Republican Jon Kyl: DADT Repeal Could Cost Lives

Republican Senator Jon Kyl appeared on FOX News Sunday this morning and told host Chris Wallace that the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" could cost American lives.

Wallace asked him to explain the difference between allowing gays and lesbians to serve in the armed forces and racial integration of the military. That's when Kyl ranted about lives being put at stake once the repeal goes into effect:

"From a constitutional stand point, this is not a constitutional right or a constitutional issue as was the issue of racial segregation. I frankly have to follow the lead of people like the commandant of the Marine Corps, like my colleague John McCain, who say when it comes especially to the small units who do the fighting on the ground, that the US Marine Corps, the Army combat troops, who according to the survey taken by the pentagon were 60 percent opposed to this. It could disrupt the unit cohesion. As the commandant said, cost lives. That means a lot to me."

"With regard to the US military, itself, it's got one function. That is to fight and fight well. And maybe to die. And the people who are responsible for that need to make a judgment about whether this will inhibit their ability to carry out that ultimate job that we ask them to do…I look at the combat fighters, the units on the ground…and they say this could cost lives."

Watch a clip of his nonsensical explanation here.


  1. LiamB says

    Amazing that our leaders openly admit that our armed forces are lesser than the 38 other countries that ended their bans with no problems. Guess we really don’t have the best military in the world.

  2. JakeSFExPat says

    McCain is old and possibly (UI’m being charitable) losing it mentally.

    AZ’s junior Senator still has a functioning brain cell or two and oughta know better.

    Sheesh, here in AZ we get a mentally incompetent bigot or a mentally competent one.

  3. Joe says

    If gay people are so distracting that we cost lives, why not just let us all join and put us across enemy lines so that we can scare the other side?

    Republicans (or bigots, for the most part it is interchangeable) are such fearmongers. The idea that people will “die” without explanation is so dumb.

  4. shanesoho says

    don’t have to watch these clips anymore!
    done deal. thanks for playing. don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  5. hodzer says

    I’d be more worried about the straight people who are constantly distracted by gayness to actually be a hazard to fellow soldiers. They seem to be the ones who would be causing the death/injury and should probably be discharged. Jeesh.

  6. princely54 says

    One would think they’d simply drop these silly arguments at this point and just say ‘the people have spoken through their elected representatives’ and STFU. There is NO WAY its ‘distracting’ to see someone you know is gay. Bullshit arguments on Friday are still bullshit on Sunday. How embarrassing for the Reps.

    How is they find two people to agree with that its bad, whilst the remainder of the leaders are fine with it, along with over 70% of the military. They are such tired liard.

  7. Mike Triggs says

    I’m at a loss for words. The only Republican member of the Arizona Congressional delegation that I respect is Congressman Jeff Flake Senator Kyl – Don’t ASK for my vote….you won’t be getting it.

  8. Drew says

    No ‘how’ or ‘why’ from these Republicans on the issue… only DOOOOOOOOOM! It’s a very intellectual stance indeed.

  9. barney says

    Blogs or news shows that feature those people really ruin my day. Now I just use my TV for Airplay.
    I think Arizona is now dying and drying up. It will be blown away soon enough.

  10. JusticeontheRocks says

    He follows “the lead” of the head of the Marines but not the Secretary of Defense, who is the marine commandant’s boss.

    If we did that, Kyl would say we are disloyal Americans and need to learn to respect the chain of command in the military.

    Not that I would ever say that about him.

  11. Justin Werner says

    Actually, Senator Kyle, wars are likely to cost lives. The issue is decided. The clock is not going to turn back. Move on.

  12. Rowan says

    Guys you screamed and you bitched at Obama, now…please take all that restless energy to fight the GOP you HATE…you.

  13. Matthew says

    I think it’s safe to say that kicking qualified people out of the military is what negatively impacts battle effectiveness. That is the detriment that would cost lives. Thank goodness repeal is finally on track for implementation.

  14. says

    Gay people have been in the military throughout its existence. Why should people freak out if a few individuals speak honestly about themselves?

  15. sandman says

    Al Quaeda, the Taliban, insurgents, and terrorists – they all pale in comparison with the unnerving fear of knowing there is a gay person in the unit ready to pounce.

  16. jexer says

    Sending people into COMBAT risks lives.

    If risking lives is bad… you’ve got your obvious answer staring in you in the face.

  17. Dawn says

    I kept thinking I was reading about the werewolves coming out at night (vampires or zombies, take your pick) and not about sexual orientation. This is just freaking weird to hear people talk about, since gays have been living with straights for years!

  18. RedCedar says

    “What the hell is going on in Arizona? Is it the heat? Can we sell this state?”

    Old conservative white bigots from all over the country go there to retire.

  19. Reggie says

    Anyone who complains about Obama’s “failure” to act on our behalf should take a look at this and remember that this is the face of the alternative, the republicans at their “best”.

  20. RedCedar says

    If these “statesmen” had any shame then in a decade, after all their ugly fantasizing had been shown to be just that and no more, they’d be abjectly apologizing for having been such vile pieces of s**t to American patriots for so long.

