1. Ed says

    He was very good in Dance With A Stranger. But I sat next to him once in a west village nyc sushi restaurant…he was a jerk to the waitress and felt he was entitled to be served before anyone else. What a diva! I bet he’s difficult to be around.

  2. ColinATL says

    How many times do you think he will peddle this line before the media stops publicizing it. Nobody takes this man seriously, least of all the gay community…

  3. JASON says

    He looks very ghoulish–like Lurch from The Addams Family. I dare to say this (and his attitude) might have more influence on his current options.

    He needs to stop whining and start looking at himself instead of blaming everything on homophobia. His fame and money has still given him more options that the average gay man has.

  4. pickles says

    When musicians who have unrecognised talent can’t get record deals they often self-produce and upload their music -without using the typical paths. When authors can’t get published they often publish their own books. When the unemployed can’t get work, sometimes they go entrepreneur on the situation and start something new. Rupert needs to have his own idea, make it amazing and stop crying on everybody’s doormat. If he’s good, if he’s inspired there is work. If he’s dreary and entitled… maybe not.

  5. ratbastard says

    The more likely scenario is Rupert is ‘Difficult’. He may also simply not network and sell himself well. And he’s not particularly talented, was never and is never going to sell well to tweens, teens, and heterosexual females, and is past his prime, at least as far as his chosen profession is concerned. Rupert is quite lucky he’s gotten this far, most in his profession never ‘Make It’.

  6. Jay says

    Like him or not (and whether he’s difficult to work with or not), there is definitely truth to what he’s saying. He may not be doing himself any favors, but what he’s saying is pretty accurate.

  7. Sean Mac says

    Yes, it’s accurate. It’s exactly why NPH can’t get on prime time television or appear as a pu*** hound in stoner movies. (end snark)

    I really would love to see Rupert posts banned. His lack of work has everything to do with him being a miserable person.

  8. justme says

    Why do you give this almost-was this kind of coverage? Do you think your readers are any different from the rest of the world — that we, alone, just can’t wait for the next words of wisdom to fall from Rupert’s lips? In case you do, you’re mistaken.

    I’d say you have to be on the payroll of his PR people, except there’s no way in hell someone as inconsequential as Rupert even has PR people.

    Yes, “he revisits a complaint he has made several times before”. Does that not tell you anything? This isn’t news.

  9. Mike says

    Is Rupert the only one out there who believes Hollywood isn’t primarily about big business and making money? If you are not as marketable to the mainstream it doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation is.

    And if he is this disliked in the gay community, why would he be any more appealing to straights?

  10. yeahisaidit says

    Yeah ,though he may “whine” in parts of the interview…the interviewer address that in his questions. Look, I’m not so much standing up for Rupert here…I just don’t think that feeling like he’s a prick takes away from the fact that much of what he is stating about the movie business IS RIGHT ON TARGET bitches…

  11. Jon B says

    I’m not sure if he fancies himself a leading man or something… but at this age? Before Hollywood is a heterosexual industry, it is a young/good looking industry. That being said, if you’re respected and have a good attitude, you will get parts. I mean, look at Ian McKellen… he stole the parts of Gandalf and Magnetto right out of the grasp of some heterosexual’s hands!

  12. Randy says

    “reduced to drag”, eh? I think you’re going to get more shoes thrown at you than Bush.

    Rupert, you’re just a very boring and ugly actor. That’s why you don’t get roles.

    But you are sort of right. Hollywood is a conservative world pretending to be moderate. Hollywood doesn’t even pretend to be liberal.

  13. niles says

    Everett thinks he is still a leading man. That time passed several years ago. I’m sure he could find work as a character actor if he would just shut his mouth for a while and go to work.

  14. Ruddigore says

    Like many actors, Rupert started off with a breakthrough roll (Another Country) and had a great deal of potential. Then came a series of bad career choices – turning down the Daniel Day-Lewis roll in A Room With A View, doing the mediocre Duet For One and the disasterous Hearts Of Fire, and his awful pop album. His leading man potential was thwarted by his painfully dull sex scene with Miranda Richardon in Dance With A Stranger. This was all BEFORE he came out in 1989.

    Being openly gay did not damage his career. Being self-sabotaging and being difficult with the press did. He should consider himself lucky that he had any acting work after 1987, let alone that he is still a working actor after 30 years. And really, how much is he making off those Shrek films? Stop bitching.

  15. GregV says

    I don’t think there is any indication Hollywood has ever “pretended to be liberal.” In fact, Hollywood comes across as much more conservative than the rest of the developed world’s film and TV industries.
    For example, I read just yesterday that the very well-done Canadian show Being Erica is going to be redone so it can be shown on ABC.
    Why doesn’t ABC just buy the ready-made show from the Canadian network? The Canadian actors’ accents on the show would be hardly noticeable to US audiences, but I suspect there is a fear that the occasional curse word or *gasp* nude scene would be too much for America to bear (lest American kids get the “wrong” idea that it’s not immoral or dangerous for a person to sleep or take a shower in the nude). In true Old Wild West tradition, depictions of murder are no big deal, and far less shocking than, for example, a kiss between two men.
    Hollywood and its film ratings board actually seem to me to lag behind not only other developed countries, but realistic Americans’ more modern attitudes.

