how I want to. We shouldn’t buy into the old line of we are doing something wrong. I personally feel everyone is basically bi to some degree. it is only the religious freaks who see something wrong with it. people should be able to work out what works best for them at whatever point in their life. same with gender issues.