Senate Confirms Chai Feldblum as Commissioner at EEOC

Chai Feldblum, EEOC Commissioner, was finally officially confirmed by the Senate this week.

Feldblum You may recall that wingnuts ferociously opposed Feldblum's nomination before she was recess appointed in March, saying that "Feldblum intends to use her position of influence as EEOC commissioner to force private institutions to follow her radical vision of society, through the enforcement of aggressive and intrusive employment non-discrimination laws."

Windy City Media reports:

"In one of its last acts of the current session, on December 22, 2010, the U.S. Senate confirmed the nominations of Jacqueline A. Berrien to be Chair of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; Chai R. Feldblum ( a long-time lesbian activist ) and Victoria A. Lipnic to be Commissioners; and P. David Lopez to be the General Counsel. All four were nominated to their positions by President Barack Obama and had been serving under recess appointments since April, 2010."

Feldblum is the first openly gay Commissioner of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.


  1. isaacben says

    This is a big deal. Having an open lesbian on the EEOC will only have a positive effect on the conversation around ENDA (federal anti-discrimination law).

    Whatever else you think about Obama, this was an act of courage on his part. Remember Lani Guinier? Joycelyn Elders (the ‘masturbation’ Surgeon General)? Clinton sold those guys down the river at the first hint of trouble. Obama, in the face of Republican opposition, appointed Chai Feldblum during recess and stuck by her until confirmation.

    Bravo to him, and congrats to Commissioner Feldblum!