1. Craig says

    Dear God my heart goes out to this poor family. What a horrible tragedy.

    I don’t know what we as a community can do, exactly, but it has to be something.

    I’m on the board of directors of a local gay pride organization, and we’re desperately trying to find a way we can help. There’s a very effect lgbt community center here, but it’s still nowhere near enough support.

    My thoughts and prayers are with the family and with Seth. Let’s hope the bigots at the Tehachapi school can possibly set aside their hate long enough to see the blood on their hands.

  2. ratbastard says

    What a profoundly sad story. When will this endless hate and harassment of gay people stop? There are powerful institutions and forces within our society and other societies that have a literal genocidal death-wish for gay people.

    This is little comfort to Seth’s mom and family, but that school system needs to have the mother of all civil suits lodged against it. How the so-called leaders in that town can hold their head up after knowing the truth behind Seth Walsh’s life and suicide is beyond me.

  3. randy says

    My life was made hell in junior high and high school. The constant comments and slurs. I don’t understand how Ron Howard and Vince Vaughan can’t see that their little “joke” (“that’s so gay!” used in a derogatory manner: gay = lame, stupid, dumb). No wonder so many gay kids suffer. It’s constant, and language hurts. Now millions of kids are going to see Vince Vaughan say it and think it’s fine. I hope Vaughan’s and Howard’s kids never suffer like I did, or like so many others do. Take care, Seth.

  4. Jake says

    I want to have a super power & kill all the bullies in the world! I was bullied in school from Grade1 until high school…even until now, some of my bullies are on Facebook, added me as their friends. That’s how ignorant & stupid they are. But you can’t break me! Not all the kids are like me, some like Seth gave up & ended their lives! Suicide is not the solution! Kill all the bullies, that’s how it should be!

  5. kodiak says

    What’s tragic for me is that he was secure in his family to come out in 6th grade, but then the ugly world stepped in and fucked it all up.

    I cannot imagine what it must be like to discover your beloved after suicide. I feel so bad for his mother, little brother, his family.

    Maybe schools need to have on staff a person in charge of all bullying complaints and see to it that both the bullied and the bully are monitored, inside and outside of school. The police should be informed, as well as various community groups, churches, etc. Short of a body guard, what to do to stop this foolish tragedy.

  6. Contrarian says

    Parents must retain a kick ass plaintiffs/trial/tort attorney at the first sign of school indifference to bullying of any kind. Then a claim letter is sent to the BOARD warning of the filing of the formal notice of claim unless immediate meaningful action is taken to stop the bullies in their tracks. In the USA only the threat of a money judgment gets school administrators attention.

  7. says

    One of the first things I intend to do if elected to the seat I am seeking is to introduce legislation that will mandate that a no-bullying policy be put into effect for all schools within the jurisdiction of the Council. This kinda of thing MUST end and soon!

  8. Paul R says

    @Contrarian is right. My best female friend in high school was bullied a lot by huge jocks for being fat, punk, and lesbian-seeming (she’s actually bi). Someone once lit her hair on fire for chrissakes. (I got slammed into lockers but slammed back and it stopped.) Teachers saw this kind of stuff and did nothing. It was the mid- to late 1980s.

    Anyway, her mother raised holy hell with the administrators, threatening legal action. That changed things quite a lot. I’m in no way blaming this mother, who I feel horrible for, but if a vice principal (and I wouldn’t have settled for a vice principal) told me to “remind him next semester” about abuse against my child, I would have told him he’d be looking for a job the next semester given the shitstorm I’d be raising.

    Schools have a duty to protect all kids, and if they fall down on the job, the threat of lawsuits and publicity will usually remind them of that duty.

  9. Mrs. Sippi says

    Paul R. I would assume there is much more to the case and the attempts to get help than has made it into the press. From what I see, this woman did everything possible to protect her child. The vice-principal should have seen to it that they bullying stopped. It’s actually his/her responsibility under the law.

  10. Paul R says

    @Mrs. Sippi, Again, I feel nothing but empathy and sadness for this woman. But I think she may not have been aware of all the tools at her disposal because, as you and I both said, it’s the responsibility of school officials to protect students. This vice principal clearly did not.

  11. dmw says

    Seth I’m so sorry no one was there for you, I prey you are being loved and cared for by all those in heaven that went before you. Little brother you will be remembered.

  12. Gabrielle says

    I myself was teased, not to the extent that Seth, Billy, Asher, etc were, but it hurts when people pick out your imperfections and display them in front of everybody. Seth looked like the sweetest little boy and was a blessing to all he was around. I hope his parents find the peace in knowing that no one can abuse him now and that he’s always with you.

  13. Jessica says

    Seth, it’s been a year now since your death. I just hope that your in better place than you were here. You were my age. You were unique. I wish I could’ve met you :/

    Just a week ago we lost another poor boy, Jamey Rodemeyer. My friend’s cousin also ended his life a month ago. I want to help and what I can do is stop bullying when I see it. I’m doing this for you and for all those others who lost their lives because of bullying. I wish someone was their for you and that you were still here to see… that it does get better you just have to hold on and never give up. Seth, your free now, free from pain, free from everything. You were young and had so much to live for, but your life was cut short because of those bullies… just remember that you never did anything wrong, they did. People are finally realizing the BIG problem here, we need to take action and stop bullying before we lose another innocent child. I had enough of this, people should stop judging others, there not perfect either…

    Seth, you will be missed, I will never forget you. I Promise.

    Bullying is for losers
    – Lady Gaga

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