    Unfortunately we all know how likely that is to happen……….

  21. Craig says

    This is my senator. I just fired off an email reminding him that while gay soldiers have fought and died in his wars, that he loves so very much, he has never served a day in the military.

    What a coward.

  22. bs facts says

    Kyl and McShame are the ones who are putting our troops at risk, with their bigoted opinions. I worry that there will be a period of testing when such rhetoric will set the stage for bully behavior directed toward gays and lesbians in the military by dim-witted Christian knuckleheads. There are clergy who think God is really a 4-letter word: H-A-T-E, when it comes to homosexuals.

  23. Danny says

    Touching that Sen Kyl is so worried about such things. I wonder if he cares that gay-bullying DEMONSTRABLY costs lives?

    I also can’t help wondering if Kyl ever voiced a similar sentiment when Cheney, Rove & Co outted Valerie Plame.

  24. RedCedar says

    DADT was always first and foremost about making certain the military was a safe place to be a bigot.

  25. anon says

    If Obama signs then repeal is a done deal. Are they going to argue that any retreat in Afghanistan is a result of the repeal of DADT? Are they hoping to make this an election issue in 2012? Lose-lose.

  26. JCMS says

    Is there anyone anymore who doubts that John McCain is another one of those closeted, self-loathing, anti-gay gay Republicans? There is no other explanation for his senseless behavior in the face of the military leaders, the studies, and the polls of military personnel that all concluded that the repeal of DADT will not harm the military’s performance, readiness, morale, or anything else important to our national safety. There is no other explanation for John McCain’s dogged opposition to allowing gay Americans to serve openly and honestly than the fact that he must be an anti-gay gay Republican like Mark Foley, Larry Craig, Ted Haggard, Bob Allen, Glenn Murphy, David Dreier, Rod Jetton, Roy Ashburn, Mark Kirk, Lindsey Graham, Troy King, etc. When will these closet cases get over themselves? Did McLame have some torrid gay affair in Vietnam that has left him hurt and angry, feeling that allowing gays in the military will just lead to more broken hearts like his? Poor Johnnie Boy. Get over yourself, girl. You lost. Now come out aloready, or shut up and go away.

  27. ratbastard says

    Since by far most of the far left [who are disproportionately gay IMO [pardon me if I don’t use the LGBT moniker] and HATE all things military [READ: Masculine/male] WHY does this issue concern many of them so much ?

  28. ravewulf says

    @ratbastard You don’t think very much, do you?

    We hate discriminiation on principle, and we do not hate the military. We do hate pointless wars and using violence when something could be done through policies and talks, but that doesn’t mean we think the military isn’t a good thing to have.

    Additionally this “all things military [READ: Masculine/male]” doesn’t even make sense, not to mention the implication you made that the left is only likes feminine things. It may not be the “PC” way of saying this, but I’m gay cause I like men, not men who act like women. It’s fine if you want to slip into “valley girl” mode to make witty/sarcastic/funny or whatever comments, but 24/7/365? Give me a break.

    PS: I am a Liberal/Bold Progressive (which you apparently like to (mis)label as the “far left”)

  29. RedCedar says

    When all the American ratbastards are denied full participation in society simply because they’re ratbastards, maybe then ratbastard will understand why repealing DADT is a big f’cking deal.

  30. D.R.H. says

    How about stop fighting bullshit wars of veiled imperialism and NO ONE has to lose their lives in the first place?

  31. walter says

    why do all these conservative republican senators worry so much about gays having sex?
    they seem to spend an awful amount of time on the issue. could be they are afraid of the closet door swinging open?

  32. kodiak says

    I agree with D.R.H. What put more lives in danger-repeal of DADT or Bush’s lie about WMD’s in Iraq? No one seemed that concerned with our military’s lives then like they do now with DADT. Bush is more responsible for american loss of life than the repeal of DADT or wikileaks will ever be.

  33. Skooter McGoo says

    Why can’t these guys just admit they hate gay people? Oh yea, they are politicians so they don’t know how to tell the truth.

  34. ratbastard says


    ….I NEVER SAID repealing DADT wasn’t a big deal. It is. What I questioned is why are so many far left-wingers are concerned/obsessed with this particular issue. They generally despise all things military. That’s all I said Redcedar.

  35. johnny says


    Blanket statement much? Have you conducted some kind of poll that you can share with us?

    Your statement that gay men “generally despise all things military” is pure fiction.

    My partner is totally obsessed with all things military, loves reading about wars, tanks, planes, battles and so on. And he has many friends who are gay that are in the same mindset. There are even large clubs where gay vets get together. Not only have many gay men served in the military, they found a “family” in the military (albeit a hypocritical, punishing one) and love the military. And many gay men will openly and secretly admit that they admire any man in a uniform and many have a military uniform fetish.

    I’m not sure what planet you are on, but personally I love the fact that we have a military, especially now that we’re allowed to be a part of it without fear.