    As for Rupert and his lagging career, well, he’s already had far more luck than 99% of straight actors ever have. Most straight actors I know could only dream of being cast in a principal role with Julia Roberts… ever!
    Meanwhile, there are ample numbers of gay people working in at every level of Hollywood (it would be a stretch to say we are under-represented in that industry).
    Gay people like Ryan Murphy (writer), Neil Patrick Harris (sit-com actor), Ellen (talk show host) and Darren Star (producer-director) have not let being gay keep them from becoming among the most successful players in Hollywood in their respective niches.

  16. Paul says

    What a coincidence that in that picture he looks eerily like another repetitive gay British whiner: Morrissey (who I used to enjoy but has always been bitter—though not about gay issues, since he dodged that issue for so long and it surprised no one—and has become increasingly so as he ages…though Rupert looks a bit more cadaverous).

    And is he even telling the truth? Didn’t he do that crappy movie with Madonna (My Best Friend’s Wedding?) after he came out? The problem, as others have noted, is that he never took off before he came out, so it’s not like coming out killed his otherwise stellar career.

    @GregV, it might not just be the accents, cursing, or nudity. It might be deemed that the humor doesn’t translate, there may be intellectual property/copyright issues, and they may just prefer to use actors recognized by Americans. I can’t think of any British or Canadian shows that have ever been shown regularly on a major US network (save PBS; I mean the big four).

    For example, The Office was hilarious in it British incarnation, but the humor wouldn’t have resonated with many US viewers (too “quirky”) and it would have failed—not to mention it didn’t run too long over there, so they wanted to make sure that if it succeeded, they could continue to produce it, and it’s been on for like seven years, making tons of money for NBC on what was originally considered a big risk. That’s what Hollywood is most conservative about: money, and making sure they do everything they can to make it.

  17. jaragon says

    He sounds like a delusional bitter queen- did he expect to become the next Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt?! He was never going to be cast as butch action hero?! I agree he needs to develop his own project and stop whining about how unfair Hollywood is.

  18. John in Iowa says

    Much of what Everett says is undoubtedly (and unfortunately) true, yet his whining reminds me of the old adage: “A bad carpenter blames his tools.”

  19. ratbastard says

    Jesus….so much BS being sprouted:

    … BritIsh comedy too ‘Quirky’ and Americans [of course] just wouldn’t get it…LOL

    …Broadcast TV in the U.S. has indeed censorship [actually, broadcast TV everywhere I’ve been outside the U.S. also censors for all kinds of reasons]. Put the Canadian show on cable and show all the a**, t*ts, and Canadian accents you want. Aren’t many ‘American’ TV shows and movies made in Canada with Canadian actors anyways, LOL? Amusing though; Canadian made broadcast TV is generally hellacious.

  20. says

    Has it occured to this guy that he just didn’t ‘catch on’ with audiences? Or that he’s a whining prig that nobody in Hollywood could stand to work with? Maybe it had nothing to do with his sexual orientation…

  21. Swine says

    Huh whining is getting so fuckin’ annoying & boring. Now Rup faces age discrimination that all actors over 40 face. That’s much harder to overcome than anything else. Btw Rup, ur ex-pal Madge ain’t doin’ much acting these days either. Care to explain, Miss Whiney? Newsflash Rup, acting is an extremely difficult profession to be successful in. Considering ur lack of professional training, u were very lucky to have had the success u had. Network, put urself out there, get a better agent & stop fuckin’ whining already, gurrrl!!

  22. just a guy says

    I think it takes courage to say what Rupert said. Yeah, it does sound bitter…but someone NEEDS to say it. It doesn’t always help to just pretend that it’s not true. And, yeah, bc like any minority, we are prolly too quick too unfairly attack our own, that’s yet another reason that it took courage for Rupert to say what he said.

    But such statements cannot be the core of your appearance, cannot be the core of what you do. Now take action, change it up. Throw us a curveball, Rupert.

    Rupert…you’ve said your peace, spoken that truth, and prolly done real good in just that. But now let’s see you win us all back by using your undeniable still-existing status, charm, and influence to change things.

    C’mon Rupert, show us what you’re made of. Make us believe again. I, for one, want to see what u got up that sleeve.

  23. Atheist says

    Unlike Neil P Harris, Rupe was never really enough of a “regular guy” to play very straight; he couldn’t really carry it off. He was too busy being Rupert in every film. A very limited actor. That aside, I think he’s right about Hollywood. However, I have also read that Hollywood is run by gay men. Who knows…

  24. Rich says

    The reality is Everett is over 50, has had horrible plastic surgery and burned a lot of bridges with his vicious queenie mouth.

    Then he wonders why he’s longer viable and needs to take a tranqilizer?

    All Rupert’s viable for at this stage in the game is Celebrity Rehab. Are you listening Rupert?

  25. TJ says

    Hey Rupie, with that 9-head you might get a gig as the next Frankenstein.

    How does it feel to be alone after throwing all your show biz pals(Madonna, Julia Roberts, Sharon Stone, Colin Firth) under the bus with your nasty comments.

  26. Safecracker says

    Rupert’s career turned the corner when he played in the fag hag movie “The Next Best Thing” with Madge.

    He’s now modern version of Tony Perkins after he played Norman Bates in psycho. Still working but forever relegated to being typecast and bitter as hell….

    BTW, Tony Perkins was closeted gay….

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